Unearthing The Worst Mistakes Committed By App Professionals

Sometimes a winsome app idea can fail utterly in the market, just because its execution was not in the right way. There are series of major challenges piled up in the road to custom mobile app development which when not redressed can bring down the position of the app in the market. Just embracing a stunning app idea is not sufficient, but you need the association of a strong app development firm is needed to deal with all the major roadblocks in the development process and avoid making the biggest mistakes.

Following are some of the worst mistakes commonly conducted by app experts in the process of development.




Considering ubiquity in all mobile platforms

App developers to avoid the complexity of choosing among disparate mobile OS platforms, build apps with universal supportability. Also, ubiquitous presence of the apps makes it widely accessible by all and gets the largest presence in the market. However, building for multiple platforms need considerations for the functionalities and various designing features  of all OS platforms to make them equally responsive in all devices. Thus, it is always a first preference to build the app for one single platform considering the mobile usage pattern among the target audience.

Keeping aside the aspect of ASO

Even though the concept emerged off lately and is similar to Google’s search engine optimisation for enhancing  a website’s visibility in web world, App Store Optimisation (ASO) is equally relevant for taking an app’s position in the crowded store. Ignored by most developers, this ASO aspect needs to be looked ardently as it optimises keywords and helps the app in gripping a strong plot in the app’s store.

Forgetting about beta testing

Mostly the new developers commit this mistake, while beta testing is spelled out as a crucial step for affirming the usability of the app. Beta testing when successfully passed, adds up more users to the user base of the app. It firstly creates a fuzz in the market and secondly helps in fixing all bug issues for seamless app experience.

Not including app analytics

Analytics is crucial for gaining insights about user experience and know every details of their in-app behaviour. These subsequently help in realising major and minor faults in the app and the rectifying them to offer more better experience to the users. Apps built without its own analytical tools are pointless when you aim at providing something better to the users every time. Thus, every app owners must confirm that their developers are incorporating analytical tools for the app with crucial metrics like Daily active users, average session time, app crash rate, retention.

Including excessive features

Many includes too many features in a single app to make it more enthralling and captivating. However, every time offering more to the customers does not work, but something that is more useful and of good quality is preferred more. With too many features, not only the apps become confusing, but gets clumsy in the users’ hands and resultantly adds no value to the their experience. Thus, having a few and compact features in the app always works fine.

Thus, to keep yourself aloof from these greatest blunders, get in touch with highly trusted developers. At GetAProgrammer, we have team of dedicated app experts in Sydney who have handled over hundreds of projects and can save your app from the menace of ultimate failure.


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GetAprogrammer gives their clients the benefit of global delivery model and local project management. Get A Programmer has skilled ability and experience to provide you with solutions and get your business online.
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