6 Interesting Yet Profitable Ideas To KickStart An App Business

While mobile apps are opening up ample opportunities for startups to embark on a venture in the field of mobile apps, why not delve into one such app business to make some earning out of it. It is actually a prudent decision to invest on apps venture rather than investing too much in a brick and mortar store to disperse your products or services that may not live up to your profits expectations. So, here we are presenting some exciting and innovative ideas for anyone waiting to start his or her business enterprise with a cost-effective, user-friendly and multi-faceted mobile applications. GetAProgrammer, a pioneer company in Sydney for mobile app development services has helped out previously and are still helping many businesses, small and large, startup companies and newbies to jumpstart their business with a far-fetching mobile app.


Here’s a list of 6 most innovative and compelling ideas for every beginner in the apps world to make some healthy earning in their first journey.

#1 House care services

Make an app that will be a mediator between households and housemaids/caretakers, who can find their job in the most nimble manner. Each time a household taps into your app to contact and hire the services of a caretaker, you earn a commission.

#2 Courier service app

Most productive in any bustling commercial area, you can try out creating an app that will offer courier services to businesses as well as households in your close proximity. Unlike big logistics companies, charge less and offer flexible pick and drop of items.

#3 Bookkeeping

This can be your favourite idea if you are a certified accountant and adept at all financial calculations. Ask your developer to create an app through which you can act as a bookkeeper for small enterprises and shops who cannot support a full-time bookkeeping agent.

#4 Home decor services

If you have the knowledge of interior decorations, then let not waste the talent. Utilise it to help households, shop owners, small institutions and offices to decorate their interiors in a personalised way that soothes their eyes. With augmented reality, you can even let them visualise how some of your designed wall decor, flooring styles will look on their own places.

#5 Handcrafted jewellery/accessories

While there are innumerable ways and materials to craft costume jewellery and accessories, now you can even sell them to customers who love such unique collections. Create an app through which you can sell such items, invite people for shows on such crafted items, or conduct online exhibitions.

#6 Catering services

You can start over with a catering service with an app if you have a knack for cooking. Whether offering lunch/meals at the workplaces or making food arrangements of office parties and house parties, you can earn a hefty amount every day.

This series of ideas does not certainly end here. There are lot more that is worth adding like personal stylist, travel planner, fitness trainer, health guide, hair stylist, cookbook, personal time management, budget manager and so forth.

Do you want to startup with a stellar app and phenomenal idea of business? Reach for our team of app experts without a hesitation.


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GetAprogrammer gives their clients the benefit of global delivery model and local project management. Get A Programmer has skilled ability and experience to provide you with solutions and get your business online.
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