5 Probable Mistakes Made in Development of a Fashion Products App

Mobile apps became an inherent way for businesses, especially in retail and fashion to get more and more customers and expand their market reach. Ever since the outburst of the technology of mobile apps, many eCommerce as well mainstream companies are using it for offering extraordinary experiences to their customers. Companies dealing in fashion clothing, accessories, and other lifestyle items are first to jump into the battle of placing customers at the heart of their business with vigorous mobile app development for Android or iOS platforms. However, selling through mobile apps is not a layman’s task. It is not as simple as getting an upfront store on the web with an eCommerce software but needs many uphill tasks to be completed and a plenty of challenges to overcome. To set things right, this blog post brings forth some of the common fallacies encountered in the development of an app meant for trading fashion and lifestyle products.


Missing out of crucial product details

People are actually able to touch a product, try it out and feel it and view all the imprinted details on the products while buying from a real storefront. However, shopping through an online app puts a barrier on such interaction between customers and sellers for which apps need to provide the best in-app experience by detailing out every feature of the products, their prices, materials used, sizes, weight and so forth.

Confusing mobile app experiences with websites experiences

A mobile app is predominantly different from a website or eCommerce site, in terms of size, functionality or scopes. A great mobile app for allowing users to buy items online need to be something which is accessible on the go, responsive on multiple mobile devices and has more intuitive touch interfaces. Thus, a mobile app built for marketing fashion clothing and other items must not fall back on the pre-existing functionalities of websites but should be considering the aspects of mobile hardware to provide a pleasant shopping experience.

Using product images with degraded quality

Failing to utilise great images or quality images can be a big roadblock to the success of the mCommerce app for a fashion business. Selling of products in the category of fashion and lifestyle relies mostly on the on-screen looks of the products. Further, the quality of images also matters a lot when customers cannot actually touch the product.

Overlooking the trust factors

Apps for selling fashion clothing items in all way had to prove to the audiences or customers that their products are certified and trustworthy. Hence, they look for other customers testimonials, feedbacks or reviews. Missing these out in the apps can hence lose a considerable number of potential customers as you fail dismally to comfort them.

Long or complicated checkout process

Particularly, apps with services or products for the common masses like the case of fashion or accessories need to be more simple and easy to understand. So, if anything confuses them, especially in the checkout process will make them hesitant to go for the service. Thus, the checkout steps must be made uber simple and short to allow customers finish their shopping experience in a hassle-free manner.

Planning to make an app to give a boost to your fashion store’s income margins? Take these common mistakes into account and contact with one of the esteemed mobile app development firm in Australia, GetAProgrammer to ensure that these mistakes do not fall back on your app services.


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