Updates Of Magento Solutions for E-Business 2019

In this era of eCommerce and Omnichannel retail, traders always focus on improvising their customer experience on Magento stores. However, this mission requires a consistency in store designs, advertising assets, social networks with familiar interactions such as product showcase, payments, checkout process, order fulfillment etc.

But the saddest part is that only 50 percent of the total user base was able to make use of the above-mentioned contribution of the front-end Magento features. The business officials need to find the remaining 50 percent of the smooth back-end operation. Dedicated development firms like GetAProgrammer can help you with adept Magento developer in Sydney in your eCommerce project by executing right activities and managing database of your business site.

To ensure that Magento contributes an excellent user-experience to the customers, the platform is arriving with some engaging updates in the coming year. So, according to the standards for a strong Magento CRM mentioned above, here are some of the effective CRM solutions highlighted below that would perfectly work for Magento omnichannel retail.

#Hubspot – Full-stack Magento CRM
This is CRM system is popularly resigned for digital marketing and cross-border sales. The Hubspot is optimised for tackling and implementing online campaigns with smart data management and real-time synchronisation among the channels.

Business tycoons on Magento, who acquire clients via inbound strategies for content marketing, search engine optimisation, etc. would find Hubspot to be the opt CRM solution. Not just that, this CRM system can help you with many other activities for creating a full digital experience. With Hubspot, Magento merchants can boost up full online sales and marketing, manage detailed customer data making right decisions for both long term and short term campaigns, as well as industries of any scale.

#Metrilo – Powerful Magento CRM
Metrilo provides detailed and personalised data such as customer journeys, order history or many other customised activity records on the websites. This powerful CRM is meant to gather customer insights that help website owners to determine next steps in sales or to make further improvements for the next sales campaigns.

Depending on the actions of the customers, they would be selected by filters and segments. Besides, an automation email can also be set up to ensure that those custom-built messages would match with the group of customers.

  • Multi-Channels data: evaluate each traction channels
  • Live data: know about visitors in real time
  • Event-based tracking: track customer actions base on web sessions, etc. are some other cutting-edge features of Metrilo on Magento.

#SugarCRM – Full integration with Magento
For the traders, who especially deal in some proven sales and marketing channels, Sugar CRM is the ultimate option for them. Because of its simplicity and reliability, Sugar CRM system provides options for data management and informative visual reports and many more. It can save the owner’s time in gathering insights, and handling customers and revenue.

Though it is not a good support for multi-channel activities like inbound marketing and automation campaigns, Sugar CRM is best in analytics and future forecasts.

#Agile – All-in-one Magento CRM
Agile is the trending Magento CRM in eCommerce domain. It is meant for small yet proactive teams, who strive for all-in-one CRM solutions to carry out varied marketing and sales campaign at a reasonable price. As a SaaS solution, Agile CRM enhances its association with easy to use and mobile-ready panel interface with quick operation.

This CRM system also integrates perfectly with social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. along with other systems for telephone, SMS, billing as well as other CMS.

  • Agile CRM includes amazing features that support sales, marketing, and customer services.
  • For sales domain: meeting management, and project management,contacts and deals management.
  • For marketing domain: landing page builder, social suite, tracking, and marketing automation.
  • For customer services domain: feedbacks, helpdesk, tickets and processing auto-responses.  

You can include all the factors from the above checklist in your CRM project as well. Just put a step ahead to avail excellent Magento CRM assistance at none other but GetAProgrammer in Australia. Hence, let our CRM consultants lead you all the way through.  



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Notable Aspects for Availing Salesforce Expert

The development platform of Salesforce is constantly evolving with the emergence of new technologies. The Salesforce consultants are the ones, who not only support CRM implementation but also provide a PaaS/Saas or developer platform on which the developers work upon to build top-notch applications. Once the project is handed over from the owner to his/her consultant, then it is their sole responsibility to implement the project from proposition to conveyance. GetAProgrammer in Australia is one such dedicated firm, which houses full-time Salesforce consultant team to provide help in this regard.

As mentioned earlier, the service delivery starting from the base to the final result is driven by a constant interaction between the client and the server so as to develop a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements. Accordingly, the best-in-class practices are carried out along with the detailed knowledge of the hired Salesforce expert to design a favourable solution. Those outcomes support an efficient business process, hence fitting the needs of the customers.   But, all this is possible only if you are able to hire an apt consultant for your project. To be more particular, the programmer should understand the clients’ service demands, document them, recommend solutions, and develop the customer assignment. Here are some of the detailed aspects that you need to consider before hiring any Salesforce consultant in Sydney:

Salesforce Consultant

What are the basics a consultant must know?

