Google I/O 2016: Major Refinements to Put into Practice

With the wrapping up of Google I/O on 18th May 2016, we encountered a plethora of refinements to accelerate development. The team of Google introduced a series of developments to existing platforms, including new initiatives for facilitating seamless integration, engage more number of users and develop mobile products more effectively. Well, these refinements are surely going to ease the task of App developers of Sydney and round the world, thereby helping them to create high-performant apps.

Well, listed below are the most exciting improvements being made, especially on the basis of what they actually mean for companies and teams of the mobile space.

Instant Apps
Shortcoming of apps denotes inability of users to relate with the content without installing them on their device. Instant apps are developed to eliminate install friction, enabling users to ‘stream’ the parts of apps without downloading. The premise is quite simple: developers customize their apps, so that when the users click on any external link, they can track the exact module instead of getting sent to the downloading page.

Now, this will provide a centralized toolset which, was demanded by the developers for a while, which were formerly achieved by deploying a few different services and tools across various vendors. On the contrary, developers will have access to unlimited and free push notifications, Remote Config, an unlimited and free analytics platform, user authentication and dynamic linking.

Daydream (VR)
It is a platform for facilitating high-quality mobile VR development, which aims to offer more accessibility of VR to the users and developers. With the Daydream-built devices in the process, (hardware supported by built-in VR capability), it will become easier to deliver supreme phone-based VR experiences.

Stackdriver Debugger – Google Cloud Platform
Currently, Stackdriver Debugger will provide users with live production debugging by capturing the local and call stack variables, thereby linking it to particular lines of your source code. It will allow to keep track of the values to visualize the area where the issue is actually originating. Information, which is captured is being presented in a highly-functional, user-friendly interface.

Android Studio & Progressive web apps
Phenomenally-adroit experts of Google works to enhance the user experience on the mobile native and web apps, especially with the declaration of progressive web apps. With this, developers will be able to develop mobile sites, which will feature native-like functionality and performance, along with improvements to Android Studio.

Apart from these, Google I/O also brought some seriously-progressive features including Android Pay, Android Wear 2.0 and much more. All these refinements have been made with the ultimate thought of facilitating better synchronization, integration and functionality of apps to deliver an enterprise-class user experience.


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