A sneak peek to Odoo 13 expected features

Odoo 13 is all set for release in the coming October this year. Before that, we are going to discuss here the expected features in this Odoo v13.

If you are looking for an all-in-one business management software, or an enterprise solution that can take care of your each and every business requirement professionally, you can put your trust on Odoo.


Being the official Odoo-ready partner in Australia, GetAProgrammer boasts a team of best skilled Odoo functional consultants in Sydney. Starting from Odoo consultation to customisation and development, implement to support and maintenance – everything you will get at GetAProgrammer.

Targeting businesses of all kinds and sizes, Odoo 13 is hitting the mass market with the following features in line.

Odoo Consultant copy

  • OCR (Object Character Recognition): Scan and automatically records documents
  • In-Apps Purchase (IAP): Buy Services in Odoo
  • Internet of Things: Connect IoT devices to Odoo
  • Odoo Bank: Odoo will lend cash
  • Accountant as Odoo Service: Find Odoo accountant easily
  • Industry Focus: Tailor your solution to industry needs
  • Record attendances: Use connected badging system
  • Integration with recruitment portals: Job ad post made possible with one click
  • Stock Management: Track quantities to never run out-of-stock
  • Track position: Tracking valuable assets such as Stock, Fleet

Improved OCR

Suppose that you have a PDF report of the vendor bill, which you have received from the vendor. Now, with the improved OCR, you can just upload the report, the system will automatically get it scanned along with the record of the pdf in the system making the whole process easier.


With it, users will be able to purchase services directly from the Odoo database. This new feature will help you save a lot of time because the user will be able to integrate Odoo 13 with third-party vendors and directly share the information with them. Also, you can save time because the payments would directly be made from Odoo.

Stock Management

It is expected that Odoo 13 will use the possibilities of the IoT in stock Management. It may come into vicinity that connecting hardware in the shelves or rack in such a way that the hardware will be able to let you know about the on-hand stock and the stock shortage details in real-time by calculating the stock.

vap_3567261054.jpgOdoo Bank

With this feature, the long process of applying for a loan and then waiting for the bank to lend the money gets shortened. Now, businesses would be able to get cash on an immediate note.

Accountant as Odoo Service

This feature will save both money and time because you won’t have to transfer your accounting data from root to the other accounting software, as everything will be centralized and you encompass someone, who not only knows the system but also knows how to use it.

Other than the above-mentioned fields, Odoo 13 will bring a lot of changes in the HR module, Track position, Field service app and a lot more. You can check out the upcoming Odoo 13 features in details here.

So, get in touch with the best Odoo consultant in Australia and explore the power of Odoo.


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Tips For A Profitable eCommerce App On Magento

Online business awareness is increasing at an exponential rate as people these days are more likely to spend most of the time browsing the internet. But, it is not sufficient enough to own a top-notch web app for your business with no innovation in it. Your business app should be such that it attracts visitors to get converted into leads.

However, the problem arises while choosing the platform that can serve best results. Again, every web app development platform has its own set of unique features and benefits over the others. Yet, experts generally suggest going for Magento for its exceptional performance delivery and user experience.

Magento Programmer22.jpg

Here are some more instances that Magento can help in developing elite business software:

  • Simple User Interface

People mostly adhere to technologies that are easier to understand and operate. Plus, making your business app look attractive is not going to bring you a wider customer base. Even if initially they download your app, will eventually end up replacing it with a better similar alternative.

Fortunately, things are easier with Magento. So, make sure that your application is comprehensive enough to assist the beginners as well.

  • Better Checkout Process

There are certain shopping sites which face a notable sales drop due to lengthy checkout process. Simply, provide the necessary data entry sections, where the customer won’t have to input too much of personal details for the purchase. Also, check if the checkout loading speed is within 2 to 3 seconds or not. Time is another factor why shoppers leave the checkout process incomplete.


Hence, ensure that you work on these criteria for delivering your buyers with a swift checkout experience.

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  • Secure Monetary Transaction And Other Credentials

People often worry about risking any kind of online monetary transactions. And, online shopping is no exception. This is where the role of Magento based eCommerce app steps in.