  • In the Salesforce domain, authorisation is the foremost step, and experience of looking after varied kinds of issues on the spot is even more significant.
  • The consultant should be such that he/she is well-prepared to develop accurate software solutions on Salesforce platform has to be competent on the platform at a level to develop appropriate solutions. Not just that, the person should also presume how changes can impact an organisation for better or worse. They should have a complete idea of what Salesforce is able to do. Besides, how the whole system actually works and the appropriated information flows through the system must also be known to the developer.    
  • Need to have enough appreciation of the Salesforce framework to know about the proper utilisation and application of the Salesforce tools and handle business issues.
  • The programmer should be easy going with stress, juggling multiple projects side by side, thereby meeting the deadlines and maintaining the client’s impression over the developer and the firm.  

Responsibilities of a Consultant

Salesforce consultants are the ones, who are ranking amongst the leading prime resources in any business firm as they serve the customers with utmost value and their business by generating revenue.

A good and reliable consultant is one, who can come up with proficient app solutions and knows how to leverage different Salesforce tools to solve several business issues.


Who is the best Salesforce consultant?

  • Should be adept in influencing the client and convince the customer relationships.  
  • One of the considerable aspects to take into account is to clearly comprehend the recent situation of the client’s business strategy, hence suggesting the practices that are best in the market rather than consuming extra time over duplicating the existing app into Salesforce.   
  • A good software developer assures the client of not making huge investment in building an app, which may take months if not years. Instead, choose a well-established development company like GetAProgrammer, who can build and activate your app within days.

Let’s Conclude

Looking for a consultant with Salesforce expertise is not sufficient to differentiate the best from the worst. So, not only knowing the kinds of questions to be asked but what the accurate answers are, are crucial while hiring Salesforce officials to work on the Salesforce project.


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Know How iOS Outruns Android in App Race

There has always been a debate regarding the choice of the best development platform for mobile applications. The fuss has appeared ever since the idea of developing native apps came into existence – iOS or Android? Whether one should opt for dedicated Android or iOS app developers in Sydney for their project was a notable confusion to take into account and much more.    

With more rivalry between iOS and Android app development companies, both the platforms are emerging with something interesting and fascinating in the app market in terms of development and end-user. The relentless competition between both of these leading development platforms has made it even tougher for the experts or developers to come up to a conclusion indicating which one is the best option for career development.

Although both the operating systems preference varies from company to company, yet iOS stands to be a step ahead of Android in certain fields as in the following.

Commuter Infographic

Benefit-driven factors of iOS that overtakes Android in app race

# Desirable and appealing app quality

Apps designed and developed on Android platform outnumbers the apps developed with iOS platform. However, when it is about getting a better resolution application, then iOS is the one to be given the first priority. With the latter option, one can expect unmatched quality particularly in niches of media, children’s apps or games.

# No Carrier Data

Most of the times, the mobile devices based on the Android operating system, stucks or hangs all of a sudden, which generally happens due to the presence of overloaded third-party apps with unfavourable quality. Not just that, but the system sometimes consists of certain pre-installed apps, which fall short of providing notable user-experience. Whereas Apple does not support any such carrier junk files or useless apps, which is rejoiced by every iOS users over Android ones.

# Better HTML Support

Owing to HTML5, iOS has all the potentials to remove Flash to serve the multimedia needs of the end-users on the web. It is indeed a big deal on the web and also a better support to give a definite hike to the usage of Apple devices.

SourceAlex Franklin


# Dynamic Icons for Apps

Another alluring feature of iOS-based apps, which makes them unique is the dynamic app icon. This idea is based on designing aesthetic and pleasant app icons. Furthermore, the operating system supports some folders and apps, which display notifications even without logging in. In this aspect, Android seems to stay far behind iOS.  

# Device-friendly app listings

The iOS App store has a long list of software applications which are managed sequentially. It displays apps for iPhone and iPad separately in sections. iPad apps are distinctively designed and developed to suit large-screen Apple devices, such as tablets, laptops, etc.

