5 Probable Mistakes Made in Development of a Fashion Products App

Mobile apps became an inherent way for businesses, especially in retail and fashion to get more and more customers and expand their market reach. Ever since the outburst of the technology of mobile apps, many eCommerce as well mainstream companies are using it for offering extraordinary experiences to their customers. Companies dealing in fashion clothing, accessories, and other lifestyle items are first to jump into the battle of placing customers at the heart of their business with vigorous mobile app development for Android or iOS platforms. However, selling through mobile apps is not a layman’s task. It is not as simple as getting an upfront store on the web with an eCommerce software but needs many uphill tasks to be completed and a plenty of challenges to overcome. To set things right, this blog post brings forth some of the common fallacies encountered in the development of an app meant for trading fashion and lifestyle products.




Missing out of crucial product details

People are actually able to touch a product, try it out and feel it and view all the imprinted details on the products while buying from a real storefront. However, shopping through an online app puts a barrier on such interaction between customers and sellers for which apps need to provide the best in-app experience by detailing out every feature of the products, their prices, materials used, sizes, weight and so forth.

Confusing mobile app experiences with websites experiences

A mobile app is predominantly different from a website or eCommerce site, in terms of size, functionality or scopes. A great mobile app for allowing users to buy items online need to be something which is accessible on the go, responsive on multiple mobile devices and has more intuitive touch interfaces. Thus, a mobile app built for marketing fashion clothing and other items must not fall back on the pre-existing functionalities of websites but should be considering the aspects of mobile hardware to provide a pleasant shopping experience.

Using product images with degraded quality

Failing to utilise great images or quality images can be a big roadblock to the success of the mCommerce app for a fashion business. Selling of products in the category of fashion and lifestyle relies mostly on the on-screen looks of the products. Further, the quality of images also matters a lot when customers cannot actually touch the product.

Overlooking the trust factors

Apps for selling fashion clothing items in all way had to prove to the audiences or customers that their products are certified and trustworthy. Hence, they look for other customers testimonials, feedbacks or reviews. Missing these out in the apps can hence lose a considerable number of potential customers as you fail dismally to comfort them.

Long or complicated checkout process

Particularly, apps with services or products for the common masses like the case of fashion or accessories need to be more simple and easy to understand. So, if anything confuses them, especially in the checkout process will make them hesitant to go for the service. Thus, the checkout steps must be made uber simple and short to allow customers finish their shopping experience in a hassle-free manner.

Planning to make an app to give a boost to your fashion store’s income margins? Take these common mistakes into account and contact with one of the esteemed mobile app development firm in Australia, GetAProgrammer to ensure that these mistakes do not fall back on your app services.

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5 Smart Ways to Reform Mobile Application Development Service

With time, mobile application development service is constantly evolving using the latest technological inventions. Almost each passing day, something new or updated technology is being introduced and developers are engaging themselves to integrate those in the app development processes to make the apps more enhanced and user-centric to offer the users better app experiences. GetAProgrammer is one of the leading app development organisations in Sydney, where the team of proficient developers devote themselves to devise feature-rich apps.




Until and unless you can come up with an effective plan and can judiciously manage the resource allocation, the app development process can go totally wrong! Moreover, a mobile application development process does not only revolves around the aspects such as coding, design and marketing. There are several other vital things associated with this development lifecycle those need utmost attention. Here is a list of 5 smart ways to deal with mobile app development process with utmost professionalism.

#1 Properly Plan Routine Rollouts

For a robust and transparent application development process, you need to chalk out a well-devised plan to control the routine rollouts. As you already know that technology is upgrading constantly and as a result, latest patches, content extensions, add-ons etc. are being launched. Developers need to update themselves so that they can infuse these latest innovations in the apps that they are developing. More importantly, to incorporate these upgradations, it is important to develop applications in such a way where these can be expanded easily.

#2 Gather Customer Feedback

Customer feedbacks are crucial for enhancing app experience. Through such customer feedbacks, you would be able to understand the rooms for further improvements. Hence, you need to devise such a system that can effortlessly monitor the user behaviours, user feedbacks and based on those audience responses, you can apply the changes to improve the quality of your applications.

#3 Putting Safeguards in Proper Place

Sometimes, such situations might come when you are gaining such excessive traffic that your server is unable to handle! Hence, while getting engaged in any application development process, it is advisable not to forget about flexibility. If needed, you can establish a partnership with any online delivery provider, who would be able to cater you efficiently with the quick provision of added bandwidth anytime. This would help you to avert any system downtime or system lag.