Magento web-store assures both the owner and the shop’s visitors with reliable payment gateways, highly secured from third-party access. Besides, it makes sure that all the buyers’ purchase credentials like the credit card details, address, etc. remain confined to the company database.

Let’s Conclude

To know what more you can do so your online business gets better sales and conversion rate, contact GetAProgrammer. Hence, get eminent Magento developer in Sydney for a successful online business establishment.


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Here’s How SharePoint Online Helps Businesses In Their Branding

With the world step into the year 2019, SharePoint brings in a host of new features for businesses that will help further in content and document management.

The new and improvised SharePoint in 2019 is about enhancing performance and user-friendliness is about enhancing its role as a CMS (Content Management System). A big headache for the employees, management executives and other members of the organisation to manage stockpile of documents and streamline information. With this Sharepoint version, the on-premise users as well as the hybrid ones. That’s why a lot of businesses and enterprises are aiming up for this version to make content organisation and management easiest and fastest. Talking about the latest new SharePoint online, it’s better to get a quick round-up of the features or modules that are being rolled out.

Sharepoint Developer in Australia

Exceptional improvements in UX

While Microsoft strives to make major or minor improvements in the SharePoint online consistently, especially in the user experience, this time there have been stupendous improvements made such as hybrid support, PowerApps, communication sites and Next generation Sync with client support. These will further provide members with the easiest access to documents at any point of time, and from wherever source or location needed. Additionally, there are Office 365 which include navigation, various documents libraries, and lists.

Capabilities of MS Flow and PowerApps

The SharePoint platform this time brings a couple of extensible features which can cause further agility in the business process management. MS Flow and PowerApps being two of them. Hybrid, which when integrated can result in intelligent automation of operations.

SharePoint Online Helps Businesses In Their Branding

Stronger on-premise infrastructure

This time SharePoint gets a vivid and strong on-premise infrastructure that are meant for the businesses who are unwilling to move to the cloud. SharePoint 2019 release is exceptional of all and can be deployed without making any adjustments in the current on-premise content storage strategy of the business.

Hybrid Environments

SharePoint 2019 comes with hybrid support this time that will make it possible to deliver applications using a unified interface. Well, this is one brilliant feature improvement as that will keep aside all the separate infrastructural need like on-premises, online hybrid support.  With a hybrid configuration, any member can track anything with one view of all data and documents.

It’s needless to say how much a business enterprise can improve by integrating by deploying the latest new SharePoint Online 2019. With the assistance of expert SharePoint developers in Australia like GetAProgrammer, any enterprise can now leverage the advantages of these new features and streamline their content storage and migration processes. GetAProgrammer, is a pioneering software solutions company in Australia, that has been helping businesses with robust web solutions, CMS solutions, mobile apps, ERPs, CRMs and many more.



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Backbone JS: Why It’s The Best Platform Yet For Interactive Applications

We all know what’s the power of JavaScript!

There has been an enormous growth in the web development process in the recently. Thanks to JavaScript frameworks such as Node JS, Angular JS and Backbone JS. From small-sized and mid-sized web applications, it helps to build them all kinds with minimal efforts. However, we at GetAProgrammer, a time-worn company for JS applications development in Australia chose to shed some light here on the Backbone JS,  the framework that has been prevailing all around for quite a long to help businesses build credible, enterprise web applications in no time.

Backbone JS has been a mature platform and lightweight JS library that helps in client-side coding. It makes the development of web applications easier for developers, providing them with code that are simply manageable in the long-run.

Backbone js Developer

Not just this, there are many more to add to the benefits of Backbone JS. Have a look.

Matured platform

The maturity of the Backbone JS and the way it has grown to a powerful framework is mention-worthy. It can be said that it has matured to have wide-ranging support and community resources for web development, solving many issues that are earlier encountered.

Minimalistic framework

Yes, the Backbone JS’s approach towards web application development is minimal. incredibly the most light-weight framework with least size, it still provides with all the bare bones of a framework with all the features that developers need to build an application.

No templating engine

Yes, Backbone JS comes with no templating engine and that’s a major plus for the developers. However,  there’s Underscore that works as a dependency, making it the simplest option for templating.

5-Key-Ways-You-Can-Get-The-.pngCoding in MVC

Backbone JS framework allows developers to get their code structured in an MVC, the most suitable pattern these days that make their work a lot easier. While the view grows twice as a controller, the framework focuses on DOM events and gets them into the model as it deems fit.

