What Kind of Apps Are Making Most of Money in this Mobile-First Era

Profitability of apps relies on certain factors like target audiences, targeted mobile OS platforms, utility gained, usability and so forth. While many are seen striving to fund the apps, many managed to win vast and a loyal user base for their apps. This uncertainty is a usual phenomenon for which every aspiring business owners need to contemplate earlier the different factors affecting an app’s profitability and choose the most viable and profitable option. GetAProgrammer being one of the proclaimed company for mobile app development, housing a team of adroit app developers in Sydney, try to throw some light on the trending areas of mobile apps that can make the most money.


#1 Gaming apps

The foremost eye-catchy area for investment to apps makers is gaming which falls under the category of entertainment. No doubt a gaming app is expected to earn more dollars than any generic app. It may seem absurd but actually, they are the biggest grossers in the market and most-talked about the success of Angry Birds, CandyCrush Saga or Pokemon Go proves that.  Further, with advanced improvements in the functionality of mobile phones further raised the chances of success as they could offer vibrant features in the games like that of virtual reality.

#2 Utility Apps

Obviously, apps in this criteria can score well in the market because they offer real-time services on the go to users. A prominent example of apps trending highly in the utility domain is Uber, that offer on-demand cab ride services at any location to users, irrespective of the destination distance. Food-ordering, tickets booking, online hotel reservations, online shopping, on-the-go tailoring, salon services, babysitting etc. are some the most popular and highly saturated areas in the apps development market that you can explore.

#3 Apps to augment entertainment

While gaming apps predominantly dominant entertainment in the apps domain, you can leverage the other aspects of entertainment like movies, music for your app to tap a great number of customers. Apps offering live streaming facilities of sports tournament, news, concerts, or the ones that allow users to play movies, TV series/shows and listen to music stations are capturing immense interests nowadays.

#4 Brand enhancement apps

Some apps just exist as a digital channel for companies to connect directly with their customers, provide them customised services, notify them about different offers and deals. Such an app act a major tool for businesses to enhance their visibility to targeted customers and help the brand become a global name.

No doubt, apps have transformed the mobile industry and ideas like these are making it possible. Further, they are opening up newer avenues for businessperson and investing in such a mobile app can earn as lucratively as that of a real store business. If you want to try your fortune in the apps industry, contact with our team of mobile app developers, who has great feat on avant-garde technologies and can create stellar applications that can help you make enough money.


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GetAprogrammer gives their clients the benefit of global delivery model and local project management. Get A Programmer has skilled ability and experience to provide you with solutions and get your business online.
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