4 Major Strategies of Push Notifications For Engaging More Customers




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Instant notifications commonly called Push Notifications, is becoming a vital feature of most mobile applications, making app usages more engaging and convenient. As mobile app development has been growing successfully worldwide, push notifications has been playing a pioneering role in hooking the customers to the apps for longer, Even though mobile app companies are adapting push notifications, very few know about the strategies that can boost the engagement level right.

Create a first impression

The first main strategy for customer engagement is creating an everlasting impression and there’s no other way to convince the customers to use the app. Even, it is not possible to create an impacting notification in the very first, you can use a splash screen. Sending a captivating message with a call-to-action word can be useful can be effective. However, remember to incorporate  ‘No Thanks’ or ‘Do Not Allow” options, to try not force your app on the customers.

Provide Time-limited Offers

A key strategy for keeping users engaged is to prompt them to use the app with time-limited offers. However, you need to mention what will be valuable for them which will make them re-open the app. So, once you have an offer for customers, get them right to the customers but for a limited time period to compels the users.

Personalised Notifications

Push notifications with personalised messages can induce the users to read the message more than general messages. Through such personalised messages, you can send different messages to the various segments of customers according to their needs and preferences, thereby making them feel special and valued. Customized messages create a sense of one-on-one communication, evoking more the customers to reopen the app and check your offerings.

Remind people what they are missing    

Use your notifications to let your users know what they are missing out as sometimes most of your loyal app users stop using it suddenly for any other reason, and did not return, It could be probably when they get submerged too much in life’s activities or if they find out any better app than yours offering the same utility. Thus, to keep your dormant customers glued to your app, send the timely personalised push notifications, to let them know that you are missing them too and provide them reasons to start using your app again,

Wrapping Up

Push notifications are a powerful tool to let the app owners grow their business and when used strategically, they can actually achieve success. These are some of the proven strategies increasingly used by the app developers to enhance customer engagement. If you are planning to own a robust app for your business, until and unless you attract customers and convert them to regular users, success is far way. So, connect with the expert service provider, GetAProgrammer in mobile app development in Sydney to build an app capable of leveraging these strategies.



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