Smart Tips to Revamp Product Presentation in Magento Online Store

In today’s tech-savvy era, how much popular an eCommerce business is beyond any question. The website has to be designed in such a way that it can represent the company’s or the business’s overall brand image and identity successfully to the visitors and potential buyers. The Magento custom development would allow you to integrate several customisations on your web store according to your preferences and business needs. In the case of an online business, your main objective is always converting the visitors into prospective buyers. To do this successfully, apart from designing the website intriguingly, you need to pay special attention how you are presenting the products on the online store. Here is a list of a few smart tips to revamp product presentation in your Magento online store.


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Product Title

It is advisable to make the product title clear, short and concise so that it can easily grab the viewer’s attention. Moreover, a concise and clear product title would help to boost the SEO results. Keep in mind that the title is better if it consists of 65 characters from the SEO point of view. Another crucial point is to make sure that you’ve placed an appropriate keyword in this product title. Including brand name is not necessary. However, if the product comes from any reputed brand, you can use it to attract more potential buyers.

Product Image

One of the biggest deterrents while buying any product from an eCommerce store is not-so-clear or blurry images of products. You need to keep in mind while making any purchase from any online store, customers can’t physically see or touch the product. They need to rely on the product images provided on the website. Hence, you should use high-quality images where the product can be seen clearly. Moreover, try to showcase the product in some kind of action rather than uploading generic images. For instance, if you are selling any garment, try to upload pictures of it while someone is wearing it.

Product Description

Apart from being intriguing, the product description should include every major feature of that particular product. Why customers would need the product, why this product is different from other similar kinds of products – mentioning all these details is crucial. As customers can’t touch or see the product physically, they need to rely on the description you provide on the website. Hence, it should not be misleading. This description should be convincing. However, overdoing it can sound as if you are desperate to advertise that product. Hence, do it tactfully.


Customer Reviews

This section is very crucial as feedbacks and reviews from other customers, who already have bought from your website or have used the product can build the confidence in the customer, who is about to buy a product from your site. Once, they see that others are happy and satisfied your product, they are already more than 50% convinced with the product quality. Such customer reviews and feedbacks would enhance the reliability of your online store.

Apart from all the aforementioned points, you are advised to make the design of your web store mobile-friendly. Nowadays, most of the customers do online shopping using their smartphones. Hence, making the design mobile-friendly would help you to reach more potential customers.

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