2 Game-changing Mobile App Development Trends to Witness in 2017

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The upsurge of smartphones and its ever-growing acceptance all across the world has led to a drastic adoption of mobile apps by people. Noticeably, Google Play Store boasts around 2.2 million whereas, the Apple App Store comes with a mammoth of 2 million apps and the numbers don’t reflect any trace of slowing down.

These days, apps are not restricted to only smartphones and have been built for connected homes, smart cars, wearables, IoT-enabled services and much more. Adhering this fact, it works as a great opportunity for the business owners while heading into the year 2017. The cloud-based apps have transformed the usage, store and retrieval of data and the ability to sharing and syncing data with the server and other devices has led to a series of innovations. Thus, it’s the time to step ahead into a whole new year with a new arena of revolutionary concepts and here are some of the trends to look in the domain of app development the next year.

Location-based Services (LBS) continuing to rise

With an ease of use and availability of GPS on mobile devices, LBS is going to take its next step for providing users with deals based or real-time information on the basis of whereabouts. Some of the key areas where these services can be instigated and can be put to good usage are location-specific payment portals, indoor-mapping, security features, retail offers, travel and tourism, navigation and much more. Recently, the leading tech giants have made a huge number of purchases in LBS space and furthermore, the Beacon technology has become immensely popular. The service drains a battery quite fast and so, hardware advancements of this specific area will also allow the businesses to grow in 2017.

Android Instant Apps becoming a common trend

Recently, Google announced the feature of Instant Apps which, delivers what it promises, thereby enabling the Android apps to function instantly. Those type of enabled apps don’t require to be installed or downloaded and will run on a single tap. Thereby, providing you with the facility of ‘run-as-you-need’. Imagine a picture which, can change dynamically as per your situation or mood. With more number of developers trying to enable AI and machine learning into the apps, implications of it can make a great impact on the working of the industry. While the photo filters are somewhat easier to create, developers might soon start implementing new ways in which, the self-learning apps will customize what they will display to users on the basis of location-specific data or personal preferences.

The focal point is to provide users with a premium and smooth experience and thus, we at GetAProgrammer boasts a pool of best mobile app developers who are dedicated to stay abreast with the refinements and offer you the ultimate solution.  


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