3 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in iOS App Development

The task of building an iPhone app can be quite troublesome if the approach is not right. Irrespective of how innovative or unique your app idea, if the approach towards conceptualising your idea and transforming into a reality, then your entire investment might go in vain. Adhering the fact, GetAProgrammer deploys a proven, error-free approach towards building an iOS app which, ensures a seamless process.


iPhone App Developer

Following here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid during the process of iPhone app development.

Avoid MVC Trap during iOS app Development

Being software developers, we are quite familiar with the concept of MVC because of its extensive popularity in the arena of web development. Moreover, iOS programming has also recently adopted this concept widely and has used it extensively as well. As per the concept, three layers naming Model, View and Controller separate the business logic from User Interface thereby, allowing the agile development process by enabling programmers to work simultaneously on the same project.

However, the novice or new iOS programmers often want to place too much code in controller layer and find the easy way. At first, it must seem to be fair enough but, unfortunately, these bad coding practices might toll the programmers heavily which, might lead them to end with the redundant codes especially, during the process of application porting to any other platform.

Avoid using the ‘UITableViews’ in wrong ways

The UITableView is used for displaying tabular interface on the iOS devices, which is ideal for recycling the objects present in UI to improve the performance level. Thus, the cell recycling practices are mostly common across all the levels of development.

However, using the UITableView needs utmost care of developers to define the values of properties and if any mistake is made, it might act indifferently thereby, making a problem for the users to scroll the UI screen.

Avoid testing on previous devices, real devices & versions

The iOS simulator is pretty easy and fast to obtain satisfactory results with utmost usability. Thus, often the developers test on the simulator thereby, avoiding the daunting tasks related to testing along with different types of iOS devices and iOS versions as well.

However, because of certain limitations, many iOS users might have access to previous generation devices which, have older iOS versions. Thus, it is a wiser choice to offer full extensive support by testing the performance, bugs and user experience on the older versions of iOS and hardware for compatibility issues.

At GetAProgrammer, we work with a team of highly skilled iOS app developers who are equipped with in-depth knowledge and technical expertise to build intuitive iOS applications. Thus, if you are willing to work with an experienced iOS app developer in Australia, then contact us now.



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