5 Compelling Benefits Of .Net: A Reliable Application Framework

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.Net, a framework created by Microsoft is acclaimed to be one of the best programming infrastructures for developing, leveraging and running web applications. While it is a general purpose platform for the development of any sort of high-quality apps, the framework comes with a well-managed execution environment to its different running applications. GetAProgrammer, houses a team of eminent .Net developers in Australia, is deploying the platform not only because it makes programming easier and faster, but brings in a multitude of benefits that leads to agile development. Let’s delve into the detailed benefits of .Net framework for which it is used by experts all over the world.

Extensive class library

.Net is preferred much for it does necessitate the writing of a vast amount of codes for handling all common operations on low level programming languages. The programmers instead can avail from a readily accessible library from .Net’s own Class Library.

Version compatibility

This is one of the rare benefits enjoyed if one opt for .Net framework which compatibility with its different versions. This means that applications that are build using a certain version of the framework can be subsequently run on any later updated versions without modifying it.

Language interoperability

Language compilers in the .Net Framework releases an intermediate code namely Common Intermediate Language (CIL) that is again compiled by common language runtime. Such a feature enables routines written in a language to be accessed in other languages too. Thus, programmers can create applications using the language of their preference.

Simple development efforts

.Net framework is renowned as a framework that highly simplifies the process of development by separating application and presentation logics that makes maintaining of codes much easier.

Easier deployment and management

.Net enables the deployment and management of applications much easier. The framework controls all locating details and different loading components needed for an application even though there exist different versions of the same application.

Enhanced security support

.Net framework empowers the developers or the system administrators to determine the level of security and the method of security they need. It deploys different industry standard protocols like HTTP, SOAP or XML for facilitating distributed application dissemination. This leads to highly secure and safe distributed computing as the developers had to coordinate with network security devices rather than cooperating with security limitations.

To conclude, with software and web application development growing at an exponential growth, the demand for .Net, one of the most reliable tool for developing and running applications is also growing. Moreover, the above multifaceted advantages are catching the attention of large and small business houses all around the world to deploy the framework for building dynamic web solutions for their businesses.

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4 Ways To Boost User-friendliness Of Your App

android3Mobile apps have become a basic necessity of people in this world of digitalisation because of the widespread utilities they offer, like shopping, hotel reservations to tracking fitness and paying bills.  Business entrepreneurs are hence going far to develop far-fetching mobile apps representing their websites to serve the customers better with their services. Whatsoever, the success of an app relies on the user experience, even though it is powered with high-end features or utilities. Until and unless the users understand well the purpose of the app and what you are exactly offering, none of them is going to stay on your app for longer. Thus, it is on the hands of iPhone and Android app developers to assume well what the users expect and develop apps considering those factors so as to deliver them true experience.

So, here’s a quick summarisation of 4 main factors that should be considered to make it more user-friendly.

Perceiving the interests of the users

This seems to be the most obvious thing for the appreneurs but most of them spend so such time and focus on creating the app that they forget to think how the user will respond or react. Even though your app is a mere representation of your website, do not presume that users will be acquainted with your app too. Thus, you need to perceive and interpret the motivations and sheer expectations of the users well and trigger features in the app accordingly. But above all, make your app extremely simple to use so that none turns away after opening it.

Increase Responsiveness

The rule of mobile devices and apps is that the faster they act, the better they are. So, if your app’s pages are heavy and individual pages have too much to tap for, it will take time to load and no one are likely to wait for it. In other words, creating a great user experience means making it function quicker.

Make it accessible from multiple platforms

This is an equally important consideration for offering great user experience. It must be responsiveness across all android platforms because of millions of users across the world access apps from different android platforms or devices, including smartphones, iPhones, tablets, iPads, desktops. To make their business approach through apps far fetching, entrepreneurs should cover as many as platforms possible and ensure that they are accessible and equally functional and appealing in all the platforms.

Focus specifically on one or few aspects

The largest mistake most app owners tend to commit is trying to incorporate too many services or features, making it utterly complex to the first time users. You need to focus on only one or two prime features which are absolutely easy to use. Make sure the purpose of the app is clear in your mind and the app serves it to the fullest.

While above are essential ways to ensure app’s highly usability, you need the assistance of the adept app developers who can help you build app considering them. At GetAProgrammer, a Sydney-based prestigious app development company you can get the assured services of app developers.

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Things To Consider For Crafting Personalised Apps

mobile1Mobile apps have been trending in very human spheres, from playing games to shopping, ordering food to messaging near ones, from booking tickets to planning an event. Each one of us is preoccupied in the world of mobile apps all the time and none of us actually realised how far they have eased our lives. Thus, mobile app development company like GetAProgrammer, has been pacing fast leveraging advanced methodologies to bring out innovative apps every day for users. Such apps are not only catering to the varying needs of users but are also providing businesses one more channel to market their services or products.

But before one dives into apps technology to create apps for offering personalised experiences to users, here are certain things that must be considered.

Make it location-specific

One most common way to personalise app’s content is to orient with the location of the customers. With the use of advanced GPS technology or geo-tracking features inbuilt in most mobile phones, apps can be created to offer people with services, products of their interest, or connect them to shop, restaurants based on their current location.