#4 Concentrate on Rapid iteration

If you consider video game space, latest features are being mounted constantly. Based on the user feedbacks or responses, these newly released features are being tested. If you make a proper plan for developing your mobile application in such a way that it can efficiently hit rapid iteration along with redeployment, then you would be able to dig your way to success in a smoother way as this would ensure that your applications are adjustable and open to new experiments.

#5 Take Control Over Support System

According to the studies on customer behaviour, either they become loyal to a particular app or abandon it. First of all, you need to understand that completing the coding or designing of an app and launching it on the market is not the end of the development process! Maintaining an effective support system is also a very crucial part of a development process. A better maintenance support along with improved customer service defines the overall success of an app development process to some great extent.

The strategies outlined above would cater you to streamline, to optimise and to improve the quality of the overall mobile app development process.

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4 Persuasive Tips to Prevent App Uninstallation

In today’s technologically progressive era, almost each passing day, a plethora of new and fresh mobile apps are being introduced in the mobile app development market. However, very few apps have successfully sustained in this striving market maintaining its immense popularity! Researches and surveys have reflected the fact that almost 75% of the users choose to uninstall an application just within 90 days of installing it! Another alarming report is that almost 24% of the users abandon a mobile application just after using it once! Here is a list of 4 persuasive tips from the experts of GetAProgrammer, a Sydney based successful app development organization that can help you to overcome this app uninstallation issue.


#1 Observe Critical Points of Drop-Off

There might be plenty of reasons why the users are uninstalling a particular mobile app. With the help of App metrics, you can easily identify those critical points. Identifying those points would help you to understand what is the actual reason behind this dropping-off and accordingly, you can improve those gaps. Here are some tips to overcome this issue.

Observe Onboarding Process

Most of the time, due to an inadequate onboarding process, users uninstall applications within just first 3 days of the app installation! So, where is the problem? Well, there are quite possibilities – either the onboarding process is confusing or too lengthy or it lacks proper information that would keep a user glued. With the help of user session recordings, you can check user journeys. An in-app analytics tool would help you to check user onboarding process and to revise it accordingly.

#2 Push Value-Added Notifications

App notifications can annoy the users if it does not contain any value. For instance, if your app keeps sending daily reminders to the users for signing up the newsletter, it might irritate the users. When you are pushing a value-added notification, you should follow the below-mentioned tips for better results.

    • Keep It Short: In order to make sure that the users actually go through your notifications instead of ignoring them, you need to be a little bit innovative to keep them engaged. Users won’t show any interest if you send lengthy and monotonous notifications. Hence, keep it short, simple and interesting.
    • Send Notifications on Right Time: How would it feel if your phone keeps on beeping in the midnight? Annoying isn’t it? Hence, choosing an appropriate time to send notifications is essential. For instance, if you have any app for food ordering, you can push notifications on a discounted package of meals one or two hours before the lunch time.


  • Send Personalised Messages: When you send notifications with a bit of personal touch to users, they can feel that you care for them. Surveys have reflected the fact that almost 27% conversion rate increases via personalised messages.


#3 Diminish Battery Consumption

Running out of phone battery in the middle of doing something is very irritating! Isn’t it? Nowadays, all the smartphone users install a lot of apps to deal with several things in an easier way. However, if your app is consuming too much battery life, users would uninstall it eventually. In order to prevent this uninstallation, you can try the following tips.

  • App Testing: Run the app on a phone using all the available features simultaneously. This would help you to understand how long the battery lasts. Try to identify the operations that are draining out the battery life and try to fix the issues.
  • Postpone Tasks: The availability of the option to postpone a particular task can reduce the battery consumption. Hence, you have to decide whether a particular task can be postponed or has to take actions immediately.

#4 Do Not Use Irrelevant Ads

For the monetization strategy, in-app advertisements are a popular choice. However, when such ads become too much intrusive, it diminishes the user experience quality that might increase the app uninstallation rate. Hence, while offering in-app ads, it is advisable to present such a relevant ad that can improve the app experience.

Apart from all the aforementioned tips, you need to pay special attention to the app quality. The more you can offer your users quality app with enhanced UX (User Experience), the more they would get lured to your application. Another important aspect is to keep the privacy concerns in the mind. Let the users know how their private data is safe with you. Hence, ensure good data encryption is being used to secure the private data of the users.

