5 Vital Features that an Effective Event Planning App Must Have

With the latest enhancements in the sector of mobile technology and custom app development, fresh app ideas are coming into the picture and changing the cores of many tasks. Now, food ordering, movie or flight ticket booking, hotel or car booking, money transferring, dating, taking online preparation for exams, searching for jobs – almost for everything, plenty of mobile app options are available in the market. Similarly, doing all the planning for an important and huge event and managing everything becomes extremely easy and much effortless using an effective mobile application.


GetAProgrammer is a renowned app development company in Sydney. It is quite popular for devising user-centric and feature-rich mobile apps within a pocket-friendly budget. For any kind of app development services, feel free to contact the proficient team.

Different Types of Event Planning Mobile Applications

Usually, the app developers concentrate on developing three distinct types of such event planning apps. There are:

  • Conference
  • Internal Events
  • Meeting Apps

Obviously, such different types of apps are built for serving different purposes. However, there are some common grounds or basic features that every event planning mobile application must possess. Here is a list of 5 vital features that an event planning mobile application must have.

#1 Location and Time Feeds

Isn’t it quite obvious that when someone is planning an event, mentioning the date, time along with the venue is the most important thing? That is why you should include the feature of constantly updated feed where the users would be able to see the highlighted information on the event like what event is coming up at which location and on what time and date.

#2 Define the Purpose

In the case of a meeting or a conference, it is important to let the users know the basic agenda. This would give the attendees a clear idea of what the meeting or the conference is about! Other than that, for events like a cultural fest or a fundraiser programme, relevant details should be provided. Hence, creating a segment for defining the main agenda of an event is vital.


#3 Online Ticket Booking

As the title of this point suggests, making sure that interested people can buy tickets online for attending a particular event is extremely crucial. It is advisable to devise this section having the options of multiple payment methods so that interested users can buy tickets using their most favourable payment method.

#4 Impressive UX

If your app interface is not intriguing enough, it won’t be able to attract the attention of the users. Hence, make sure to build an application that is visually rich, engaging and interactive as well.

#5 Social Media

The inclusion of this feature is very crucial as the social media is capable of catering you to find a wide acceptance of your product amidst the crowd. Moreover, this feature would provide your mobile app with a multi-functional identity.

Other than the aforementioned features, you can add another feature using which users would get a chance to reminisce the old events. People, who have missed the previous events would get an idea from this feature.

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How to Diminish Rate of Mobile App Uninstallation?

You come up with an innovative idea and work hard with the developers to make the idea into a reality by devising a feature-rich and user-centric app. Now, when the users uninstall that app, the situation becomes utterly frustrating. According to a recently made research, over 88% mobile apps are being deleted or uninstalled just after using once! And this uninstallation rate is increasing in a day-to-day manner. Is your app not giving the users a good experience? Is your app taking too much space? You can’t really understand the problem until and unless you look through it. Here is a list of a few important aspects that might help you to understand why your app uninstallation rate is increasing.

GetAProgrammer is a leading and one of the best mobile app development companies in Sydney. For any kind of assistance and consultation, feel free to get in touch with the proficient and professional mobile app development team of it.

gap-contact-usInitiate with Tracking Process

Until and unless you can reach to the root of the problem or the issue, you won’t really be able to understand what is bothering the users, at which point they are finally deciding to uninstall your app. So, better start tracking the activity of the users with the app you made. Nowadays, a handful options of third-party tools for doing effective tracking is available in the market that might become very handy in this case. While studying analytics, you should look for any particular element pattern that would state you why users are uninstalling the mobile app.

For instance, in the case of gaming apps, maybe the users are finding any particular level very difficult to cross. You need to track all these things. It is advisable to keep a close eye not only on the various resources but also on the tutorial part completion.


Divide Your Audience into Groups

See, not everyone thinks alike. Hence, any generalised strategy won’t work anymore! You need to create different segments of the users. It would help you to come up with effective strategies using which you would be able to approach your users of different groups. The better you handle such different user groups the better you would understand the need of each group and accordingly, you can make the necessary improvement in your devised mobile app. As a result, you would be able to keep your app users engaged with your app.