Let it be predictable

Your app will become the toughest experience if its menu and features are not predictable. To make it easily understandable, more appreciable to the users offer user-friendly features that are easy to predict and with which they are well accustomed. However, this depends on the hands of the developers who starts from the scratch to bring distinctivity and creativity in the apps and thus whether they will be predictable to the users is a big question.


You are sure to get more customers through your app if you know them better and offer them personalised recommendations regarding a service, activity or any offers they would like to have. For this you can poll users while they onboard, create user profiles or track usages that will help you in learning your users’ behaviour pattern. All the user data collectively helps in crafting high-end user experience.

Integrating with social media networks

Social media has been one of the most engaging experience for most mobile users these days. Apps are thus needed to leverage such media to help users for connecting with the friends, share with them their activities on the app and lots more. Thus, it forms a great way to offer a personalised experience to the users and retain them as active users in future.

Personalisation thus need not make your app complex but instead, adds an advantage to your app making it more demanding. These are some of the effective techniques to add elements of personalisation in your app so that you can cater to the needs of your customers more specifically.

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Aspects that Drive Businesses to Outsource App Development

mobile1App development involves a number of crucial issues which, can lead you to toil around without technical knowledge and expertise. Though, you might have your own designated in-house team, however, often it leads into a hustle bustle situation without lack of comprehensive industry experience. Thus, many organisations have opted for outsourcing app development which, have helped them to achieve great results. As a team of industry-leading app developers, we at GetAProgrammer have always nailed our customers’ expectations and driven maximum success for our clients.

Going through this blog will help you to know how outsourcing your app development project can be of greater advantage to your business instead of designating an in-house development team.

Skill set and Potential

Mobile app development is quite a new skill-set in the industry and many organisations find it difficult to find the right professional with ample knowledge on the same. Resultantly, it restricts them to develop a skilled in-house team. On the other hand, an expert app developer is expected to have extensive expertise across a spectrum of skills. During the phase of development, they will deploy Java as the programming language for Android whereas, on the contrary, Objective C will be used for building high-end iOS applications.

Cost of Development

The task of mobile app development is certainly expensive. Though, there are organisations who are comfortable enough to bear the costs, however, many of them suffer from the problem of infinite budgets. If mobile apps aren’t something of pivotal importance for your business, but more like an enhancement of your service offerings, then it is better not to invest much time and money in developing an in-house development team. Even large enterprises mostly think that setting up an app development team might not prove to be substantially feasible as the It resources deployed in this particular task can be more efficiently used in other time-intensive processed such as managing ongoing app maintenance, upgrade and support.


While considering any internal development team, they mostly dwell with some types of limitations. If the enterprise needs to deal with multiple projects on the run, then the best option is to opt for outsourcing to ensure that proper focus is being directed to the development process. As the advisable choice, a mixed-sourcing approach can work great to ensure that proper quality is maintained and demand is met. Since, time is always crucial for a business, it is best to outsource the tasks of app development and focus more on their individual core competencies.

At GetAProgrammer, we not only provide our clients with multiple viable solutions for their business needs but, also help them to analyse efficiently and make the right choice. Thus, for entrepreneurs with the aim to build trendsetting mobile apps for their business, then we are the most skilled to rely on. Feel free to contact us.

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How To Turn App Users Into Happy Customers

mobile1With massive rise in a number of smartphone users all over the world, the market for mobile apps is growing bigger too. There are over a million apps in the Play store, for which the greatest concern of every app owner is how to retain their users by making them happy. Out of hundreds of utility apps or entertainment launched every day, just a few gets enough responses to turn into successful ventures because of complicated features, poor speed, frequent errors and more. Clearly, when it is about mobile app development, where competition, that too in intense form is inevitable, make sure you got the right hands of assistance from an established company.

Here are the tips for aspiring app owners to make sure users are delighted with their app’s functionality and continue to use them.

Render a smooth onboarding experience

Onboarding experience decides whether a user is impressed or not. It is about the experience they get when they open the app for the very first time. It is suggested to remove any default permission ask or messages asking for enabling push notifications of the apps. All these irritate the first time users, who usually hits the Don’t allow button. Try using pre-permission message and only ask them about notification permissions during highest user engagement.

Focus on performance

Usually, users have a lower indulgence for those apps that takes time to load or crashes frequently. Very few of them retry or returns back if any app failed at the first attempt. Thus, one major factor that decides whether an app will stay on the mobile screen of the user or going to trash is its load time. Your developer should assure that the apps will be working on the hands of the users without any glitch.

Foster interactive experience

While one-sided conversions are always non-resourceful, it is evident in case of mobile apps too. Whatever users feeds into the app, as an app owner make sure that they are responded well. This ensures that they are cared and valued by the company owning the app. In-app messages are also a useful way to inform customers regularly about any new app updates, to wish them on holidays that adds a human touch to the app.

Try to encourage users

None of the users will stick to your app all the day long or will consistently keep using it for days. Time may come when they will stop using it and will find other apps more entertaining or engaging to them. Thus, nudging those users after some time to bring them back into the app, is also the role of the app owners. Send them push notifications timely to inform about any new app features, new deals and offers and anything else that they are missing out.

