How To Turn App Users Into Happy Customers

mobile1With massive rise in a number of smartphone users all over the world, the market for mobile apps is growing bigger too. There are over a million apps in the Play store, for which the greatest concern of every app owner is how to retain their users by making them happy. Out of hundreds of utility apps or entertainment launched every day, just a few gets enough responses to turn into successful ventures because of complicated features, poor speed, frequent errors and more. Clearly, when it is about mobile app development, where competition, that too in intense form is inevitable, make sure you got the right hands of assistance from an established company.

Here are the tips for aspiring app owners to make sure users are delighted with their app’s functionality and continue to use them.

Render a smooth onboarding experience

Onboarding experience decides whether a user is impressed or not. It is about the experience they get when they open the app for the very first time. It is suggested to remove any default permission ask or messages asking for enabling push notifications of the apps. All these irritate the first time users, who usually hits the Don’t allow button. Try using pre-permission message and only ask them about notification permissions during highest user engagement.

Focus on performance

Usually, users have a lower indulgence for those apps that takes time to load or crashes frequently. Very few of them retry or returns back if any app failed at the first attempt. Thus, one major factor that decides whether an app will stay on the mobile screen of the user or going to trash is its load time. Your developer should assure that the apps will be working on the hands of the users without any glitch.

Foster interactive experience

While one-sided conversions are always non-resourceful, it is evident in case of mobile apps too. Whatever users feeds into the app, as an app owner make sure that they are responded well. This ensures that they are cared and valued by the company owning the app. In-app messages are also a useful way to inform customers regularly about any new app updates, to wish them on holidays that adds a human touch to the app.

Try to encourage users

None of the users will stick to your app all the day long or will consistently keep using it for days. Time may come when they will stop using it and will find other apps more entertaining or engaging to them. Thus, nudging those users after some time to bring them back into the app, is also the role of the app owners. Send them push notifications timely to inform about any new app features, new deals and offers and anything else that they are missing out.

All app businesses, irrespective of the domain they are into strive to create a strong loyal customer base for their apps. Winning the trust and faith of the customer is not possible overnight and these above strategies are the key ways to win the hearts of the app users. Join hands with our team of eminent app developers at GetAProgrammer, to make sure your app is converting users to happy customers.

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How Mobile Apps Are Empowering Restaurant Businesses

The world has embraced mobile technology wholeheartedly and mobile app solutions have become a crucial part of every industry, from retail, food restaurant to healthcare. Clearly, mobile apps are influencing the personal as well as professional aspects of every one of us. From ordering groceries for a home to keeping track of total miles walked in a day, all are now possible with apps, There are apps developed for restaurant businesses too for promoting on-demand food deliveries in a flick. App development for Android has lead to the introduction of a range of on-demand apps, that are helping people to get food of their choice, right at their doorsteps.

Here’s how on-demand apps are changing the pattern of dining and the way restaurant businesses work.

android3Finding eatouts with location tracking

Apps are helping mobile users to search for all those restaurants with takeaways that are in close proximity to them. Location specific features like Beacons or geo-fencing are enabling the restaurant owners to engage with their targeted customers, much before they visit their restaurant outlet.

Quick and On-time delivery

On demand apps for food restaurant businesses run on their capacity to timely deliver their orders. Users get easily disappointed orders reaches late. These apps help in killing all the disappointments of the users by keeping them updated all the time with the whereabouts of their orders like the time order was prepared, packed, picked by the delivery boy and the route he is following.

Making table reservation

While most on-demand apps are popular for being food delivery apps, many of them also help users to book a table in the restaurant of their choice in advance. Such features are mainly included by either those eateries which are popular enough but it’s hard to get a table on visiting. Thus, the apps are helping users to get prior reservations in high-end restaurants which they could not have obtained otherwise.

