Swift and Efficient Ways to Augment Sales of OpenCart Sites

Online retailers are constantly seeking ways to boost sales of their websites and tap the targeted audiences from the market. SEO is the technique used for reaching that targeted segment and it helps the search engines to better understand the nature of your websites. SEO techniques interact with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing in a way that it makes your website more visible to the customers. This means more visitors coming to your site getting it in the search engines and so more sales.


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Let us take a brief look at the techniques for cumulative sales in your online stores.

#1  Unique content

Search engines could not identify any duplicate pages or contents and create two different URLs. This can be a disadvantage for your store, so you need to make sure that the particular page is accessible from one address only.

#2 Use of Meta Description and Keywords tags

Unique content can help the search engines to rank your website better. So, it is noneffective to use same descriptions or keywords tags for your web pages. This signals the search engines that your web pages are not much different from each other. So what you need to do is change the tags of the pages often with the help of customized admin settings of OpenCart.

#3 Faster loading of websites

Users, or specifically the shoppers are impatient and do not like the webpages to load slower while browsing through products. Slower loading of websites makes the visitors irritated and so they leave the website sooner causing you to lose sales. So, you need to focus in this aspect much to optimize your store performance. Some of the smart techniques that can be used for increasing the loading speed of your website is smushing of images, caching pages,  minify files, combining scripts, stylesheets and so on.

#4 Create sitemaps

Sitemaps are needed to be submitted for all the pages of your websites to the search engines. This helps in ensuring that your eCommerce store is fully indexed by the search engines such as Google, Bing and so on. OpenCart has an exclusive built-in extension for creating sitemaps.

#5 Optimizing URL Structure

OpenCart’s default URL  may not be able to fetch higher rankings on the search engines, so you need to optimize it by making the website URL shorter and easily readable. OpenCart’s SEO extensions are there such as OpenCart SEO Pack for better features and optimization of websites.

Ending Note

This post equips you with the most popular tactics that can help online retailers to tap a large number of customers by optimizing their store on the search engines. However, you might be new to this virtual business world are looking for an experienced developer to get your OpenCart store optimized. So, contact us at GetAProgrammer, a pioneer in software development services to hire a professional OpenCart developer in Sydney and get the traffic and sales of your site assured.


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