# Ever Optimised Siri

iOS improvises its virtual assistant, Siri with fascinating aspects, which answer to the questions through its advanced AI technology. Irrespective of the complexity of the questions asked Siri functions to answer to all the queries in a very satisfactory and simple manner. This application has been designed with such sophistication that it hardly surfaces any error.  

Let’s Conclude

To discuss how we can assist you in this regard, contact with our team at GetAProgrammer. Simply call us or chat with us via Skype portal. Else, email us about your service request and package. Our consultants can assure to include all the factors from the above checklist and even more with proper care and support.

Contact us


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Ultimate Guide to Full Stack Development 2019

Well, in most of the cases, you’ll notice two separate career paths for the developers – back-end developers and front-end developers. However, in between these two options, you shouldn’t forget about the full-stack developers.

In recent years, this full-stack development is becoming quite popular mostly among the SMEs. If you are wondering what a full stack developer do or what the full stack developer skills are, read on this ultimate guide on full-stack development.


What is Full Stack Development?

If you ask anyone this question or ask about the full stack developer job description, you’ll get varieties of answers.

You might find some developers, who work only with web applications or mobile applications or simply with the websites. On the other hand, you’ll find some full stack developers, who work with almost everything!

Now, you can’t point out like this – ”Okay! They were right and they were wrong”!

Usually, the full-stack developers have no particular technological domain to work on. Their domain keeps changing depending on the varying project requirements. The full stack developer skills are suitable for working across multiple technologies.

Source: PixemWeb


Why Should You Opt for Full Stack Development?

Today, most of the web development companies are showing great interests to hire full-stack developers. Here’s why.

  • Unique code creation

As you already know, full stack experts are capable of handling different kinds of software tools, which are simple as well as complex. Also, these experts are able to write codes in these different technologies. Hence, for multiple technologies, creating unique code becomes easier in this kind of development process.

  • Different technologies for impressive user experience

It is expected that a full stack developer would have knowledge of PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript along with storage and database, HTTP and REST API, debugging or version control, web application architecture details etc. In some cases, some experts are even able to convert the complex Photoshop designs to the front-end code. This definitely diminishes the dependency of the business on different technical professionals, thereby, improving the business efficiency.

  • Cost-efficient

Rather than hiring separate individuals or teams dedicated to front-end, back-end, and database development and maintenance, you can get a full-stack development team that will be able to handle most of the things. This is definitely cost-efficient for SMEs.

  • Convenient switching

Switching between any of the stacks depending on the project requirements is a very easy process for the professional full-stack experts. This definitely is very time-efficient as the complexities, bugs, and the issues can be resolved by a single full-stack developer.

Other than all the aforementioned benefits, you can get complete and comprehensive solutions with this development.

So, it is easily understandable whether you want front-end development or back-end development, hiring a full-stack developer would be a great decision for the small and medium-sized enterprises.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with the Sydney-based web development firm GetAProgrammer.

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5 Best Magento Tricks To Boost Sales in 2019

While raising sales in eCommerce is the prime affair, Magento can help achieve that in a flick!

Being an open-source platform powered with great themes and extensions, Magento gives out immense scopes to customise and deck up a modern online store, tempting to the eyes of the customers. However, the success of an eCommerce site depends not on the number of customers that visit the site daily but clearly on the sales converted. Hence, get partnered with a preeminent Magento development company that houses expert eCommerce developers with good knowledge of the marketing spree in the eCommerce field and can well apply the cool features of Magento to push your sales.

Here are discussed some of the persuasive ways to help you know what best techniques will be effective in 2019 for your Magento store to hike conversions or sales.

Make the website quick or rather super-quick

The most prosperous eCommerce sites around the search engines are the ones loading within 3-4 seconds. The search engine values those sites more and consequently ranks them up in the search results page. So, if your site is taking more time than that, then surely your ranking is going to fall giving you less visibility in the search engine. So, make sure your site’s loading is increased with its code, CSS files and database optimised well.

Provide short and simplified checkout process

A significant percentage of your cart abandonment is the result of lengthier and complicated checkout stage and so it’s time take actionable strategies for that. While one way to keep the new customers pinned is guest checking i.e. first-time checkout without registering, for existing customers the process should be simplified as much as possible. Magento’s extension One-Step Checkout is quite effective for the purpose.

