5 Compelling Benefits Of .Net: A Reliable Application Framework

dot net

.Net, a framework created by Microsoft is acclaimed to be one of the best programming infrastructures for developing, leveraging and running web applications. While it is a general purpose platform for the development of any sort of high-quality apps, the framework comes with a well-managed execution environment to its different running applications. GetAProgrammer, houses a team of eminent .Net developers in Australia, is deploying the platform not only because it makes programming easier and faster, but brings in a multitude of benefits that leads to agile development. Let’s delve into the detailed benefits of .Net framework for which it is used by experts all over the world.

Extensive class library

.Net is preferred much for it does necessitate the writing of a vast amount of codes for handling all common operations on low level programming languages. The programmers instead can avail from a readily accessible library from .Net’s own Class Library.

Version compatibility

This is one of the rare benefits enjoyed if one opt for .Net framework which compatibility with its different versions. This means that applications that are build using a certain version of the framework can be subsequently run on any later updated versions without modifying it.

Language interoperability

Language compilers in the .Net Framework releases an intermediate code namely Common Intermediate Language (CIL) that is again compiled by common language runtime. Such a feature enables routines written in a language to be accessed in other languages too. Thus, programmers can create applications using the language of their preference.

Simple development efforts

.Net framework is renowned as a framework that highly simplifies the process of development by separating application and presentation logics that makes maintaining of codes much easier.

Easier deployment and management

.Net enables the deployment and management of applications much easier. The framework controls all locating details and different loading components needed for an application even though there exist different versions of the same application.

Enhanced security support

.Net framework empowers the developers or the system administrators to determine the level of security and the method of security they need. It deploys different industry standard protocols like HTTP, SOAP or XML for facilitating distributed application dissemination. This leads to highly secure and safe distributed computing as the developers had to coordinate with network security devices rather than cooperating with security limitations.

To conclude, with software and web application development growing at an exponential growth, the demand for .Net, one of the most reliable tool for developing and running applications is also growing. Moreover, the above multifaceted advantages are catching the attention of large and small business houses all around the world to deploy the framework for building dynamic web solutions for their businesses.


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