Apps Development: Where It Is Heading?

The progress path of mobile app development has not been the longest. But, is definitely the most transforming one. While it seems to many that we are in the last or matured stage of App economy, there are more too. We are still on the way to develop new approaches that would redefine the mobile world and digital landscape.

The future of mobile app development still awaits to be unfold. Apps technologies are evolving consistently and you need to closely follow them, adopt them and push your boundaries to create a difference in the market. Clearly, to have a kickstart app and outrun your competitors, you need to look ahead to embrace the changes coming all the way. GetAProgrammer, a top-ranking app development company in Australia, here presents future of app development to let you have an idea of where we are headed to.


Rise of AI

AI market will bloom in the coming years, a science stream that deals with machines’ ability to perceive and provide solutions, like the humans. Artificial Intelligence is the umbrella concept that together embraces machine learning & vision, knowledge management, machine vision, and language processing. ChatBots, predictive analysis and different contextual smart sensors, are helping mobile users to interact with the devices and are personalising their experience.

Take off of AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two technologies that are together dominating the mobile app products. App makers are creating robust graphics to project fake stuff as original objects on the screen which let users indulge in a real-time experience.

While gaming apps are providing an immersive experience to the players with VR, shopping apps are leveraging AR to let users portray how the object will look on them.


AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Page

It is one of the most anticipated trends in the mobile app, due to the ever-growing expectations of users. A stripped down version of HTML, it aims to speed up the loading of mobile app pages exceptionally. Thus, developers will be able to build websites and applications that load superfast and hence have low bounce rates.

Cloud Integration in the new rage

Developers and app makers that want to give more power to their apps are integrating them with the cloud. It not only enhances the storage capacity and safe keeps all the data of the users, but also reduces the hosting costs. Moreover, businesses who always seek to make their apps responsive across all mobile platforms, cloud technology is a big relief.

Clearly, there’s a lot more to unravel in the apps space! There are many new possibilities to make the app experience of customers better and engaging, players in the market that fail to embrace the trends will surely lose out their position in the long-run.

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How to Make an iOS App with Impressive UI and UX?

Well, this is an undeniable fact that the iOS app development is still considered to be a fruitful investment that gives a competitive edge to the businesses and help them acquire more customers than ever. The best practice to get a user-centric business-driven as well as profit-driven app for Apple devices is to hire iOS app developer having sheer skills in the core Objective-C and Swift language. But you can’t really ignore the importance of having an impressive UI and UX in the app. A good User Interface (UI) increases the credibility of an app and seamless User Experience (UX) helps user engage with the app better.

Thus, great UX and UI will make every penny spent on app development worthwhile. Both must be designed well to make the app appealing enough to the target audience. However, before companies start with the app development, they need to know their target market, what services they will be offering through the app or how they can address their pain points. GetAProgrammer is a Sydney-based renowned app development firm that would let you hire experienced and skilled iOS app developers at an affordable budget.

Read on the following points that are the important practical facts for designing great UI and UX for iOS applications.

  • User Interface is not more important than Content

Although it is true that UI and content are both vital for keeping users engaged, there has to be a certain balance between the two. You cannot just trump content with UI as that will irritate the users.  A beautiful way to keep a balance is using custom fonts and background giving enough room to the content.

  • Login should not me made mandatory at the first step

Making login and registration a necessity just after installation can draw out many users because most are not comfortable at sharing their personal details initially. However, they are comfortable with it once they are used to the app. Thus, make registration or log in a later phenomenon, required only when users want to enjoy additional features.


  • Never include a Quit option to the app’s interface

Most apps close down whenever a user visits another app. This can be a major drawback as users have to repeat the steps. Hence, the app should be minimised instead of shutting down before when users visit any other applications on the phone.

  • Use of too much custom features is a strict no

Defining too many new gestures, features, is cool for gaming apps but not for business-oriented apps. While custom features are essential to incorporate in the interface of an app because they add fun to the experience of users, going overboard with custom gestures might annoy the users.

