Advantages Of Building Business With Odoo ERP

With the growing demand and preferences for the online market, businesses open to experimenting with new tools and advanced technologies emerging in the market. And, it results in a prominent shift from conventional business management to a systematic approach. One such shift has been already seen in an all-in-one business app suite, namely Odoo that has gained a remarkable response in the business market in the past few years.


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If you are still doubtful regarding whether or not to avail of Odoo ERP development for your business, have a look at its business-driven benefits outlined below:

  • Manageable User Interface

People always look for easy and simple when it comes to using a new system technology. Fortunately, Odoo offers an elegant user interface with an upgraded outlook to provide better user experience. The platform is constantly updated in terms of everything ranging from its theme colour to other changes to get a greater user-interface and make it eye-catching.

  • Get Comprehensive Features

Odoo suited supports over hundreds of modules, each is meant to perform specific business tasks. Consequently, opting this platform will be definitely helpful in boosting productivity and getting more work for your business. Apart from that, Odoo incorporates an extensive range of functionalities. So, a clear analysis of all its functionalities is crucial to get the correct configuration for effortless business processes.

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  • Get A Modular Platform

User-friendly interface supported by add on features contributes to simple and easily updatable Odoo modules. No matter what the business requires, you can easily find modules that can cater to your needs and can also opt for integrated solution for better business optimisation.

Initially, you get the basic business modules, which you can integrate with further added modules in your system. This modular suite of business apps also increases business functionality by adding more applications to your system management.

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  • Seamless Flexibility

Odoo is adaptive to the growing business trends and advancement. So, the platform is quite suitable to undergo business customisations in terms of accounting, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory control and so on. The consistent innovations and scalability enable Odoo to immensely help businesses to adapt to the latest ERP paradigms.

  • Wider functionality and Centralised Data Access

You won’t have to invest a huge amount to bring wider functionality to your ERP system. Being an all in one suite, Odoo facilitates efficient operations for your workflow concerning different domains within the business (like project and warehouse management, customer relationship, human resource planning, etc.).

Furthermore, it brings all the above-discussed domains into a common platform with a common data access channel. This allows the employees from different departments to stay connected with each other for data exchange and other purposes.   


Odoo is one of the fewer ERP application suites that can integrate business solutions without requiring any third party integration solution. If you are also looking to something such, then contact GetAProgrammer. Hence, get the chance of renovating your business ERP with dedicated Odoo consultant in Australia.



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Some Reasons To Use Odoo Implementation For SMEs

With the gradual technical invention and advancement, the concept of entrepreneurship is growing stronger in the IT market. Many medium and large scale businesses make notable investments on ERP system to fasten their work and boost their business productivity. Not only that, but small scale businesses comprising of (say) 3 to 5 employees run their business effectively using an integrated ERP software.     

Although there are several ERP building platforms available, experts highly recommend choosing Odoo ERP for effective management of business communication and functions. 

Why? Take a look over the factors why Odoo has gained such wider response across the global businesses:

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  • An Integrated Dashboard

Every business consists of some common set of functional departments like human resource, accounting, customer relationship management, sales and purchases and so on. Each of these domains is maintained by separate management software.

However, this process is quite expensive, especially for the small scale businesses, where they have to implement individual app for each of the functional departments. This is where the role of an efficient all-in-one ERP implementation comes into play.

Odoo ERP platform has made implementation simpler by bringing every domain within the business under a single dashboard or software. Moreover, the platform is a comprehensive suite of business apps supporting the requirements of SMEs and large scale enterprises.

  • Highly Cost Effective

Investment or cost estimation is quite a big deal for small and medium scales enterprises anywhere. SMEs often ignore the basic ERP requirement for their businesses due to a limited investment budget. Proprietary software like Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, etc. on the other hand, demand huge charge over business management and later services.     

However, Odoo ERP software works to streamline the business processes covering the major requirements of all domains within the business at a low cost.

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Furthermore, Odoo is widely preferred for its outstanding customisability to fulfill the business needs and objectives. Also, unlike the proprietary software, Odoo partners help to build client-specific ERP solutions at a competitive price that aligns with the market trends.