Collect Feedback

Develop a channel to communicate with your app users. This would provide you with a direct way to communicate with them which would help you to understand the reasons behind the uninstallation. User feedback is extremely crucial in such scenarios. No one can explain it better than the app users what features or what obstacles are making them uninstall the app. After gathering such feedbacks, try to resolve those issues. This would not only make the users happy but both the quality and the popularity of the app would get enhanced.

Apart from all the aforementioned aspects, you should pay attention to the push notifications segment. A remarketing strategy should be devised along with offering incentives.

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Not Sure to Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2? Know Pros of Migrating!

Those e-merchants, who are just starting to sail their ships in online business, for them, going with the latest Magento 2 version is quite obvious. However, what about the successful online businesses that have been running smoothly on the Magento 1 version? Well, migrating from an older to the latest upgraded version is always associated with some major concerns. Without the proper help of experienced Magento experts, handling and managing these concerns become a bit tough.

Since the time of its invention, Magento development in Melbourne along with other parts of the world has reached a different level by progressing technologically. GetAProgrammer is a Sydney-based renowned web development company that houses a proficient team of veteran Magento experts. For Magento migration-related concerns or for any issues and assistance, get in touch with our team today!


Pros of Magento Migration

Why should the e-merchants opt for the Magento 2 version? Here are some notable reasons.

  • Enhanced Performance and Security

By default, Magento version 2 offers full support for page caching and Varnish HTTP Cache. Online stores using the latest version loads faster than the usual ones. It uses latest and upgraded versions of PHP. Hence, the performance of the web store automatically increases. Moreover, from the point of security measures, Magento 2 is always a better choice! It comes up with better and more secure checkout process. The constant security updates would help you to protect your web store from cybercrimes.

  • Responsive Design

In today’s tech-savvy era, most of the people are using smartphones and mobile shopping has become immensely popular nowadays. In such scenario, if you can present a web store having a responsive design, which can be easily and smoothly navigated from the smartphones and tabs and can give the users a seamless satisfactory user-experience, your online business would automatically expand. By default, Magento 2 comes with this intriguing feature of the responsive design.

  • Multiple Payment Methods

Magento 2 offers an impressive checkout process with a vast number of inbuilt payment integrations. When you can offer multiple payment methods on your website, targeting and reaching more visitors and potential customers become easier.

  • User-Friendly Checkout

Previously, customers were asked to fill a lot of information! Using Magento 2, this entire checkout process becomes simpler by diminishing the checkout steps. When you can offer an improved checkout process, the rate of abandoning the cart on the checkout page becomes significantly lesser ensuring enhanced business productivity.


Migrating from the older version of Magento to the latest one i.e. Magento 2 is really a tough decision to make. However, when a newer version is launched, it automatically comes with the addition of some remarkable and great features ensuring augmented business prospects. However, to experience a smooth transition from an older Magento version to the latest one, consulting experienced Magento experts is always advisable.

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Planning for iOS App Development? A Quick Checklist for You

In today’s tech-savvy era, mobile technology is progressing following an exponential graph. Along with this, both Android and iOS app development sector is growing in a remarkable way. Today’s market has become so vying if you look for a professional Android or iOS app developer to hire who can help you to devise business-driven and feature-rich apps, you would find a plethora of available options! However, choosing the right and the most feasible vendor is very crucial. Here is a quick checklist of smooth iOS app development.

GetAProgrammer is a Sydney-based one of the leading mobile app development organisations that has been serving this app development market for years and has a sheer grasp on the ongoing market trends and demands. For any kind of queries or assistance, feel free to get in touch with the proficient team of GetAProgrammer.


Know Your Audience

Before delving into the app development process, you should have a clear idea for whom you are developing the app, how the app is going to serve your target market or audience, how your targeted audience would get benefitted from your services. Knowing the behaviour of your audience would help you to understand what their demands and requirements are and accordingly you can offer preferable features to your audience through the app.

Make Up Your Mind – Hybrid or Native Development

From the beginning, you need to make up your mind whether you want to develop an app strictly dedicated to the App Store or want to reach more audiences. Depending on your this decision, you can decide whether Native development is suitable for your app or the Hybrid development. In the case of Native development, you would be able to incorporate many unique iOS features into your app. On the contrary, for Hybrid development, the reach of your app would be beyond the App Store.


