Key Pointers of Preferring .Net over Other Conventional Platforms

.Net framework is a typical programming model which, supports developing and operating the software applications for Windows Server, Windows, Windows Phone, XML and Microsoft Azure web services. It is mainly developed by Microsoft and operated on Microsoft Windows. This framework includes a large class library known as Common Language Runtime (CLR), Framework Class Library (FCL) that provide the scope of language modification or alteration across the several programming languages.

It was written for overcoming many issues relating to application development such as the inability to modify applications on a quicker go, long development time, ease of deployment and higher cost of ownership.

Success or failure of any product or project is determined by considering its Return on Investment. Both quantums of time and profits are considered as to be major aspects for estimating ROI. Here is a list of this framework for facilitating the minimization of operational and  developmental overheads for the IT organization.



With superior features like private components, no-impact applications, side-by-side versioning, controlled code sharing and partially trusted code, it helps in making the task of deployment easier. The environment of code execution supports well-integrated execution for decreased conflicts in software versioning and deployment, and reduced performance, reduced the number of performance problems  of interpreted and scripted environments.


Dot Net provides integrated application security as web applications created by using ASP.NET hosts Windows configuration and confirmation. CLR and managed code hosts safeguard features like code access security and role-based security.

Use of Service-Oriented Architecture

.Net is mostly used for web services, a solution for implementing an SOA strategy. With the help of web services, applications that are developed in different programming platforms or languages will be able to transmit or communicate data utilizing default Internet protocols.

Use across languages and platforms

.Net helps developers to build applications for a browser, a desktop, a mobile or an application operating on PDA. It’s considered as an integrated language-independent framework, which signifies the fact that: development might take place across varied compliant languages including C#, IronPython, managed C++, Visual COBOL, VB.NET, IronRuby and much more.

With a set of superior features, the advanced platform of ASP.NET facilitates the development of a series of cloud-based apps, profiling and debugging refinements, new workflow features and much more. Being a Sydney-based company, at GetAProgramer, we always focus on making our .Net developers across Australia stay updated and well-versed with the upgraded functionality of this platform.  


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