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Know How iOS Outruns Android in App Race

There has always been a debate regarding the choice of the best development platform for mobile applications. The fuss has appeared ever since the idea of developing native apps came into existence – iOS or Android? Whether one should opt … Continue reading

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Ultimate Guide to Full Stack Development 2019

Well, in most of the cases, you’ll notice two separate career paths for the developers – back-end developers and front-end developers. However, in between these two options, you shouldn’t forget about the full-stack developers. In recent years, this full-stack development … Continue reading

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5 Best Magento Tricks To Boost Sales in 2019

While raising sales in eCommerce is the prime affair, Magento can help achieve that in a flick! Being an open-source platform powered with great themes and extensions, Magento gives out immense scopes to customise and deck up a modern online … Continue reading

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Newly Released Magento Commerce Cloud Features

At Imagine 2016, Magento announced the Commerce Cloud offering. Since then, over 500 customers of Magento Commerce have signed up for launch on the Magento’s cloud. Also, over 150 stores already have gone live on it. You can check out … Continue reading

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Is Kotlin The Future of Android App Development? Let’s see

Kotlin has broken the stereotype that only Java can be used to develop Android apps. Although the majority of Android apps were developed using Java. But, now we have another Java compatible language Kotlin, which is easier to learn and … Continue reading

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Need More Buyers? 5 Ways to Enhance User Experience in eCommerce

eCommerce sector is getting warmed up nowadays with the rise in the number of companies and startups presenting their stores online. So, clearly, eCommerce businesses are fighting out with best practices and online marketing tools to reign in the market. … Continue reading

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Your Manufacturing Business Needs ERP Support! Here’s Why

As businesses grow in scale, it is obvious that manual handling of processes is near to impossible for all, especially the manufacturing units. Answering to this issue of businesses, IT service providers brought the unrivalled ERP software which promises more … Continue reading

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