Objective C or Swift – Which one to Choose

This is a very important question for the iOS app developers! Swift is the dedicated language for Apple. It not only streamlines the entire iOS app development process but offers a handful of fruitful features as well. However, if you need to handle larger and complex projects efficiently, Objective C would be the better option to choose.

Check Apple’s UX and UI Protocols

An app with great design and look can become a huge failure in today’s market if it does not give the users a satisfactory app experience! Hence, make sure the app you are devising is following all the strict protocols defined by Apple.

Consider Having Reporting Tools

The app is ready and its working perfectly fine! Are you thinking your work is done here? Well, NO! You need to build effective reporting tools that would help you to gauge the user engagement. When you can analyse how the users are actually using your application, you can get a better view of the trends along with the pain points of the users. Depending on such report, you can jot down your plan for the further improvements and updates.

Apart from all the aforementioned points, it is extremely vital to pay attention to other aspects such as targeted devices, implementation of the peer reviews, making the content part easy to view and so on. Last but not the least, you need to choose a dynamic app development team that would understand your requirements, analyse it properly and would come up with the most feasible solution at an affordable cost.

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Smart Tips to Revamp Product Presentation in Magento Online Store

In today’s tech-savvy era, how much popular an eCommerce business is beyond any question. The website has to be designed in such a way that it can represent the company’s or the business’s overall brand image and identity successfully to the visitors and potential buyers. The Magento custom development would allow you to integrate several customisations on your web store according to your preferences and business needs. In the case of an online business, your main objective is always converting the visitors into prospective buyers. To do this successfully, apart from designing the website intriguingly, you need to pay special attention how you are presenting the products on the online store. Here is a list of a few smart tips to revamp product presentation in your Magento online store.


GetAProgrammer is a renowned Sydney-based web development company that would let you hire professional web developers and Magento experts, who would help you to enhance the digital presence of your business.

Product Title

It is advisable to make the product title clear, short and concise so that it can easily grab the viewer’s attention. Moreover, a concise and clear product title would help to boost the SEO results. Keep in mind that the title is better if it consists of 65 characters from the SEO point of view. Another crucial point is to make sure that you’ve placed an appropriate keyword in this product title. Including brand name is not necessary. However, if the product comes from any reputed brand, you can use it to attract more potential buyers.

Product Image

One of the biggest deterrents while buying any product from an eCommerce store is not-so-clear or blurry images of products. You need to keep in mind while making any purchase from any online store, customers can’t physically see or touch the product. They need to rely on the product images provided on the website. Hence, you should use high-quality images where the product can be seen clearly. Moreover, try to showcase the product in some kind of action rather than uploading generic images. For instance, if you are selling any garment, try to upload pictures of it while someone is wearing it.

Product Description

Apart from being intriguing, the product description should include every major feature of that particular product. Why customers would need the product, why this product is different from other similar kinds of products – mentioning all these details is crucial. As customers can’t touch or see the product physically, they need to rely on the description you provide on the website. Hence, it should not be misleading. This description should be convincing. However, overdoing it can sound as if you are desperate to advertise that product. Hence, do it tactfully.


Customer Reviews

This section is very crucial as feedbacks and reviews from other customers, who already have bought from your website or have used the product can build the confidence in the customer, who is about to buy a product from your site. Once, they see that others are happy and satisfied your product, they are already more than 50% convinced with the product quality. Such customer reviews and feedbacks would enhance the reliability of your online store.

Apart from all the aforementioned points, you are advised to make the design of your web store mobile-friendly. Nowadays, most of the customers do online shopping using their smartphones. Hence, making the design mobile-friendly would help you to reach more potential customers.

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Quick Recapitulation of Apps That Made A Winning Mark in 2017

2017 has been a remarkable year for app development with many new emerging concepts, thousands of purposeful as well as entertaining apps. By far, 2017 has been the best year for apps. However, picking the best apps among the millions from that of iPhone and Android stores is difficult. From photo editing to utility apps and games, apps from every domain got a winning position this time in the market. Just when we thought mobile apps have entered the stagnant phase with no further sparks of innovation, eminent mobile application developers around the world leveraged newest forms of technology to breathe fresh life into the mobile app experiences.

gap-contact-usGetAProgrammer, being one of the rewarding company for apps development in Australia discloses for you a list of most impacting and engaging apps of 2017 that managed to win a great user base.