Synced with the back-end

The framework is synced with the functionality of back-end and that makes the Backbone JS models out-of-the-box providing complete authority to REStful APIs. With API properly structured, it becomes easy for Backbone JS to access them readily for operations like read, write and delete.

To conclude, many think that Backbone JS is fading away. But, in reality, it is not! Being one of the most relevant JS frameworks that are easy to handle, it is going to reign in the web development world. Most importantly, it allows the web artisans to build an application just the way they need to meet up the client’s expectations. So, hiring a Backbone JS developer in Australia will get you with what you want, by building off from the core!


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Node JS Uncovered: Things You Should Know

It seems Node JS has just incepted yesterday!

But, there are over a hundred thousands of websites already built with Node JS in the domains namely business, IT, arts and entertainment.      

While Node JS has claimed to be the best framework for back-end development by developers around the world, the usage statistics of the framework is a testimony to the sharp rise in its use over the years.           

Clearly, the only reason that makes Node JS so popular is the sets of advantages that Node JS offers in web development. As a JS runtime environment, it is the most reliable one that helps the Node JS developers to execute codes in server-side. Besides, it is an open-source JS with cross-platform abilities and hence help in building real-time web or network applications easily.

Node JS developer1.jpg

Without further ado, let’s get deep into the advantages of using Node JS framework that you too can pick for your application development.

Offers enormous scalability

Experts or Node JS developers find it really easy with the framework to build apps that are scalable in either way (horizontal or vertical). Thus, no need to worry if you have thought of making a simpler application with limited features. You can add additional functions later. Node JS allows for adding extra nodes to the prior system.

Easy learning curve

This point is directed to developers but still, it is an advantage to you because costs reduce greatly as the developers have to toil less working with the framework. Those having the sound understanding of the JavaScript, it becomes easy to learn and deploy from scratch by consuming much less time.

Provide the benefit of full-stack development

Node JS’s popularity is attributed to its property of full-stack development. Yes, it is the JavaScript for executing functions of both the server-side and the client-side. Thus, here the prime advantage of choosing Node JS for your app development as it does not need you to hire separate teams of developers.

Node JS Uncovered Things You Should Know.jpg

You get high-performing applications

“Node.JS is a framework broken into different small modules, two of which we can broadly say are Node.JS application and Node.JS Core”

This makes the framework light in use, with no need for including the core or application at every point entirely. Clearly, for this one reason too, there is increasing Node JS development because it makes the working of apps speedier and seamless.

Node JS is cluttered apart into a number of frameworks

While Node JS is getting the most attention from developers, businesses and other counterparts since 2009, as of today there are 8 million instances of Node.js, with more than 1,500 contributors and 39,672 stars on GitHub. This is because the framework offers good prospects with each of its various extensions namely ExpressJS, MeteorJS, SailsJS, AdonisJS, NestJS, HapiJS, LoopbackJS, KoaJS, and so forth.

To put simply, NodeJS if more of pros compare to any other frameworks known. But, what’s a major pullback factor towards Node JS is that it can be worked on both backend and frontend servers.

Are you in need of an application built right with Node JS? Get a programmer! Yeah, right. GetAProgrammer house an eminent team for mobile and web applications in Australia with specialisation in Node JS and other full-stack development services. So, get in touch with us!


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Kentico Brings New Independence To eCommerce

Nowadays, people are more getting inclined towards the concept of having customised websites for their online store with a better CMS system. And, the platform, which supports the above concern with a greater agility is the Kentico CMS platform.The recent trends in Kentico technology feature improvements using which, the developers can set up, and control widgets and layouts. Such improvements enable the online marketers with certain CMS development tools to create pages by themselves in an organised manner.

Kentico Developer

Here are some of the current trends of eCommerce CMS development on Kentico platform showing why it is one of the recognised CMS development choices:

  • Easy To Use

Sometimes, having a best-designed website doesn’t mean much if you find it hard to use. Fortunately, things are easier and simpler with Kentico based eCommerce websites. It provides solutions allowing the webshop owner to edit or update his store anywhen to run his business more efficiently and profitably.