Loyalty Offers or Discounts

Besides helping restaurant owners to augment their customer base by delivering food at their doorsteps or through table reservations, these apps can also help restaurant businesses to retain their existing customers through loyalty and discount offers, You can send specific notifications regarding a new addition to the menu, discount vouchers, or coupons to the regular customers, which boost up further sales.

Online payments

In-app ordering is also offering a lot of convenience to the users by enabling them clear all payments of the food online via debit or credit cards. Such an ability to pay instantly for the orders by going cashless is not only offering huge convenience to the users, but are also improving the efficiency of restaurants in handling orders and maintaining accuracy.

The dawn of food delivery or on-demand apps has lead to massive changes in the working of food restaurant businesses, with people no more finding it a necessity to visit their favourite restaurant to have its delicacies. GetAProgrammer, being one of the leading app development company in Australia, can help you have a unique on-demand app for your restaurant if you wish. So reach our team of adept app developers now!

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Top Trends Ushering In iPhone App Development in 2017

ios2In the recent years, Apple store got flooded with millions of apps offering a wide range of utilities to smartphones and iPhones owners all over the world. As the market of iPhones is speeding fast with people adopting it wholeheartedly, iOS app makers and Apple are seeking for new ideas and innovation to make iOS apps more exciting and their user experience more engaging. With the help of adroit iPhone app developer, who are aware of ever-increasing competitiveness in Apple store, entrepreneurs are creating excellent and out-of-the-box apps for their businesses to keep pace with the competitive world.

While the iPhone apps market is always going through a series of revolutionary changes every now and then, here are the most impacting trends to be observed in iPhone app development in the coming days.

Emergence of Swift coding

Swift is soon going to be the most loved programming language among the developers for iOS apps. This is because the language offers a number of coding methodologies and widespread frameworks. It’s newest compiler infrastructure allows writing of trustworthy codes with Xcode tools. This programming language is offering lots of advantages to the users such as it’s easy to use and a navigable learning path.

Spread of Enterprise Apps

Enterprises are nowadays embracing apps technology to streamline their business processes as well as to create the best impact on their customers. iOS apps are developed specifically to enhance sales and revenues largely by businesses through expanding their reach to the customers.

GPS and Beacon technology

Beacon and GPS sensors technology are now integrated into iPhone apps, which are the advanced methods of marketing for targeting their customers. These sensor technologies will be most sought after in 2017 by iPhone app owners, as location specific services help to reach their end goal more quickly. With the help of GPS solutions, app developers will provide an opportunity to businesses to offer customised services to targeted users.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is gradually captivating iOS app using GPS technology to support a wide range of services to the customers. Augmented reality in the sphere of gaming is revolutionising the way games are played by the present generation. 3D games will be the future of iPhones games due to the influence of virtual reality or augmented reality. Likewise,  augmented reality will be greatly impacting shopping apps and rental apps, allowing users to imagine them in the situation where they will be using the products they are opting to buy.

Being the ruler in the Apps market, it is pretty obvious that Apple will be coming with much more such big ideas to create revolutionary apps for iPhones. At GetAProgrammer, we house a team of seasoned iOS app developers who always try to leverage the latest technologies to create mesmerising apps.

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Industries That Are Leveraging Apps For More Revenues

mobile5Today, every aspect of our lives from shopping to booking a flight ticket are preoccupied with mobile apps, This makes it obvious that mobile apps have become an eminent part of industries, from food restaurant to health and education helping them businesses to expand their outreach in the market and boost revenues.

GetAProgrammer, a  leading and well-established mobile app development company  in Australia, is one of those established  mobile app development that are helping out entrepreneurs from diverse fields to get another source of revenue by creating dedicated apps for their businesses.

Here’s the list top industries that are currently utilising the mobile app technology as an alternate source of revenue.

Food-restaurant businesses

Nowadays, restaurants businesses are relying on mobile apps as an effective tool for marketing and for reaching out to more number of customers than ever. While with location-specific service the apps are tracking prospective customers who are located nearby to send them notifications regarding happy hours and new items in the menu, they are also largely helping out customers to order food from their place.

