Unravelling the Business Value of Dot Net Framework

‘Time is Money’- is the underlying philosophy, which drives companies to switch to smarter ways of implementing more advanced business practices. Because of this practice, business application developers across the world, especially Sydney are largely using the .Net Framework launched by Microsoft. It is an elemental Windows component, which allows ‘rapid application development’.

.Net offers developers with the opportunity of designing applications for varied business functions, efficiently and effectively. Thus, a dot net developer of Sydney generally prefers this platform to develop cutting-edge business applications for clients all across Australia. .Net aids developers to develop a diverse range of applications for various domains including:

  • Accounting applications
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Inventory/Product applications
  • Websites
  • Warehousing applications with the help of hand-held devices
  • Supply/Value Chain Management
  • XML Web services
  • Integration with partners via the Internet
  • PDA applications (hand-held)
  • Being a Sydney-based software solution provider, at GetAProgrammer, we deploy the .Net framework to develop custom web applications that hosts a wide range of benefits, which are hereby discussed.


.Net helps companies to scale their ROI figures. Often, companies start as small but grow on a quick note. Because of this instance, the prevailing IT infrastructure and applications (functioning on that specific infrastructure) can suffer from a big strain. Dot Net was being designed with scalability in consideration. Thus, as the organization grows, the applications can support and scale the additional load. This indicates less time re-developing and re-working applications, which were not designed for a larger load.


Minimizing the software’s total ownership cost is essential. It is so because, the primary upfront cost savings of the application doesn’t benefit much if, the maintenance expenses outweigh the savings. .Net-built applications are very feasible because of the configuration settings which, can be modified without requiring to re-write codes. This makes the task of maintenance easier and quicker, thereby minimizing the total ownership cost.


Furthermore, another factor which, contributes to minimization of total ownership cost is deployment. In the past, deploying applications sometimes used to be quite difficult because of multiple reasons. The most common reason was the total number of Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs), which were to be registered or deployed on the machine. Thus, developers were in search of a solution by which they could ensure that; all the DLLs can co-exist on a specific single machine.

The Dot Net platform comes with the ideal solution to this problem by allowing various versions of the same DLL to prevail on a single machine side-by-side.


Dot Net framework is considered to be a reliable and robust engine for developing applications. Since its first release in 2002, it is being used for developing a series of applications, both small and large. This framework comes with multiple built-in balances and checks, which ensures that the system functions well.

Service-oriented architecture

Web services are the ‘new talk of the era’ and everyone is concerned on integrating the very same with customer engagement these days. Dot Net is the leader of this trend as it provides you the scope to instigate Service-Oriented-Architecture within the company. It means, you will be able to build or frame small reusable services, which can be used or reused across different applications. The services must be able of getting called directly from the applications in your organization, across the Internet via XML Web Services. Resultantly, it allows the organization to publish specifications, which will enable the suppliers or vendors to interact with you more efficiently instead of using telephone, fax or an email.

Cross Platform

.Net helps developers build applications, which target a browser, desktop, mobile browser or a specific application, that functions on your Personal Data Assistant (PDA). With this framework, developers can even reuse the same code for multiple types of applications. Moreover, they will deploy the same environment and paradigm for development. All these characteristics helps developers to perform more productive in the new environments in a quicker note.

Thus, .Net comes with a myriad of promising benefits, which finally aids in leveraging your business revenue, thereby leading you to score a higher ROI.



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GetAprogrammer gives their clients the benefit of global delivery model and local project management. Get A Programmer has skilled ability and experience to provide you with solutions and get your business online.
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