How To Boost The Productivity Of Your Apps By Spurring Up Conversions

To tell the truth, no one is creating apps just for fun but to make some money out of it. Apps have grown a out as a business for aspiring entrepreneurs and even for existing companies it emerged as an out-of-the-box way of marketing and acquire more customers. The sprawling out of app’s business subsequently resulted in emergence of the agencies of mobile app developers in every corner of the world, specially technologically advanced nations like Australia, UK and USA. With assistance from an adept app developer, you can get for yourself a fully-functional mobile app to earn remarkably at the end of the month. Here’s the strategies that you should know to make your first app highly profitable.




Freemium strategy

This one of great option of monetisation for apps or games that are newly launched. Also, an effective way of generating revenue, it the idea of offering an app to the users at free of charge but with some limited features. On liking it, those users can opt for the premium version of the app with in-app purchase. This removes the price barrier of downloading an app and provides a great chance of earning to you as most users will tap  for purchasing the premium version at the next moment to know more about it.

Push notifications

After perceiving what your users want or expect from the app, plan your marketing approach to target them. Send push notifications about the new features, services,  or new deals, location-specific offers to drive the users. But remember, not just any kind of push notifications and at all the time is appropriate. Sending relevant content that relates well to your app services, and are as per the preferences of the users is effective in reducing churn risk and convince them to  convert.

Personalisation matters

While it’s quite easy to personalise experiences of the users on mobile applications, it’s a great way to drag more of them. Create features on your app by taking help from adroit app developers to allow them set preferences on the app at the onset, track location specific services, smooth checkout and social sharing feature.

Offer rewards or loyalty scheme

To make your users stick to your app offer good rewards in the form of coupons or discount vouchers, and various loyalty prizes time to time. Users get happy if they get a bonus for staying longer. Thus, trying  incentivised methods on the app work as wonders for retaining users and boosting conversions.

Creating a buyer persona is a surefire way to boost conversions. Use the above 4 guidelines to win maximum attention of the users and fight out your competitors. At GetAProgrammer, you can join hands with our team of seasoned developers to make sure your app will be competent at driving more users for the target segment.


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