Why To Include Swift And Easy Cashless Payment Options On Your App


There has been a noticeable rise in mobile payment activities through digital wallet systems over the recent years. It is intended to rise even more in the upcoming years owing to the comfort of cashless payments and mobile apps are those feasible solutions that is making cashless payments possible. Nowadays, plethora of businesses that include retail, groceries, restaurants, on-demand cab services, and others are coming up with app solutions to make their services more evident. GetAProgrammer, being a prominent services provider of mobile app development in Sydney is helping businesses to have an app that will make online payments possible besides offering their services at people’s doorstep.  

However, before that, take a look on how cashless payments are benefitting businesses nowadays.

  • No need for paperwork and documents for financial records
  • Streamlining cash counter activities for retail businesses
  • Transparent, secure and reliable receival of payments
  • Reliable money transfer for foreign receipts

These are leading most small and large business to switch fully to mobile payments to replace a cash-driven economy with cash-free mode. Here’s reasons behind growing acceptance of financial digitalisation in industries or businesses.


The ease with financial exchanges between customers and businesses is perhaps the biggest reason to make payments go digital. People have to no longer carry cash, plastic money cards (credit or debit cards). With the help of appropriate payment integrations in their app businesses will allow users to pay using their plastic money cards instantly. It offers them a safe and secure spending options even when they are travelling.

System of mobile wallet

Mobile wallet, popularly called virtual wallet are now addressing different businesses needs. Peer-to-peer payment are becoming a possible thing in the apps. The users can request his friends who owes him money to pay via the app and the money gets added into the app’s wallet. To make it even better, the money can be transferred to user’s personal account instantly. Businesses can use such a wallet feature to make payments for users simple and possible at one tap and refunds can be easily paid back to the customers in the wallet if any situation demands that. Thus, mobile wallets in the apps are expanding a new avenue for convenient, safe, and superfast payments.

Loyalty and coupons as incentives

Many companies can use mobile payment system to put different coupon offers and loyalty discounts to be availed by the users whenever they make a purchase. Many on-demand cabs and food delivery services are sending discount codes via app notifications to their customers  which have to be used during the final checkout.  This way they are pulling out a large number of customers in peak business hours and in festive seasons.

GetAProgrammer, being a leading and experienced mobile app development company can promise you to create app using state-of-the-art technologies and these above payment options to make your business easily reachable and cashless. So, get in touch with us now.


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