The 90s people are well acquainted with the concept of “Boomerang” which was a cartoon program hosted on air. It brought back some old classics like the Jetsons, Tom & Jerry, Scooby-doo.  The app streams online all of them and even include some old-times popular cartoon movies. To add to everyone’s delight, people can watch all the cartoon series and movies on the app at just a premium charge of $4.99/ month.



If there was only one app that became incredibly famous in 2017 amidst the selfie fever is this ‘FaceApp’. It won the hearts of millennials who are going crazy over selfies by providing them lots of filter effects, Augmented reality effects to virtually put funny objects on the face, looks transformation and so forth. Nonetheless, it became one of the tops of the line app for selfie applications in 2017.

Socratic-Maths Answer and Homework Help

None have ever thought that solving mathematical solutions and doing class homework would be this easy and would eliminate the need for a private tutor. This app helps in all with its clever integrations of AI. Socratic was even declared by Google as one of best apps of 2017 in the utility category. Clearly, it proves to be an indispensable app for children at schools and its huge number of download times say it all.


This app gained immense recognition in 2017 as an online marketplace of selling and purchase. Those who love to sell off their unwanted stuff with bargaining and get other important products found this app invaluably useful. It made it extremely easier for people, i.e. with just a few taps to sell and buy things online.

Transformers: Forged to fight

This app was the declared winner in the best games category. As an exciting and immersive action fighting app, it brings most heroic storytelling actions and spectacular scenes from the history of Transformers into our mobile screens.

These are clearly the apps that most smartphone users wanted in 2017. While there is a no doubt that the earlier year was highly progressive for apps development, 2018 is more promising and phenomenal in this regard because of increasing adoption of futuristic technologies like VR, AR and AI.

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Viable Steps To Boost The Speed of Mobile App Development

Without a doubt, mobile app development process is too hard and time-consuming. While the process calls for synchronisation between app design and development, there is the need for a strong development team that can properly distribute the work among them to speed up the development process. The picture on the other side states that businesses nowadays need a mobile app to retain a healthy position in the market or to stay in the game. Australian app development companies including GetAProgrammer, have been digging deeper to find out solutions that will improve the speed of development and offer top-quality apps within the shortest time.

gap-contact-usTake a quick look here at some of the feasible ways to scale up the process of development.

Short release cycles

Long release cycles are an evitable cause for most app development agencies to get stuck with the time-taking development process. Lack of efficient distribution of the number of iterations makes development slower and results in mismanagement of apps on the stores. Thus, delivering every week is the correct way to cut down the time for development. Moreover, shorter release cycles result in consistent delivery, making it a to-and-fro process for the development team and client for approving the status of the app.

Use of agile development

When you are hiring an app developer make sure that they follow an agile approach. This is mainly because once a fault is noticed in the middle of the app’s development, the developer cannot go back to that step and has to start over again. On the contrary, agile development brings in a flexible methodology with open communication between the team and app’s owner, so that any imperfections in the app can be fixed right away by revisiting that particular stage.  


Low-fidelity wireframes

Precisely, low-fidelity wireframes save up the time because they are general blueprints that include only important details. It is useful as it provides a uniform platform to the development team where they could discuss the functions or workflow of the app openly. This helps the development team to easily mould the app with best of judgement.

Preference towards Hybrid app development

Cross-platform app development is going through a dynamic shift with cutting-edge technology approaches like Angular JS, NodeJS and one can now create a mobile app for all OS platforms and devices with same codes. More of mobile app development agencies are preferring Hybrid app development as it shoots up the process of development without adding extra costs burden on the clients.
Mobile app development is predominantly a delicate, multi-faceted and challenging process. So, there is no point in hurrying. So, consult with the mobile app development company for an expert consultation and adroit developers who could follow these light-footed methodologies for efficient app development. At GetAProgrammer, you can get help from expert hands for your mobile app development as we are an eminent app development company in Australia serving a vast clientele across the world.

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