Education and Learning sector

Mobile apps also did not stop influencing education sector too, making learning more engaging and fun filled experience for the learners. Apps have made learning and higher education more accessible due to availability of online courses, word games, mathematical quizzes, grammar and spelling, number games etc. In simple words, people can now learn anything they want from anywhere.

Health industry

Mobile apps are revolutionising healthcare sector by enhancing the accessibility of patients to health services and streamlining the operations of healthcare centres. They are either helping out patients to get doctor’s appointment, seek any medical consultations, or assisting doctors to track of health parameters of their patients, keep records of patients and so forth.

Travel & logistics services

The predominance of mobile apps in the functioning of travel and logistics cannot be overlooked. While apps for consumer travelling are being developed that are letting people book cabs from anywhere and ride to their destination in a flick, mobile applications with high-end features are also developed for facilitating logistics operations of commercial houses. Apps are being used by businesses for fleet management, tracking the items being shipped and so on.

Media & entertainment

This sector must be on the list of prior industries where apps are playing a major role. From gaming, online music, videos to booking of movie shows, all different areas of entertainment are now facilitated by mobile apps. Moreover, apps for online magazines, news alert and live streaming of videos are also evolving that are offering people an enhanced and interactive experience of entertainment.

To be clear, the list does not end here just like the ever-increasing demand of apps by the businesses around the world. Real estates, tourism, sports, e-commerce, retail are few to add to the above list of industries, which also falls under the overwhelming influence of app technology.

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Why Apps For Travelling Are Becoming A Key Necessity

mobile4In recent years, mobile technology has experienced a dynamic revolution, with the evolution of smartphones and utility apps. Mobile apps nowadays invade the daily life of the people and are needed for almost every activity, from ordering a food to reserving a flight ticket. While none of us had actually thought about getting all necessary services at our fingertips, now there are an innumerable number of apps offering useful services.

GetAProgrammer, an established app development company in Sydney, brings to you how travel apps are letting people across all classes to hire cabs instantly to travel anywhere and anytime.

Cab booking apps saves time of the travellers

With the availability of such apps in their hand, people no more need to worry about travelling whether the place is known to them, or they are from another corner of the world. They can now even book a cab before stepping out of their house or while on the go. The GPS feature of the apps tracks the location of the person and notifies the nearest driver regarding his or her need.

No need for wasteful phone calls

Apps now not only save the valuable time of the travellers, but also allow them to skip the process of making cumbersome phone calls needed for cab reservations. Reservations can be done in just one tap (selecting the Book Now/ Request Cab/ Ride Now option) in the apps.

Travelling around the city got easier

Map integration in the apps is helping both the travellers and drivers to find each other sooner and travel to the destination without any hassle. Once the traveller gets into the cab and enters the destination in the app, the driver automatically gets the shortest and convenient route to follow on a map. Thus, made travelling free of complex, even when drivers do not know the location of the destination.

Payment integration in cab booking apps

With fully functionally cab booking apps, travellers can even take a ride with carrying cash all the time. Many options are available to them for making payments for the ride like credit cards, debit cards or wallet payment.

Needless to say, apps for cab services are dedicatedly enhancing the experience of personal travelling for all genres of people, especially the working classes. By allowing cab reservations with a swipe, avoiding phone calls and eliminating any confusion or discomfort in finding the route to the destination for the drivers, these apps got into the list of must-haves for most mobile users. GetAProgrammer, understands well the demands of the people in the fast-paced corporate world, and so their Australian app developers are turning heads over heals to create outstanding apps for companies that are indulged into services of personal transportation.

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5 Things to Consider Before Developing An App For iPad


Like most apps for smartphones, tablets or iPhones, the magic of iPad apps too is seen from its usefulness, performance, and meaning. Apps are defined to be useful only when the users get the utility they need with the right set of features and at the right time. So, it was never been easier for the developers to get started with a reliable and excellent iPad app that best meets the desires of the users. Here are all the basic things you need to know if you are planning to build an iPad app to let your business tap into more segments of the market.


