Top Trends Ushering In iPhone App Development in 2017

ios2In the recent years, Apple store got flooded with millions of apps offering a wide range of utilities to smartphones and iPhones owners all over the world. As the market of iPhones is speeding fast with people adopting it wholeheartedly, iOS app makers and Apple are seeking for new ideas and innovation to make iOS apps more exciting and their user experience more engaging. With the help of adroit iPhone app developer, who are aware of ever-increasing competitiveness in Apple store, entrepreneurs are creating excellent and out-of-the-box apps for their businesses to keep pace with the competitive world.

While the iPhone apps market is always going through a series of revolutionary changes every now and then, here are the most impacting trends to be observed in iPhone app development in the coming days.

Emergence of Swift coding

Swift is soon going to be the most loved programming language among the developers for iOS apps. This is because the language offers a number of coding methodologies and widespread frameworks. It’s newest compiler infrastructure allows writing of trustworthy codes with Xcode tools. This programming language is offering lots of advantages to the users such as it’s easy to use and a navigable learning path.

Spread of Enterprise Apps

Enterprises are nowadays embracing apps technology to streamline their business processes as well as to create the best impact on their customers. iOS apps are developed specifically to enhance sales and revenues largely by businesses through expanding their reach to the customers.

GPS and Beacon technology

Beacon and GPS sensors technology are now integrated into iPhone apps, which are the advanced methods of marketing for targeting their customers. These sensor technologies will be most sought after in 2017 by iPhone app owners, as location specific services help to reach their end goal more quickly. With the help of GPS solutions, app developers will provide an opportunity to businesses to offer customised services to targeted users.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is gradually captivating iOS app using GPS technology to support a wide range of services to the customers. Augmented reality in the sphere of gaming is revolutionising the way games are played by the present generation. 3D games will be the future of iPhones games due to the influence of virtual reality or augmented reality. Likewise,  augmented reality will be greatly impacting shopping apps and rental apps, allowing users to imagine them in the situation where they will be using the products they are opting to buy.

Being the ruler in the Apps market, it is pretty obvious that Apple will be coming with much more such big ideas to create revolutionary apps for iPhones. At GetAProgrammer, we house a team of seasoned iOS app developers who always try to leverage the latest technologies to create mesmerising apps.


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