All app businesses, irrespective of the domain they are into strive to create a strong loyal customer base for their apps. Winning the trust and faith of the customer is not possible overnight and these above strategies are the key ways to win the hearts of the app users. Join hands with our team of eminent app developers at GetAProgrammer, to make sure your app is converting users to happy customers.

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How Mobile Apps Are Empowering Restaurant Businesses

The world has embraced mobile technology wholeheartedly and mobile app solutions have become a crucial part of every industry, from retail, food restaurant to healthcare. Clearly, mobile apps are influencing the personal as well as professional aspects of every one of us. From ordering groceries for a home to keeping track of total miles walked in a day, all are now possible with apps, There are apps developed for restaurant businesses too for promoting on-demand food deliveries in a flick. App development for Android has lead to the introduction of a range of on-demand apps, that are helping people to get food of their choice, right at their doorsteps.

Here’s how on-demand apps are changing the pattern of dining and the way restaurant businesses work.

android3Finding eatouts with location tracking

Apps are helping mobile users to search for all those restaurants with takeaways that are in close proximity to them. Location specific features like Beacons or geo-fencing are enabling the restaurant owners to engage with their targeted customers, much before they visit their restaurant outlet.

Quick and On-time delivery

On demand apps for food restaurant businesses run on their capacity to timely deliver their orders. Users get easily disappointed orders reaches late. These apps help in killing all the disappointments of the users by keeping them updated all the time with the whereabouts of their orders like the time order was prepared, packed, picked by the delivery boy and the route he is following.

Making table reservation

While most on-demand apps are popular for being food delivery apps, many of them also help users to book a table in the restaurant of their choice in advance. Such features are mainly included by either those eateries which are popular enough but it’s hard to get a table on visiting. Thus, the apps are helping users to get prior reservations in high-end restaurants which they could not have obtained otherwise.

Loyalty Offers or Discounts

Besides helping restaurant owners to augment their customer base by delivering food at their doorsteps or through table reservations, these apps can also help restaurant businesses to retain their existing customers through loyalty and discount offers, You can send specific notifications regarding a new addition to the menu, discount vouchers, or coupons to the regular customers, which boost up further sales.

Online payments

In-app ordering is also offering a lot of convenience to the users by enabling them clear all payments of the food online via debit or credit cards. Such an ability to pay instantly for the orders by going cashless is not only offering huge convenience to the users, but are also improving the efficiency of restaurants in handling orders and maintaining accuracy.

The dawn of food delivery or on-demand apps has lead to massive changes in the working of food restaurant businesses, with people no more finding it a necessity to visit their favourite restaurant to have its delicacies. GetAProgrammer, being one of the leading app development company in Australia, can help you have a unique on-demand app for your restaurant if you wish. So reach our team of adept app developers now!

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Top Trends Ushering In iPhone App Development in 2017

ios2In the recent years, Apple store got flooded with millions of apps offering a wide range of utilities to smartphones and iPhones owners all over the world. As the market of iPhones is speeding fast with people adopting it wholeheartedly, iOS app makers and Apple are seeking for new ideas and innovation to make iOS apps more exciting and their user experience more engaging. With the help of adroit iPhone app developer, who are aware of ever-increasing competitiveness in Apple store, entrepreneurs are creating excellent and out-of-the-box apps for their businesses to keep pace with the competitive world.

While the iPhone apps market is always going through a series of revolutionary changes every now and then, here are the most impacting trends to be observed in iPhone app development in the coming days.

Emergence of Swift coding

Swift is soon going to be the most loved programming language among the developers for iOS apps. This is because the language offers a number of coding methodologies and widespread frameworks. It’s newest compiler infrastructure allows writing of trustworthy codes with Xcode tools. This programming language is offering lots of advantages to the users such as it’s easy to use and a navigable learning path.

Spread of Enterprise Apps

Enterprises are nowadays embracing apps technology to streamline their business processes as well as to create the best impact on their customers. iOS apps are developed specifically to enhance sales and revenues largely by businesses through expanding their reach to the customers.

GPS and Beacon technology

Beacon and GPS sensors technology are now integrated into iPhone apps, which are the advanced methods of marketing for targeting their customers. These sensor technologies will be most sought after in 2017 by iPhone app owners, as location specific services help to reach their end goal more quickly. With the help of GPS solutions, app developers will provide an opportunity to businesses to offer customised services to targeted users.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is gradually captivating iOS app using GPS technology to support a wide range of services to the customers. Augmented reality in the sphere of gaming is revolutionising the way games are played by the present generation. 3D games will be the future of iPhones games due to the influence of virtual reality or augmented reality. Likewise,  augmented reality will be greatly impacting shopping apps and rental apps, allowing users to imagine them in the situation where they will be using the products they are opting to buy.

Being the ruler in the Apps market, it is pretty obvious that Apple will be coming with much more such big ideas to create revolutionary apps for iPhones. At GetAProgrammer, we house a team of seasoned iOS app developers who always try to leverage the latest technologies to create mesmerising apps.

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