3 Aspects Signifying the Utility of Mobile Apps in the Hotel Industry

Mobile apps have become a requisite of us which, has almost transformed the way how we used to look at things or how we used to make things done. With its rapid acceptance all across the world, it has become prudent for businesses to own a mobile app which, will allow them to expand their customer reach. Alike every other industry, the Hotel and Hospitality Industry has progressed with the advent of mobile applications which, has stimulated its ROI to a great extent.



Mobile Application Development


Adhering this fact, today at GetAProgrammer, we would like to talk about some of the most competent reasons that have compelled the leaders of this industry to implement the usage of mobile applications for facilitating customer engagement.

Growing importance of mCommerce

Popularity of the mobile devices has led to the upsurge of Mobile commerce, abbreviated as mCommerce. With the growing usage of smartphones, the needs and expectations of users have also changed. With more number of people getting used to mobile devices for searching relevant information about products and services, the smartphone market has emerged as a profitable and effective new sales channel. By having an app, hoteliers will be able to reach out to more number of prospects thereby, informing them about special and attractive promotion offers.

Enhancing brand loyalty

Building a mobile app helps the hoteliers in strengthening both brand loyalty and customer loyalty. A mobile application helps in integrating special Guest Loyalty Programs (GLP) where the hotel guests will be able to collect points to make their hotel stays and bookings that can be further changed into rewards as well. Moreover, the hotel guests will feel encouraged to provide their valuable feedback with the help of a well-integrated review function. This, in turn, will help the hotels to gather various types of hotel reviews from their guests. Different types of crucial functions like loyalty bonuses, GLP and hotel ratings make a direct impact on customer loyalty thereby, strengthening the brand loyalty.

Multi-channel communication

Mobile apps allows proper integration of various forms of communication channels for the hotel industry like push notifications or direct social media connections as well. Resultantly, the hotel will be able to keep the quests updated by providing them relevant information regarding the property. Furthermore, by using a mobile app, guests will be able to enjoy various options to get in touch with the hotel where, they can provide a prompt feedback as well.

Almost every sector has experienced tremendous growth with the incorporation of mobile apps which, has led to better administration, better customer reach and better ROI. So, being an aspiring hotelier, if you are looking for an expert specialised in mobile app development in Australia, then reach GetAProgrammer to find the most appropriate app solution for your business. Contact us now.



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