Make your App’s functioning simple and objective-oriented

Those apps succeed that defines simplicity, easy to use and follow some goals for figuring out what type of functionality you will offer. But before then, understand from the perspective of the users and think of the set of functionality that they might be looking in your app. Jot down those functionalities and all others features that you need to provide the service they want and accordingly build your app.

Make sure your app offers full-fledged personalised experience

Good apps are those that works as per the taste and demands of the users. So, leverage all the resources you have at your end, such as inbuilt features of iPad, user’s location, user’s social shares, contact list and so forth to offer complete personalised experience to the users.

Keep navigation through the app highly simple

Do not ever try making navigation complex, to make your app fun oriented or eye catchy, but stick on with simple and direct navigation. Even if you are keen on being innovative with your iPad app, ensure that the users are properly instructed and the navigation supports well the task of the app.

Put gestures tactfully with over doing

Useful and fine gestures are the centerpiece of most iPad apps but maintain only effective gestures on your app. Do not confuse the user with multiple arrows, or bold fonts, or colored tabs but use only one or two in a page in a simple way to highlight your gesture to the users to proceed.

Consider the area where the app will serve

Once you made up your mind about bringing an app for iPad users, you need to think critically where it will be used. This is needed because where the app will be used and how it will be used directly impacts its functionality and hence helps you in developing the app accordingly.

Keeping these aspects in mind, iOS developers are helping out businesses with most reliable and useful iPad application catering to the needs of the users well. So, if you are seeking for any professional developer to get started with your own iPad app, contact us at GetAProgrammer. We have an adroit team of iPad app developer in Sydney, serving clients across diverse industries with brilliant app solutions for multiple mobile platforms.

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4 Major Strategies of Push Notifications For Engaging More Customers




Mobile App Development


Instant notifications commonly called Push Notifications, is becoming a vital feature of most mobile applications, making app usages more engaging and convenient. As mobile app development has been growing successfully worldwide, push notifications has been playing a pioneering role in hooking the customers to the apps for longer, Even though mobile app companies are adapting push notifications, very few know about the strategies that can boost the engagement level right.

Create a first impression

The first main strategy for customer engagement is creating an everlasting impression and there’s no other way to convince the customers to use the app. Even, it is not possible to create an impacting notification in the very first, you can use a splash screen. Sending a captivating message with a call-to-action word can be useful can be effective. However, remember to incorporate  ‘No Thanks’ or ‘Do Not Allow” options, to try not force your app on the customers.

Provide Time-limited Offers

A key strategy for keeping users engaged is to prompt them to use the app with time-limited offers. However, you need to mention what will be valuable for them which will make them re-open the app. So, once you have an offer for customers, get them right to the customers but for a limited time period to compels the users.

Personalised Notifications

Push notifications with personalised messages can induce the users to read the message more than general messages. Through such personalised messages, you can send different messages to the various segments of customers according to their needs and preferences, thereby making them feel special and valued. Customized messages create a sense of one-on-one communication, evoking more the customers to reopen the app and check your offerings.

Remind people what they are missing    

Use your notifications to let your users know what they are missing out as sometimes most of your loyal app users stop using it suddenly for any other reason, and did not return, It could be probably when they get submerged too much in life’s activities or if they find out any better app than yours offering the same utility. Thus, to keep your dormant customers glued to your app, send the timely personalised push notifications, to let them know that you are missing them too and provide them reasons to start using your app again,

Wrapping Up

Push notifications are a powerful tool to let the app owners grow their business and when used strategically, they can actually achieve success. These are some of the proven strategies increasingly used by the app developers to enhance customer engagement. If you are planning to own a robust app for your business, until and unless you attract customers and convert them to regular users, success is far way. So, connect with the expert service provider, GetAProgrammer in mobile app development in Sydney to build an app capable of leveraging these strategies.


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