These are the key pillars of UI and UX designing in iOS app development that can get a rightful solution developed with the capacity of attracting more users than ever.

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PDF Reader Apps: Make One That Could Help People in Reading!

Reading PDFs has always been a pain in the neck. Either, the mobile handset does not support the particular file format or the document or eBook is too big to save. Some PDFs even needs editing, such as forms but the devices rarely allow so. Clearly, there has to be some kind of tool to let phones to save and open PDF files and allow users to read, edit, bookmark and whatsoever. There are already a lot of apps in the market, some of which are explained below, that are developed primarily to help in reading PDF docs and eBooks. However, we suggest you bring some discrete app that would serve reading and writing purposes altogether because of the prevalent lacks in some way or the other.

Hire from the talented pool of Australian app developers, at GetAProgrammer to make one and launch in the app stores. Go through these popularly-used PDF reader apps to get an idea of how to make one.


#1 Adobe Acrobat Reader

This is mostly used PDF reader because it works with most types of files. It’s the default choice every time because apart from smooth reading experience, it allows one to save PDFs, annotate, fill out forms and make signatures. Besides, it has support for Adobe Document Cloud and feature of Dropbox.

#2 DocuSign

This is an exclusive PDF reader for reading business documents. So, its prior functions include opening of docs, make editings, sign them and share it with others. Businessmen can handle any kind of business documents, irrespective of the formats like a pro with this app.

#3 EbookDroid

This is an old-school conventional PDF reader application which also works well as an eBook reader. From PDFs, EPUB, MOBI, to XPS and AWZ3, the app supports all kind of common and rare file formats.


#4 Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit is one of the number PDF readers and features an entire system that will save and organise all of the PDF files loaded in a device in line. Moreover, it is the best option when readers want a variety of reading features.

#5 Google PDF Viewer

It is a less popular PDF reader but a highly preferred one because it integrates into the Google Drive. So, users can use to fetch and read anything from Google Docs, Sheets or Slides. Simply a PDF reader, it is loader many other smart features and users can search for phrases, words, copy texts, print docs and many more.

Want to create one that will get winning a response from the readers? Make sure you key in the basic features provided by these apps along with some unique ideas. Some of the new ideas you can bring up in your PDF reader are a free library of popular books, cloud storage, reading in slides, advanced page settings, etc.

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Top 4 Tips for Optimising Packaging and Shipping in Your Magento Store

When you are involved in an eCommerce business, it is crucial to pay attention to the order packaging and shipping details. Impressive product packaging and smooth shipping process would help you to gain a competitive advantage in today’s vying market. Skilled Magento eCommerce developers can help you to build or craft impressive and feature-rich online store but, strategies to run that e-store successfully depends on various other aspects. Optimising the packaging along with the shipping process is one of those vital aspects. Here is a list of some tips to establish smart processes for packaging and shipping in your Magento store.


If you want to build a Magento store or want any changes in your Magento-built e-Store, you can contact the skilled and Magento expert team of GetAProgrammer, a Sydney-based web development firm.

#1 State Clear Shipping Policy

You need to clearly state the shipping policy to offer the customers a smooth shopping experience. This would not only help you to stay clear but would also help to diminish customer dissatisfaction. When your online business is running on Magento, you would get this functionality by default. How to activate it?

Go to Admin Panel → Log in → Stores → Configuration → Shipping Settings. Here, in the section mentioning ‘Shipping Policy Parameters’, set YES to the ‘Apply Custom Shipping Policy’ and add the policy in detailed format to the next field.

#2 Configure the Terms of Shipping

One of the effective strategies of newly-started online businesses is to offer free shipping to grab the attention of more customer base. However, to enable this strategy, first, you need to change the settings of Magento. With the help of expert Magento eCommerce developers, you can do so. However, free shipping is not the only option. Magento offers another three options for setting shipping charges – Table rates, Flat rates and Dimensional weight.

