How To Turn App Users Into Happy Customers

mobile1With massive rise in a number of smartphone users all over the world, the market for mobile apps is growing bigger too. There are over a million apps in the Play store, for which the greatest concern of every app owner is how to retain their users by making them happy. Out of hundreds of utility apps or entertainment launched every day, just a few gets enough responses to turn into successful ventures because of complicated features, poor speed, frequent errors and more. Clearly, when it is about mobile app development, where competition, that too in intense form is inevitable, make sure you got the right hands of assistance from an established company.

Here are the tips for aspiring app owners to make sure users are delighted with their app’s functionality and continue to use them.

Render a smooth onboarding experience

Onboarding experience decides whether a user is impressed or not. It is about the experience they get when they open the app for the very first time. It is suggested to remove any default permission ask or messages asking for enabling push notifications of the apps. All these irritate the first time users, who usually hits the Don’t allow button. Try using pre-permission message and only ask them about notification permissions during highest user engagement.

Focus on performance

Usually, users have a lower indulgence for those apps that takes time to load or crashes frequently. Very few of them retry or returns back if any app failed at the first attempt. Thus, one major factor that decides whether an app will stay on the mobile screen of the user or going to trash is its load time. Your developer should assure that the apps will be working on the hands of the users without any glitch.

Foster interactive experience

While one-sided conversions are always non-resourceful, it is evident in case of mobile apps too. Whatever users feeds into the app, as an app owner make sure that they are responded well. This ensures that they are cared and valued by the company owning the app. In-app messages are also a useful way to inform customers regularly about any new app updates, to wish them on holidays that adds a human touch to the app.

Try to encourage users

None of the users will stick to your app all the day long or will consistently keep using it for days. Time may come when they will stop using it and will find other apps more entertaining or engaging to them. Thus, nudging those users after some time to bring them back into the app, is also the role of the app owners. Send them push notifications timely to inform about any new app features, new deals and offers and anything else that they are missing out.

All app businesses, irrespective of the domain they are into strive to create a strong loyal customer base for their apps. Winning the trust and faith of the customer is not possible overnight and these above strategies are the key ways to win the hearts of the app users. Join hands with our team of eminent app developers at GetAProgrammer, to make sure your app is converting users to happy customers.


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