6 Elementary Features To Make Your News App Profitable


News Apps are trending lately in the app market, offering people a convenient way to remain updated even on the go with all the latest happenings. They are gradually overriding e-newspapers or news websites, and are rapidly replacing newspapers, for they not only provide people with the latest news at their fingertips but also let them choose the news of their choice of domain or region. If you are thinking of stepping into the world of apps and entertainment, a news app development can be a prudent decision. But here are some of the must-have features of news app to assure your investment turns into a profitable venture.

Organised App layout and UI

Any app, irrespective of the type needs to have an impressive outlook when opened and have an understandable user interface. For news app, where the core purpose is to include readable content, you need to provide a simple and uncluttered appearance and easy user interface. So, make sure that your news content is evenly placed in the app such that it does not appear crowded.

Incorporate effective search filter

Let your users filter the content on the basis of categories when they access your app. This is crucial to meet the needs of the diverse groups of audiences of your app. By enabling content filtering, you are giving the users, the option to find out and read the news that matters to them and keep aside the unnecessary news.

Ensure high readability

Keeping in mind the utility your app will be providing to the users, display the content on the screen in a way that can be easily read with putting a strain on the eyes or can be zoomed if needed.

Effective content management system

Get an effective content management system (CMS) for your app, so that it becomes easier for you to modify or update the content whenever required.

Premium content

Include some premium content in a separate section for the group of your privileged customers. This can contribute towards the spread of popularity of your app, by allowing users to take a look at some news or events for the first time before they were broadcasted anywhere.

Enable offline view

This feature can give a competitive edge to your app by enabling offline reading. With this feature, the news is downloaded in the cache by default when there is active internet connectivity, which the readers can read later on.

These features can certainly pick up the rates of downloads because unlike newspapers, or news broadcasts on web and televisions, these apps are much more convenient to have a sneak peak to the world’s happenings anytime and anywhere. But with competition in this sphere too, you need seasoned and professional developers who can build a news app of unparalleled quality for Android platforms. GetAProgrammer, a pioneer in android application development in Sydney, can provide you an unmatched assistance in news app development. So, partner with us and ensure your success at the least cost.


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GetAprogrammer gives their clients the benefit of global delivery model and local project management. Get A Programmer has skilled ability and experience to provide you with solutions and get your business online.
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