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3 Quirky Tips on iOS 11 to Boost the Opportunity of the Developers

Even though iOS 11 has not been officially released yet, the public beta test version is already out in the market. GetAProgrammer is a visionary iOS app development organization in Sydney that stays up-to-date with the newly enhanced technological innovations and make sure to integrate all these into their services to make it more captivating and user-centric. Here are a few persuasive tips on the newly released iOS 11 version to boost the opportunity for the iOS app developers.




#1 Influence Core Machine Learning

This latest version of iOS offers a very robust framework for Core ML (machine learning). With the help of it, developers can efficiently integrate this machine learning into the apps they are devising. For the app developers, it definitely reduces the pain of plumbing all the platform-level development. Tasks like image recognition can be effectively incorporated into the apps using this feature. Developing more advanced apps are now would become a piece of cake if this Core ML can be utilized to the full potential.

 #2 Open the Access to the AR

A new experience beyond just the screen! iOS 11 version is introducing another brand new framework ARKit that can successfully augment the app experience and can take it to a whole new level. The developers would get alluring scopes to apply their imagination and creativity and to make the apps more intriguing.

#3 Enhanced Voice Interface

Last year the SiriKit got introduced and this year, iOS is offering an even more expanded version of it. It would be integrated with a handful of built-in applications, QR codes, ride booking facility along with the support for making payments in an efficient way. This would be the very first time when the transactional features can be controlled through voice!

Technology is emerging in a day-to-day manner. Hence, to cope up with this exponential flow, the iOS app developers need to update themselves constantly and should pay attention to the above-mentioned newly evolved opportunities so that they can effectively contribute more to build remarkable apps.

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Unearthing The Worst Mistakes Committed By App Professionals

Sometimes a winsome app idea can fail utterly in the market, just because its execution was not in the right way. There are series of major challenges piled up in the road to custom mobile app development which when not redressed can bring down the position of the app in the market. Just embracing a stunning app idea is not sufficient, but you need the association of a strong app development firm is needed to deal with all the major roadblocks in the development process and avoid making the biggest mistakes.

Following are some of the worst mistakes commonly conducted by app experts in the process of development.




Considering ubiquity in all mobile platforms

App developers to avoid the complexity of choosing among disparate mobile OS platforms, build apps with universal supportability. Also, ubiquitous presence of the apps makes it widely accessible by all and gets the largest presence in the market. However, building for multiple platforms need considerations for the functionalities and various designing features  of all OS platforms to make them equally responsive in all devices. Thus, it is always a first preference to build the app for one single platform considering the mobile usage pattern among the target audience.

Keeping aside the aspect of ASO

Even though the concept emerged off lately and is similar to Google’s search engine optimisation for enhancing  a website’s visibility in web world, App Store Optimisation (ASO) is equally relevant for taking an app’s position in the crowded store. Ignored by most developers, this ASO aspect needs to be looked ardently as it optimises keywords and helps the app in gripping a strong plot in the app’s store.

Forgetting about beta testing

Mostly the new developers commit this mistake, while beta testing is spelled out as a crucial step for affirming the usability of the app. Beta testing when successfully passed, adds up more users to the user base of the app. It firstly creates a fuzz in the market and secondly helps in fixing all bug issues for seamless app experience.

Not including app analytics

Analytics is crucial for gaining insights about user experience and know every details of their in-app behaviour. These subsequently help in realising major and minor faults in the app and the rectifying them to offer more better experience to the users. Apps built without its own analytical tools are pointless when you aim at providing something better to the users every time. Thus, every app owners must confirm that their developers are incorporating analytical tools for the app with crucial metrics like Daily active users, average session time, app crash rate, retention.

Including excessive features

Many includes too many features in a single app to make it more enthralling and captivating. However, every time offering more to the customers does not work, but something that is more useful and of good quality is preferred more. With too many features, not only the apps become confusing, but gets clumsy in the users’ hands and resultantly adds no value to the their experience. Thus, having a few and compact features in the app always works fine.

Thus, to keep yourself aloof from these greatest blunders, get in touch with highly trusted developers. At GetAProgrammer, we have team of dedicated app experts in Sydney who have handled over hundreds of projects and can save your app from the menace of ultimate failure.