Offer convenience in payments

In this 21st century, when people want everything in a sec, or with just a click, you need to be super-flexible regarding the payments options you provide in your Magento store. Free your customers from any of the payment worries by providing as many as credible gateways possible such as Braintree, Authorize.Net, Amazon Payment, WePay, etc. Allow prompt payments with all types of Visa/Debit/Credit cards and other electronic forms like eWallets.

Creating a social media impression for the site

Any site without proper social media presence is not entitled as an eCommerce brand and customers get hesitant to buy. So, if you are backed with a great website and excellent range of products, create a social media impact of your company with a popular page.  Next, use all the social media handles for your product promotions to push up sales.

Going multi-lingual

eCommerce businesses with the target over more than one country can benefit by using the Magento’s multi-lingual and geolocation feature. You too can have stores in different dialect based on the region or country your audiences are in just like the global eCommerce companies.

Bonus Trick:  Activated site search feature

Using a brilliant site search extensions of Magento, the store can make visitors search quickly and result in increased conversions. Autocorrect misspelt words, search autocomplete, auto suggestions of product names, prices and image display are some advanced site search feature you should be considering.

If you want to realise the potential of eCommerce, the best thing to do is to choose Magento development services as it helps to create interactive, modern and vast-sized websites.  You can contact GetAProgrammer for that as it teams some of the expert Magento developers who go hand-in-hand with the new trends in eCommerce and hence vouches to get you contemporary eCommerce solutions with sales optimisation.   

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Newly Released Magento Commerce Cloud Features

At Imagine 2016, Magento announced the Commerce Cloud offering. Since then, over 500 customers of Magento Commerce have signed up for launch on the Magento’s cloud. Also, over 150 stores already have gone live on it. You can check out some of the customers’ stories here.

According to the Magento official website, over 50% of the new customers are going with the Magento Cloud option instead of deploying on any third-party infrastructure providers.

Why? Here are some killer features recently released by Magento Commerce Clouds that are being appreciated by the worldwide Magento developers and experts.

Manage and deploy stores with the new ECE-Tools Package

Get a hold of this scalable and truly mature deployment tool – ece-tools package. In February of this year, Magento deprecated the ece-patches and Magento-cloud-configuration to provide a path so that the prior Magento versions can run using this ece-tools package.

When you can consolidate a single package across all the available versions, you can easily upgrade the instances.

Seamless configuration workflow and production deployment

When the Magento Cloud was released for the first time, the Magento experts had to use three different git repos in order to manage the integration, the staging, and the production environments. Also, the production/staging environments were not available through the CLI or Cloud UI.

Here are two improvements recently made by Magento to enhance the developer’s experience.

  • All the environments have been unified into a single Git tree and new staging/production git repos have been introduced through the Cloud UI. This has significantly simplified not only the process of code merging but also the deployment process.
  • The self-serve staging/production environment management and configuration has been enabled so that the experts can directly
    • Add/remove the variable to staging/production
    • Add/remove the user to staging/production
    • Manage build/deploy hooks and PHP version through .magento.app.yaml
    • Add the post_deploy phase support and cache warming

You can check it in details here

Source: software development company

Build/Deploy process management has been simplified

Initially, when the Magento Cloud was launched, to manage the process of build/deploy, the Magento developers needed to add a few project level variables through the web UI.

Then the Magento team introduced the file .magento.env.yaml in January this year. This file is capable of storing all the configurations needed for the build/deploy process. Now, the Magento experts can configure any deployment process phase:

  •  Build
  • Global
  • Deploy
  • Post_deploy

Well, all these changes help the Magento experts to streamline the configuration along with making the process of variable change instantaneous. Also, this recent configuration process is backward compatible with the older configuration settings.

Production deployment speed boost

To boost the production deployment speed, you can move the SCD to the build phase of the deployment process. It will also help in improved minification. You can read on SCD in details here and for details on minification, click here.

It is better to disable the full static content deployment. You can run it depending on the requested page demand.

Well, it is advisable to test these changes on the staging environments before pushing to production.

To ease cloud deployments, introducing the Magento-cloud template

In February this year, the Magento team has introduced a light-weight and clean Magento-cloud template, which makes sure that the local build commands do not affect the code. You can check out this Magento-cloud template here.

Performance Boost

Recently, the Magento team has launched a brand new feature using which the Pro customers can use the capacity of the three nodes that are available on the Pro production environments for the Redis and MariaDB.

