Your Manufacturing Business Needs ERP Support! Here’s Why

As businesses grow in scale, it is obvious that manual handling of processes is near to impossible for all, especially the manufacturing units. Answering to this issue of businesses, IT service providers brought the unrivalled ERP software which promises more than just the planning and organising of entrepreneurial resources. With open-source frameworks like Odoo, things got far more easy for the software firms. They can provide standalone   to businesses that combine the core aspects like manufacturing planning, resources management, inventory, customer relationships, HR, and control over supply and value chain agents.

So, what are you waiting for? If your business is doing well and expanding gradually, its time you get Odoo developer in Australia from GetAProgrammer, an eminent software solutions provider and get your custom ERP. But before, know why it will be most beneficial decision for your business and give your manufacturing business a competitive edge.

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Fulfillment gets streamlined

The ERP system will help you in swift fulfillment by connecting various departments and ensuring all over visibility in the manufacturing, inventory, supply process and logistics and market demands. It helps owners in on-time order fulfillment with real-time reporting and analytics on market conditions.

Bring automation at the core

ERP solutions come with immense built-in capabilities for automation in the areas like billing,  cost estimations, production planning and specifications, vendor and suppliers management, and inventory. Some of its automation modules that are in function are Bills of Materials, Point of Sale, Work Plans, EDI, Barcoding.

Real-time inventory tracking

With ERP, manufacturers can be assured about full-time traceability for all the lot of products and have serial number details too for inventory management. Thankfully, with serial and lot tracking capabilities of ERP, manufacturers can go for quick product recalls or necessary audit trails if any problems encountered.

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Reduced cost of operations

Well, this is most delightful benefits for businesses. Despite the higher investment involved in developing and customising an ERP software from an expert company, they go for it for the sake of cost reduction benefits they get in the long-run. ERP enhances the workers’ productivity, which eliminates the need for overtime and added labour costs.

Further, with precision and accuracy in data, there are no or minimal errors, for which you need not worry about rework which increases costs.
It’s no more the age for businesses to maintain a vast number of spreadsheets, piles of paper bills or thick folders for data records on transactions and other related business processes. And, looking at these foregoing perks, we feel it’s time you now start saving up costs, embark on automation and assure transparency in your business with a dynamic and tailored ERP solution of Odoo.



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GetAprogrammer gives their clients the benefit of global delivery model and local project management. Get A Programmer has skilled ability and experience to provide you with solutions and get your business online.
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