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How To Boost The Productivity Of Your Apps By Spurring Up Conversions

To tell the truth, no one is creating apps just for fun but to make some money out of it. Apps have grown a out as a business for aspiring entrepreneurs and even for existing companies it emerged as an out-of-the-box way of marketing and acquire more customers. The sprawling out of app’s business subsequently resulted in emergence of the agencies of mobile app developers in every corner of the world, specially technologically advanced nations like Australia, UK and USA. With assistance from an adept app developer, you can get for yourself a fully-functional mobile app to earn remarkably at the end of the month. Here’s the strategies that you should know to make your first app highly profitable.




Freemium strategy

This one of great option of monetisation for apps or games that are newly launched. Also, an effective way of generating revenue, it the idea of offering an app to the users at free of charge but with some limited features. On liking it, those users can opt for the premium version of the app with in-app purchase. This removes the price barrier of downloading an app and provides a great chance of earning to you as most users will tap  for purchasing the premium version at the next moment to know more about it.

Push notifications

After perceiving what your users want or expect from the app, plan your marketing approach to target them. Send push notifications about the new features, services,  or new deals, location-specific offers to drive the users. But remember, not just any kind of push notifications and at all the time is appropriate. Sending relevant content that relates well to your app services, and are as per the preferences of the users is effective in reducing churn risk and convince them to  convert.

Personalisation matters

While it’s quite easy to personalise experiences of the users on mobile applications, it’s a great way to drag more of them. Create features on your app by taking help from adroit app developers to allow them set preferences on the app at the onset, track location specific services, smooth checkout and social sharing feature.

Offer rewards or loyalty scheme

To make your users stick to your app offer good rewards in the form of coupons or discount vouchers, and various loyalty prizes time to time. Users get happy if they get a bonus for staying longer. Thus, trying  incentivised methods on the app work as wonders for retaining users and boosting conversions.

Creating a buyer persona is a surefire way to boost conversions. Use the above 4 guidelines to win maximum attention of the users and fight out your competitors. At GetAProgrammer, you can join hands with our team of seasoned developers to make sure your app will be competent at driving more users for the target segment.

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6 Interesting Yet Profitable Ideas To KickStart An App Business

While mobile apps are opening up ample opportunities for startups to embark on a venture in the field of mobile apps, why not delve into one such app business to make some earning out of it. It is actually a prudent decision to invest on apps venture rather than investing too much in a brick and mortar store to disperse your products or services that may not live up to your profits expectations. So, here we are presenting some exciting and innovative ideas for anyone waiting to start his or her business enterprise with a cost-effective, user-friendly and multi-faceted mobile applications. GetAProgrammer, a pioneer company in Sydney for mobile app development services has helped out previously and are still helping many businesses, small and large, startup companies and newbies to jumpstart their business with a far-fetching mobile app.


Here’s a list of 6 most innovative and compelling ideas for every beginner in the apps world to make some healthy earning in their first journey.

#1 House care services

Make an app that will be a mediator between households and housemaids/caretakers, who can find their job in the most nimble manner. Each time a household taps into your app to contact and hire the services of a caretaker, you earn a commission.

#2 Courier service app

Most productive in any bustling commercial area, you can try out creating an app that will offer courier services to businesses as well as households in your close proximity. Unlike big logistics companies, charge less and offer flexible pick and drop of items.

#3 Bookkeeping

This can be your favourite idea if you are a certified accountant and adept at all financial calculations. Ask your developer to create an app through which you can act as a bookkeeper for small enterprises and shops who cannot support a full-time bookkeeping agent.

#4 Home decor services

If you have the knowledge of interior decorations, then let not waste the talent. Utilise it to help households, shop owners, small institutions and offices to decorate their interiors in a personalised way that soothes their eyes. With augmented reality, you can even let them visualise how some of your designed wall decor, flooring styles will look on their own places.

#5 Handcrafted jewellery/accessories

While there are innumerable ways and materials to craft costume jewellery and accessories, now you can even sell them to customers who love such unique collections. Create an app through which you can sell such items, invite people for shows on such crafted items, or conduct online exhibitions.

#6 Catering services

You can start over with a catering service with an app if you have a knack for cooking. Whether offering lunch/meals at the workplaces or making food arrangements of office parties and house parties, you can earn a hefty amount every day.

This series of ideas does not certainly end here. There are lot more that is worth adding like personal stylist, travel planner, fitness trainer, health guide, hair stylist, cookbook, personal time management, budget manager and so forth.

Do you want to startup with a stellar app and phenomenal idea of business? Reach for our team of app experts without a hesitation.

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