When this feature is enabled, all the operations would write to the master node and the traffic (read operations) will be balanced between three nodes.

Click here to know how to upgrade:

Maintaining PCI compliance

To establish a secure site connection, strong protocols are needed. However, any protocols older than the TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.2 version won’t do any good as it won’t meet the minimum standards for the security.

To maintain the PCI compliance and the store’s security, Magento Commerce Cloud has restricted the connections to only Transport Layer Security 1.2 or higher. Also, as of 30th April, it no longer accepts the inbound connections from the visitors, who are using earlier versions of SSL and TLS.

Click here to get additional resources and to learn more about it.

Other than all these aforementioned ones, Magento Cloud Commerce is offering

  • Improvement in the page speed by 20%+ through the Image optimisation that is powered by Fastly.
  • Also, you can get advanced security through the Fastly powered web application firewall (WAF).

So, if you are thinking of adopting the Magento Commerce Cloud, you can hire the best Magento developers in Melbourne, Australia. Need a programmer? GetAProgrammer can be your one-stop solution to any kind of Magento development services.

Source: https://www.getaprogrammer.com.au/magento-development


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Find Out Why Users Are Going To Stay In Your App

What is the most challenging in the app business?

Keeping the users hooked!


But before you find out how to deal with that, you need to get yourself acquainted with the facts that are causing a large number of people to quit using the apps. The most successful apps are found to have crazily addictive users. So, what are your app must have to make your users addictive? Here we will give you the reasons.


Most efficient mobile application development companies in Australia has researched and worked so far to find out the reasons. Even our adept team of Australia app developers at GetAProgrammer make sure to develop an app that can cater well to them and are in synergy with users’ perceptions.




The first thing that catches the attention of the users is the value or usefulness they get from it.

Is it helping enough to achieve what they want? The only way you can hook your users is to find out how other apps are providing values in the market. Finding out their missing nodes, and then using that with your own ingenuity to offer something unique. Any top-notch, experienced mobile app development company in Australia will hold that expertise and state-of-the-art technologies to assist your mobile app to have uniqueness and far better usefulness.

Going to simple might help

You need to understand that not all of your users are pro or handy with mobile devices. In fact, a majority of users are actually shaky in using apps, gets in a fix at every single stage and need to be explained/taught how to use. So, simplicity is always the key!


Not only with designing of the app, but the user-interface elements, especially the CTAs (Call-to-Actions) should also be kept as simple as that. Things should be such that anyone with even slightest abilities to handle gadgets can use the app without anyone’s help. However, achieving simplicity in the app is tough. You need to think by putting yourself in the users’ footsteps. While writing about your app’s features to the app developers in Sydney or whichever company you hire, never go for too much detailing of each as that makes them think of the easiest way to provide them.


Design for the users’ tendency or habits


Find out what are the user’s habit associated with your app. Whether they will be using it too often or they will just open it once or twice. Some apps like Facebook, Whatsapp have become so compelling that most of none can imagine a day without them. So, what’s making users so cling so much? It may be something about the app’s purpose or the use they get.


There are two types of emotional triggers for engaging users, external trigger and internal trigger.


While the external triggers are those that instruct the users to do something like “Buy now”, “Click Here”, internal triggers are actions related to emotions like the urge to share a thing with friends in a social profile or let’s ‘Pin’ something in Pinterest.

Putting both the triggers will help spark certain moves by the users and motivate them to initiate some actions in the app.



Best on boarding practices

Well, this is vital too as most of the people quit an app when they don’t get what to do next after installing it. Onboarding experience decides the later engagement of users with your app as it is the process when the app is introduced to users.

Frictions in this process will surely turn them off and so to kill all their confusions, you need to explain how it works and how to get started in a lucid manner.


Some best practices to make onboarding simple for them are

  • Lesser fields in the sign-up process
  • Simplified registration
  • Showing of benefits of the app
  • Providing short to-the-point instructions on how they can take actions


In short, to build an app in Australia is not a tough job when there are teams of app developers in Melbourne and in other parts of the country. But, winning users after its release and keeping them back is the real challenge!  While building your app sticking to these aforementioned facts will help, just make sure you hire some of the best app developers in Sydney who are well adept with these and can mould the app accordingly.


To know further how to reduce the rate of app abandonment, read our previous blog:

How to Diminish Rate of Mobile App Uninstallation?

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