4 Persuasive Tips to Prevent App Uninstallation

In today’s technologically progressive era, almost each passing day, a plethora of new and fresh mobile apps are being introduced in the mobile app development market. However, very few apps have successfully sustained in this striving market maintaining its immense popularity! Researches and surveys have reflected the fact that almost 75% of the users choose to uninstall an application just within 90 days of installing it! Another alarming report is that almost 24% of the users abandon a mobile application just after using it once! Here is a list of 4 persuasive tips from the experts of GetAProgrammer, a Sydney based successful app development organization that can help you to overcome this app uninstallation issue.


#1 Observe Critical Points of Drop-Off

There might be plenty of reasons why the users are uninstalling a particular mobile app. With the help of App metrics, you can easily identify those critical points. Identifying those points would help you to understand what is the actual reason behind this dropping-off and accordingly, you can improve those gaps. Here are some tips to overcome this issue.

Observe Onboarding Process

Most of the time, due to an inadequate onboarding process, users uninstall applications within just first 3 days of the app installation! So, where is the problem? Well, there are quite possibilities – either the onboarding process is confusing or too lengthy or it lacks proper information that would keep a user glued. With the help of user session recordings, you can check user journeys. An in-app analytics tool would help you to check user onboarding process and to revise it accordingly.

#2 Push Value-Added Notifications

App notifications can annoy the users if it does not contain any value. For instance, if your app keeps sending daily reminders to the users for signing up the newsletter, it might irritate the users. When you are pushing a value-added notification, you should follow the below-mentioned tips for better results.

    • Keep It Short: In order to make sure that the users actually go through your notifications instead of ignoring them, you need to be a little bit innovative to keep them engaged. Users won’t show any interest if you send lengthy and monotonous notifications. Hence, keep it short, simple and interesting.
    • Send Notifications on Right Time: How would it feel if your phone keeps on beeping in the midnight? Annoying isn’t it? Hence, choosing an appropriate time to send notifications is essential. For instance, if you have any app for food ordering, you can push notifications on a discounted package of meals one or two hours before the lunch time.


  • Send Personalised Messages: When you send notifications with a bit of personal touch to users, they can feel that you care for them. Surveys have reflected the fact that almost 27% conversion rate increases via personalised messages.

#3 Diminish Battery Consumption

Running out of phone battery in the middle of doing something is very irritating! Isn’t it? Nowadays, all the smartphone users install a lot of apps to deal with several things in an easier way. However, if your app is consuming too much battery life, users would uninstall it eventually. In order to prevent this uninstallation, you can try the following tips.

  • App Testing: Run the app on a phone using all the available features simultaneously. This would help you to understand how long the battery lasts. Try to identify the operations that are draining out the battery life and try to fix the issues.
  • Postpone Tasks: The availability of the option to postpone a particular task can reduce the battery consumption. Hence, you have to decide whether a particular task can be postponed or has to take actions immediately.

#4 Do Not Use Irrelevant Ads

For the monetization strategy, in-app advertisements are a popular choice. However, when such ads become too much intrusive, it diminishes the user experience quality that might increase the app uninstallation rate. Hence, while offering in-app ads, it is advisable to present such a relevant ad that can improve the app experience.

Apart from all the aforementioned tips, you need to pay special attention to the app quality. The more you can offer your users quality app with enhanced UX (User Experience), the more they would get lured to your application. Another important aspect is to keep the privacy concerns in the mind. Let the users know how their private data is safe with you. Hence, ensure good data encryption is being used to secure the private data of the users.


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