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  • Trouble-free Implementation And Integration

Being an API-friendly platform, Odoo is easy to integrate with as many numbers of business-driven modules as per the requirement. The platform is meant to change and bring about an active ERP system making it suitable for businesses, unlike the large scale sectors.
These are the top most factors that the business owners often look for while choosing an ERP platform. If you are looking forward to an efficient Odoo ERP firm to assist your business with the points discussed above and more, contact GetAProgrammer. Hence, get the chance to avail dedicated Odoo consultant in Australia within your budget.


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Popular Myths in App Development: You Need to Overrule Them Now

App development came as a revolution that refuses to leave its influence over all. Mobile apps no more remained a time-pass concept for mobile phones users. But it became a universal digital tool for companies, corporate and startups/individuals to flourish online and widen their market reach to customers. And for mobile users too, apps became an inevitable means to buy things, avail services on-the-go and fulfill different utilities.

While all these mean that businesses have realised that mobile apps are a prerequisite to sustain and survive in this competitive sphere, many are still reluctant to invest in one. Clearly, some blatant and generalised misconceptions about Android app development are to blame for that. Thus, we at GetAProgrammer, as a pioneered app development company of Australia attempt to clear such pointless myths through this blog. Read it on.

android app developer

Apps are affordable for big businesses

They make technically aware businessmen and marketer think about app development as a superior choice or luxury concept, affordable by big entrepreneurs only. This is absolutely false. Because, there are existing hundreds of development agencies housed with app experts, just to offer you app development at the most reasonable pricing, irrespective you are a startup, established firm or large company.

App development is a hectic task in terms of programming

This was the scenario years back! When developing an app and launching it needed 6 months to a year. However, programmers and developers, these days have assured to build apps in few months time as they deploy new approaches and innovative technologies. They claimed that with the exponential rise in the demand for apps, the average time span for building an app greatly reduced and many new advanced methods attribute to that.

Development is about writing codes

Many think app development is all about writing the codes and just some skills on Node JS, Angular JS, and other frameworks will do. In real, app development is lots more than that and you need to hire someone who has a great hold on aspects of UI, UX, graphics, app designing, functionalities and many more.

Marketing and promotion are just not necessary

This is the most foolish thought one can hold! If you are not promoting your app on social media, blogs, and other tech sites, then you are not playing it right and might lose a great number of your potential users. How will the users come to know about your app if you don’t promote it? Make use of every single online marketing platforms, social media and tech sites to reach out to your potential users.

So, the next time you go for developing an app do not pay attention to any of the above. Although few of the myths making rounds were actual scenario many years back, these are now purely misconceptions that need to be overruled by the entrepreneurs, startups and every eager investor in apps.


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Things to Contemplate before Opting for An iPhone and Android App Development Company

Mobile technology is evolving in a day-to-day manner. Along with this enhancement, the iPhone and Android app development market are expanding as well. According to a recently made survey report, the way app development market is progressing, by the end of the year 2020, almost 188 billion dollars (U.S. dollars) in terms of revenues will be earned by such various mobile applications via app stores and the in-app ads. If you have a brilliant and innovative app idea, before delving into the app development process, you need to choose the right company. Here is a list of a few important things to contemplate before opting for such a mobile app development company.

GetAProgrammer is a Sydney-based well-esteemed mobile app development company where a team of proficient handpicked developers would devote themselves to make your app idea into a reality.

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Client Review

While choosing the right company, client review matters a lot. It is always advisable to check or research what other clients, who have already availed services from that particular company have to say. Checking such client feedback would help you to understand whether this particular company is suitable to meet your requirements or not. Apart from researching feedback on the final product, you should pay attention to the feedback related to the customer services along with the development process as well.


App Store is such a place where millions and billions of applications are available. If you have come up with an interesting app idea, you would need such an app development company that would be quick enough to implement your idea and to come up with the final product. Otherwise, your innovative idea might not stay unique as countless apps are being launched in the App Store all the time. Hence, you can understand how competitive the market is! To cope up with this competition, you would need to look for a company that can deliver the end product with agility without compromising the quality.

