Have a Food App Idea? 5 Key Ingredients For Its Success

Food ordering apps are trending hot! If you have a food delivery app idea buzzing in your head, know the secret ingredients for its success from this blog post.

Apps for on-demand food delivery or table reservation services exploded in this mobile era and are expected to rise more to transform the food-restaurant industry. However, what makes foodies stick to these intermediate apps? It’s intuitive and highly personalised customer engagement which help in developing a loyal customer base for restaurant businesses.

We, at GetAProgrammer, one of leading firms for Android, iPhone and iPad development in Sydney have worked in a range of food delivery apps and hence have figured out the ideal recipe or ingredients for creating a triumphant food app.

iPad app development

#1 User-friendly and responsive dashboard

Food lovers prefer to select their food with a quick and simple process for which there’s need for a user-friendly dashboard. It lists all the popular nearby restaurants, takeaways and cafe and their menus. The users allowed in the dashboard to pick places of their choice and decide their orders. It also keeps records of the orders, delivery addresses, restaurants already availed by the users so that next-time they reorder with few clicks.

#2 Code referral system

Options for code referral help you get more customers for your app. Let your app to generate coupon codes, availing which customers can get discounts on their orders and refer the same to others via social media shares. It’s a win-win strategy for businesses as its grabs the major attention of the target audience.


#3 Push notifications are essential turn-on factor

One major way to enhance customer engagement is with the push notifications. It allows you to send updates, deals, and discounts straight away to their mobiles. It is also a great marketing tool when it is about informing the target customers about your new offerings and sales offers.

#4 Secured Payment gateways

In-app payments are becoming prominent these days that means paying right through the app with few clicks. This makes lives of customers easier as they don’t have to carry cash all the time. Further, online payments facilitated through payment integrations like Stripe, PayPal, Braintree are most secure and convenient and offer smooth checkout experience.

#5 Customised and Fast ordering

With advanced ordering, customers not only have the option to choose from a range of restaurants and dishes but also customise them and set their delivery time. The POS (Point of Sale) integration of apps ensures that each of the orders after received via the app directly lands on the sale terminal of the selected outlet.
So, the next time you are aspiring to develop a food-ordering app, don’t forget to incorporate these features to make sure it targets your audience and grab the expected number of customers.


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