In addition to the above, Kentico based websites are built with step by step guidelines and tutorials directly on the webshop along with videos, images, blogs, and forums that are related to the store’s product content.  

  • Webshop Customisation

Kentico customisation basically consists of two sections- CMS Site Manager for site configuration and development, and CMS Desk for updating content and data. The latter one is flexible to customise every user-experience on any dedicated webshop. Plus, it minimises the security risks and allows the webshop owner to frequently update any content or add more details in terms of sales, offers, and discounts.   

Kentico Brings New Independence To eCommerce

  • Workflows

Workflows in the Kentico system allow the webshop content to be moved through a set of steps- Website “Editor” and Website “Manager”. These pre-defined steps of Kentico can be promptly applied to any or all content.

The Website “ Editor” is set up to access and edit any content as per the marketer’s requirements. Next, the edited content is then reviewed by the Website “ Manager” to review the changes made, submit the content back to the editor, re-edit(if needed) and finally publish the changes.  

  • Smart Search

Smart Search trend in Kentico system is a Lucene-based(freely available information retrieval software library) search functionality, which quickly inspects and locates content. This trend allows the edited content to be stored within the system, allowing searches to be done much quicker than the traditional database based methods.  

This trend basically helps the webshop visitors to find their required commodity much faster, in terms of product, images, offers, etc. The Kentico system regularly updates the search results according to the updated website content to keep the results accurate.

Signing Off

These are the primary requisites that are the initials to make eCommerce CMS comprehensive and workable. Several other untold Kentico trends await the list. If you are a beginner or have an existing eCommerce website which you want to switch to a better CMS platform, contact GetAProgrammer. Hence, get reliable assistance of dedicated Kentico developer in Sydney to lead your project successfully.


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Advantages Of Building Business With Odoo ERP

With the growing demand and preferences for the online market, businesses open to experimenting with new tools and advanced technologies emerging in the market. And, it results in a prominent shift from conventional business management to a systematic approach. One such shift has been already seen in an all-in-one business app suite, namely Odoo that has gained a remarkable response in the business market in the past few years.


Odoo Consultant Australia copy.jpg

If you are still doubtful regarding whether or not to avail of Odoo ERP development for your business, have a look at its business-driven benefits outlined below:

  • Manageable User Interface

People always look for easy and simple when it comes to using a new system technology. Fortunately, Odoo offers an elegant user interface with an upgraded outlook to provide better user experience. The platform is constantly updated in terms of everything ranging from its theme colour to other changes to get a greater user-interface and make it eye-catching.

  • Get Comprehensive Features

Odoo suited supports over hundreds of modules, each is meant to perform specific business tasks. Consequently, opting this platform will be definitely helpful in boosting productivity and getting more work for your business. Apart from that, Odoo incorporates an extensive range of functionalities. So, a clear analysis of all its functionalities is crucial to get the correct configuration for effortless business processes.

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  • Get A Modular Platform

User-friendly interface supported by add on features contributes to simple and easily updatable Odoo modules. No matter what the business requires, you can easily find modules that can cater to your needs and can also opt for integrated solution for better business optimisation.

Initially, you get the basic business modules, which you can integrate with further added modules in your system. This modular suite of business apps also increases business functionality by adding more applications to your system management.

Advantages Of Building Business With Odoo ERP copy.jpg

  • Seamless Flexibility

Odoo is adaptive to the growing business trends and advancement. So, the platform is quite suitable to undergo business customisations in terms of accounting, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory control and so on. The consistent innovations and scalability enable Odoo to immensely help businesses to adapt to the latest ERP paradigms.

  • Wider functionality and Centralised Data Access

You won’t have to invest a huge amount to bring wider functionality to your ERP system. Being an all in one suite, Odoo facilitates efficient operations for your workflow concerning different domains within the business (like project and warehouse management, customer relationship, human resource planning, etc.).

Furthermore, it brings all the above-discussed domains into a common platform with a common data access channel. This allows the employees from different departments to stay connected with each other for data exchange and other purposes.   


Odoo is one of the fewer ERP application suites that can integrate business solutions without requiring any third party integration solution. If you are also looking to something such, then contact GetAProgrammer. Hence, get the chance of renovating your business ERP with dedicated Odoo consultant in Australia.



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