Source: Julio Del Cid

Supported Platforms

Nowadays, the idea of developing a mobile app for a single platform has become almost out of date. Hence, today, the cross-platform app development is vital for achieving success in the mobile app development industry as it is capable of targeting a vast market base. Moreover, such cross-platform app development is cost-efficient as well. The app developers can reuse the code. While choosing the most suitable app development company, you need to make sure the development team of that particular company are well-accustomed and experienced enough to develop the application for multiple platforms.

Moreover, it is advisable to evaluate the capability of the development team. While discussing your requirements with a particular app development firm, you should ask them whether they outsource any module or not and if yes, then which modules they usually outsource. Apart from that, before taking any final decision, it is better to discuss regarding the pricing details as well.


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Things To Make Your Business Competent With Odoo CRM

In today’s CRM market, businesses and salespeople want a simple way to track their clients by gathering all the business details in one place. In addition to that, most business managers require a transparent sales pipeline to track the activities and working of the salespeople.  

This is where the need for an efficient Odoo CRM steps in. Yes, Odoo helps both managers and business merchants in reducing the labour of salespeople. Also, it provides them complete access to the details of different modules within the company.

GetAProgrammer, a leading Odoo development firm provides high-end Odoo CRM solutions via dedicated Odoo consultant in Australia to the businesses of different sectors. However, having an efficient CRM software is not enough to make your business flourish.

Here is what you can add to your Odoo CRM to make your business more competitive in the trending business world.

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  • Lead Entry

You can either manually enter the leads on your business CRM via single entries or by mass import. Else, Odoo has a certain feature where it automatically takes the lead entry by integrating the contact forms of your business website with your CRM system. This activity reduces extra labour and their costs over the lead entries of your business.

Lead entry offers two consequent benefits:

-Provides an easy way to see all your lead in one place.

-You can simply click on any of the leads to get the full information about him/her. Adding certain notes for particular leads and modifying lead details(if needed) are the added advantages.

  • Lead Managemen

As mentioned earlier, Odoo provides complete data access to the salespeople within a business. After a lead has entered into the system, you can directly assign the lead to any of your salespeople. The dedicated salesperson will then move the lead from one stage to the other, such as (New Lead -> Qualification -> Proposal -> Won Opportunity).

If you think that an extra column on the lead management module can make it better, Odoo CRM can do it for you.

  • Lead Scoring

Odoo CRM helps you to rank your leads according to your business criteria. This feature allows you to prioritise how much time you should spend on which lead and schedule additional activities based on the lead’s quality.

Things To Make Your Business Competent With Odoo CRM.jpg

  • Next Activities

Now you can easily keep a track of your clients and communicate with them via Odoo’s inbuilt calendar. This feature helps to manage multiple numbers of leads by scheduled activities such as phone calls, meetings, emails, etc. or you can directly call the client from your CRM system.

  • Deliver Free Quotes

Once you are successful in gaining the client’s trust over your company, the lead may ask for a free quotation before closing a deal with you. So, ensure that your CRM includes a section for free quotation directly linked with the email or print option so that your dedicated lead get the details within a click.

  • Reports/ Dashboard

This is a must-have feature in your business CRM. It allows every member(manager, salespeople, even you) to view the important leads and opportunity of your business in the form of graphs, charts and more.

It helps your employees to view and compare the sales and marketing activities with other competitors. Thus, you get to know if your company is running in a loss and if yes, then what should be done to get more conversion rate.

So, do you really want to make your business CRM unique and profit-driven than others? Feel free to contact GetAProgrammer anytime.

To learn more about the business achievement on Odoo, click here.


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Here’s Why To Consider iOS App For eCommerce

In this era of consistent technological evolution, iOS and Android platform are holding a firm grip in the eCommerce market today. However, due to certain reasons, launching an eCommerce app based on iOS is more profitable than that of Android. So, don’t bother yourself thinking over which should be the best option for you. Simply contact and consult with dedicated iOS app developers in Sydney for top suggestions.

