Apps To Help Couples Plan Their Night-Outs

Mobile apps became an inevitable medium in our lives to avail on-demand services, buy things, make payments, book flights, tickets for concerts/movies and what not. There are dozens of apps easing our everyday life struggles and some providing light entertainment on-the-go.

However, in whatsoever way apps are progressing, none has ever thought that it would help couples plan a romantic date night.

Yes, you heard that right! While dating apps are common with swipe game letting two souls come together, many apps came with the concept of event planning and the event being a date night!.

No doubt, mobile app developers are credited for such brainstorming idea of apps that coaxes couples to plan for their night-outs smoothly. Whether they wish to go for a movie show or dine at a posh restaurant or do something peppy, like a dance, apps will help them plan accordingly with a few taps.

Here’s our pick of some popular apps that can help lovers plan a perfect date night in mere seconds.

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#1 LocalEats

Unlike apps that recommend restaurants and dine-out places from all over the location, this LocalEats app only suggests the best and least congested ones in the locality which are suggested by bloggers or dining websites. So, the couples can find one in their proximity as per the cuisine type, prices, or items they wish to have.

#2 Seamless

If both of a couple decides to spend their special evening at home, Seamless help the plan for that too. It lets them search through a range of affordable restaurants and order. Thus, couples don’t have to stress over what they have in the kitchen and what they can prepare but relax in their own way.

#3 Fandango Movies

Those who love to go out for a movie in their quality times, Fandango app serves them the best! It has everything one needs, from tickets booking, reading showtimes, reviews to watching trailers. So, anyone can search movies with title, genre, area, viewers reviews, ratings, etc and plan their movie date.


#4 Bandsintown

This is an app that music buffs or those who go for a music show occasionally can use to plan for a concert night with their loved ones. Bandsintown is the best app till date that assures hardcore music fans do not miss any show of their favourite band. It includes complete lists of upcoming concert events, tour schedules for singers, reviews and shows recommendations, ticket purchase portals.

Whether couples are looking to add spark in their general outings, or need a quirky idea to breath life into their relationship, these night out planning apps will help they do so. Contact GetAProgrammer, if you have some out-of-the-box date planning app idea and want to make it live to help youngsters plan for their ideal evenings!


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