Flat rate system has a fixed predefined charge that is applied either to the whole order or to any particular item. On the other hand, the Table rate system defines the shipping costs depending on various conditions such as delivery destination and weight of the order package. In the case of dimensional weight, the shipping rates depend on the volumetric weight.


#3 Setting Up Carriers

Magento 2 not only offers incredible functionalities related to shipment but also allows the owners of the online stores to offer a few default shipping carriers like FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL.

#4 Managing Settings of Packaging

When the shipping process is all set, you need to concentrate on the packaging management. If you want to add new profiles or want to edit the existing options of packaging, follow the below-mentioned path.

Stores → Shipping → Packaging

Here, you can set any packaging type you want like a crate, carton, box, cylinder etc. You can also set the minimum and maximum weight that is allowed in the packaging that has been selected.

So, follow the aforementioned effective tips and manage your e-store’s shipping and packaging successfully.

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Get Best of Baby Games Like These for Android Users

It is true that babies won’t be reading this to download the latest games and play. They can’t be even allowed to hold smartphones and tablets as they have the penchant for throwing and breaking things off. However, for the parents, who know their babies are that stubborn and needs some serious engagement, mobile phones are the only option, a little vent to a separate world to keep their babies engaged for hours. Android apps developers in Australia and around the world have wisely developed apps for the little ones, that will not only entertain them but help them learn new things playfully.

Take a look at some of cutest, engaging and lovable gaming apps for toddlers, give a thought and appoint GetAProgrammer if you want similar kind of apps to start ahead with your journey in the Android space.



#1 Kids Doodle

This is not just a game but a drawing app for little kids out there which feature an immersive drawing space. Its black background or drawing board with bright neon colours give fun and most colourful experiences to the kids. Tons of colour, brushes, movie mode to record drawing, redo/undo options, sharing of the doodle, all make it a perfect app to keep kids engrossed and create masterpieces.

#2 Outfit7 Talking Game

This is a must-have popular game for the parents owing Android devices, as there’s might not be any other games around that brings Talking pets in front of their kids to do all the creepy baby talkings. Outfit7 brings out different pets versions every time, like My Talking Tom, Talking Angela and he latest My Talking Hank, i.e. a cute puppy doing all the talking. Babies not only get to talk, but also can take care of the pet, feed it, take care of its activities,  play puzzles and lots more.



#3 Learning Shapes for Toddlers

Android developer, GoKids have put wisely some educational stuff into this game so that bigger babies can learn while playing. This is for the kindergartners especially to help them study about geometrical shapes with use of funny animations. To make learning more cheerful for them, the shapes are presented with amusing baby shapes with funny moves and real happy expressions.

#4 Kids Animal Piano

A very simple babies game that deals with music and sound. But, as the name suggests it’s about tickling the babies with just animal voices. Parents can assign the different notes to the animals so that their babies can play with animals sound of their choice, sing aloud and create their own music. It is crazy yet simplistic and contains most peepy features that are enough to keep babies engrossed for hours.

Want to create such merrymaking apps for babies and make hard cash rolling in? Get in touch with trusted, adept and experienced app developers at GetAProgrammer, who can help you get the best of baby games, that a truly engaging, learning-oriented and fun filled.

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Be a Cool Parent, Let Your Kid Play with These Safe Toddler’s App

When today’s digital world is full of various types of entertainment, healthcare, business-oriented mobile apps, why would the toddlers left behind! Yes, with time, worldwide the best app developers have come up with some amazing mobile apps that are suitable for the kids to play, to learn new things in the most playful ways. So, Parents! Check out these smart and fun apps for your toddlers. And if you are interested to build any similar kind of intriguing mobile applications, get connected with the expert mobile app development team of GetAProgrammer, a Sydney-based renowned app development firm.