Now, let’s take a look over the causes showing why it is better to develop iOS apps for a successful business. (Click to Tweet)

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  • Satisfiable Customer Experience

Unlike the Android framework, iOS provides an excellent and advanced user interface, that is an all-time necessity for the businesses of all scale. Added to  this:

-Unparalleled software with elite customer service

-well-developed brand of consumer electronics etc. are some other reasons that make it the ultimate choice as a business platform.

  • Providing Prevailing and Required Technology For Public

A better and wider customer base always leads to increased sales. But, this happens only if you can make your eCommerce software look unique than the others. Since iOS platform has always been the first public choice for its technical knowledge, so developing business apps based on iOS can enhance more brand awareness.


  • High Protection Against Data Fabrication

Business merchants always look for the platform that can provide their business software with a robust level of security, which is why most prefer iOS. Apps built on this framework offer assured safety from data piracy or falsification.

Other advantages include:

-protection against malware and viruses

-smarter and robust screen, making it an exceptional choice for app development in business sector.

  • Reliable Transactions

Despite the in-built security measures with improved security aspects, the app makes it safer for its owner by enabling encrypted transaction, hence minimising external threats like phishing and so no. So, investing in this platform can be quite profitable for building enterprise software.

  • Intuitive Business App On iOS To Make It Look Apart

Well, when it comes to innovation and attraction, no other but the role of iOS apps comes into play. The platform is best preferred because of its potential to provide best design standards and user experience. That’s why experts highly advise going for iOS to create modern, intuitive yet simple-to-use app with forced contact, visualisation and so on.

Source: KickAppBuilder

  • App Must Support In-App-Purchase

People like senior officials, business professionals, etc. mostly get more used to the online shopping carts. However, nowadays, everyone is getting used to this. So, if your iOS business app supports in-app purchase, then it will automatically drive more customers and revenue along with it.

Well, these are the primary aspects to be taken into account. To know more about what else you can do in your business app on iOS, contact GetAProgrammer.  


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Hidden Secrets On How Odoo Befits Your Business

Odoo ERP system earlier knows as OpenERP has now evolved with great features to make your business performance smooth and efficient. Things for which this framework is best known are customisation, scalability, integration etc. Odoo ERP helps to manage the business resources flexibly. So, if you’re a beginner or already has a business, consider preferring to the dedicated Odoo consultant in Australia at GetAProgrammer, the ultimate ERP hub.

Gone are those days when you had to spend considerable time on manual processing of your business management. With this newly updated and refreshed ERP solution on Odoo, now you can smartly manage business-related processes and solve regular issues easily.

Let’s come to the ultimate focus and have a sneak-peek on the aspects offered by Odoo ERP software, which are considered to be profit-driven for any business industry.  

Odoo Consultant Australia11 copy

Hidden Secrets of Odoo ERP Software:

  • Enhance revenue levelsOdoo’s features of cross selling and upselling enables your online store to gain more profit. These features increase the possibility of adding additional products to the shopping cart, along with the products that are already present there. As a result, it will attract more customers to visit your webshop, thereby proving it to be highly profitable.
  • Design and create attractive web pages
    Plan the websites or web applications by using the drag and drop option of the design elements. You can now perform varied tasks such as changing the product price, create discount offers, sales etc. with Odoo software very easily. And it takes just one click to implement any of the complex tasks with this drag and drop option.
  • Analyse your Business Performance
    Odoo ERP helps you to keep a record of your business performance using Google Analytics integration. Count website visits, impressions, call to actions and clicks easily. Further, based on these records, you can create or startup new sales and marketing strategies for your business to perform better.

Odoo Consultant Australia1.jpg

  • Implement your choice on your website
    The layout of your webshop can be changed and optimised catering to your needs. Give your website a unique look or appearance that completely suits the type of store you own online. Drag and drop the components, pick and modify the colours, layout and much more. You can execute several tasks while building up the customised web solution on Odoo.
  • Highlight your best products
    Odoo helps the business merchants to highlight their best selling items. Furthermore, the collection of best-selling products with added discounts and offers can now be displayed in the form of grids or lists.  Showing up the products in such a way will drag the attention of wider customers towards your website.

    Well, these are some of the possibilities that you can experience with your business ERP on Odoo by availing a trustworthy firm as the one mentioned here earlier.


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