5 Tricks to Boost Online Visibility of Your OpenCart-built eCommerce Store


Having an OpenCart-built online store certainly serves as a boon for online merchants because, of its wide range of high-end features. But, the next immediate step is to implement an effective strategy to make the most from your online store as well. Core emphasis is being made on improving the online visibility of the website and thus, following here are some of the most feasible tips to be implemented for improving the search engine results.

#1 Optimizing every page of the store

This eCommerce platform is being designed in a way such that all of its pages can be identified and indexed in the search engines. Thus, by stating the identity-related information through meta description, meta titles and meta keywords, you will be able to make it easy for search engines to get data to your store.

#2 Optimizing the URL’s structure

The default OpenCart URL might be a bit elaborative and cluttered, which, might result in destroying the scope to get a high ranking on the search engines. Your focus should be to make the website has friendly, shorter and meaningful URLs.

#3 Creating a Robots.txt file

When any search engine crawler visits your OpenCart-built store, it might look for a special file. That specific file is named as robots.txt which, mainly tells the search engine spider about which web pages are to be indexed and which web pages to be ignored.

#4 Creating XML sitemap for the OpenCart website

Though OpenCart has an HTML sitemap, however, you must develop another XML sitemap for getting better ranking in the search engine results. With XML sitemap, it will be much easy for search engine crawlers to view the site’s complete structure and efficiently retrieve it. Resultantly, it will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to index the web pages better.

#5 Using a clean OpenCart theme

Using a clean OpenCart theme typically means a theme that has valid XHTML codes, along with a CSS stylesheet which, is pretty easy to modify. As recommended by OpenCart professionals, deploying an XHTML valid theme serves to be extremely important to get high ranking on the search engines. It helps crawlers to get website data easily, such that the website can be indexed faster and get the opportunity to rank higher.

Gaining strong online visibility is certainly the key to attain steady online traffic on your eCommerce store, which, thereby increases the chances of boosting up the online sales. Thus, at GetAProgrammer, we aim at delivering a complete solution which, not only is associated with eCommerce development but, also making your store gain immense online visibility. Thus, seek professionalized assistance of our experienced OpenCart developer now.  


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