#1 ABC Kids

Let your kids learn the alphabets in a playful yet effective way with the help of ABC kids. Your toddlers would also learn to differentiate between lowercase and uppercase letters, would learn new things with the help of the matching game available on the application. The colourful presentation of the fun-filled environments and animals would attract the children a lot. This app is free. No in-app purchase is needed. ABC Kids is completely advertisements-free.

#2 Drawing for Kids

Usually, kids easily get attracted to colourful things and when they can colour various animals, it is obvious that they would become excited. Yes, this drawing and colouring application would make your toddler very happy. Interesting sound effects, fun animations would keep your children engaged. Want to see how creative your kids can get? Get this free application for them!

#3 Funny Food Kindergarten

This is an entire collection of fun-filled games. The matching game can help your kids to memorise things, they can learn different shapes, different foods and so on. Various logic games and puzzles would help to grow the thinking ability of your children. All the games have been designed keeping the educational purpose in the mind. Get Funny Food Kindergarten and let your toddlers learn various things in the most playful way. If you want an ad-free app experience, you need to buy the full version of the application.




#4 Nursery Rhymes and Kids Games

Looking for an interactive application for your children? Well, this digital content-filled application would be a good choice then. Songs, rhymes, games, stories etc. offered by the app would keep your toddler happily engaged. More interestingly, kids can tap on the different type of stuffs that appear on the screen to make them talk and do funny little things. Well, you have to spend a bit of money from your pocket to present a wonderworld to your kids.

Other than all the aforementioned applications, Kids Doodle, App Family, First Words for Baby, Sounds for Toddlers etc. are some of the apps that your kids would love!

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5 Vital Features that an Effective Event Planning App Must Have

With the latest enhancements in the sector of mobile technology and custom app development, fresh app ideas are coming into the picture and changing the cores of many tasks. Now, food ordering, movie or flight ticket booking, hotel or car booking, money transferring, dating, taking online preparation for exams, searching for jobs – almost for everything, plenty of mobile app options are available in the market. Similarly, doing all the planning for an important and huge event and managing everything becomes extremely easy and much effortless using an effective mobile application.


GetAProgrammer is a renowned app development company in Sydney. It is quite popular for devising user-centric and feature-rich mobile apps within a pocket-friendly budget. For any kind of app development services, feel free to contact the proficient team.

Different Types of Event Planning Mobile Applications

Usually, the app developers concentrate on developing three distinct types of such event planning apps. There are:

  • Conference
  • Internal Events
  • Meeting Apps

Obviously, such different types of apps are built for serving different purposes. However, there are some common grounds or basic features that every event planning mobile application must possess. Here is a list of 5 vital features that an event planning mobile application must have.

#1 Location and Time Feeds

Isn’t it quite obvious that when someone is planning an event, mentioning the date, time along with the venue is the most important thing? That is why you should include the feature of constantly updated feed where the users would be able to see the highlighted information on the event like what event is coming up at which location and on what time and date.

#2 Define the Purpose

In the case of a meeting or a conference, it is important to let the users know the basic agenda. This would give the attendees a clear idea of what the meeting or the conference is about! Other than that, for events like a cultural fest or a fundraiser programme, relevant details should be provided. Hence, creating a segment for defining the main agenda of an event is vital.


#3 Online Ticket Booking

As the title of this point suggests, making sure that interested people can buy tickets online for attending a particular event is extremely crucial. It is advisable to devise this section having the options of multiple payment methods so that interested users can buy tickets using their most favourable payment method.

#4 Impressive UX

If your app interface is not intriguing enough, it won’t be able to attract the attention of the users. Hence, make sure to build an application that is visually rich, engaging and interactive as well.

#5 Social Media

The inclusion of this feature is very crucial as the social media is capable of catering you to find a wide acceptance of your product amidst the crowd. Moreover, this feature would provide your mobile app with a multi-functional identity.

Other than the aforementioned features, you can add another feature using which users would get a chance to reminisce the old events. People, who have missed the previous events would get an idea from this feature.

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