Need More Buyers? 5 Ways to Enhance User Experience in eCommerce

eCommerce sector is getting warmed up nowadays with the rise in the number of companies and startups presenting their stores online. So, clearly, eCommerce businesses are fighting out with best practices and online marketing tools to reign in the market. However, the first step to join the race of eCommerce is getting a robust website or web application catering to the requirements of the business and that would serve rightly as an online storefront.

You can hire Shopify developer, a Magento developer, a WooCommerce developer or any other eCommerce expert to create a feature-rich webstore to make your online business dream successful. But, remember, only a feature-packed or tempting eCommerce site isn’t enough to captivate the attention of buyers. You need to think out of the way to make the user experience of your site more appealing to the visitors. GetAProgrammer, one of the leading web and eCommerce solutions providers in Australia with specialisation in Shopify offers you some promising ideas to improve user experience of your site.

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#1 Design your site’s structure and navigation from a buyer’s point of view

Start thinking about from the visitors or buyers perspective to develop and design the layout of your site. What would you look for when in a site? Product suggestions, product display with multiple angles, customer reviews, autocorrect in the search. These are the basic options everyone one wants. So, make sure to include them.

#2 Provide the best shopping cart with different options

While shopping cart is the most critical part of an eCommerce venture, you need to provide it with all options that will make their cart more feasible. Wishlist, addition or removal of items from the cart, keeping items on hold, are some such essential options.

#3 Make product categorisation clear

Now, this is a very crucial aspect from the point of view of shoppers. Obviously, they want to view at once all the range of products you are offering, before choosing any one category for themselves. You can make this happen with proper and intuitive categorisation of your products. Means, you should try to include product categories/subcategories in the drop-down menu.

#4 Provide best search options

The search field should be included with features that would make the search easy for customers and they could find what they have been searching for just by typing the names of the products. Autocorrect during typing, relevant keywords suggestions, product/brand recommendations, give smooth search experience.

#5 Make payments smooth with flexible options

Lastly, make sure you are including multiple payment options in the checkout stage. From cash payment to cashless ones (such as debit/credit cards, e-wallet), it should have an option for all to let buyers checkout at their own convenience.

Now that you’ve got the idea of how to make UX of your eCommerce exceptional and out-of-the-box, make sure you are lagging behind your competitors. Try and apply all the above tactics by securing help from a reliable eCommerce development company like ours.

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Your Manufacturing Business Needs ERP Support! Here’s Why

As businesses grow in scale, it is obvious that manual handling of processes is near to impossible for all, especially the manufacturing units. Answering to this issue of businesses, IT service providers brought the unrivalled ERP software which promises more than just the planning and organising of entrepreneurial resources. With open-source frameworks like Odoo, things got far more easy for the software firms. They can provide standalone ERP solutions to businesses that combine the core aspects like manufacturing planning, resources management, inventory, customer relationships, HR, and control over supply and value chain agents.

So, what are you waiting for? If your business is doing well and expanding gradually, its time you get Odoo developer in Australia from GetAProgrammer, an eminent software solutions provider and get your custom ERP. But before, know why it will be most beneficial decision for your business and give your manufacturing business a competitive edge.

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Fulfillment gets streamlined

The ERP system will help you in swift fulfillment by connecting various departments and ensuring all over visibility in the manufacturing, inventory, supply process and logistics and market demands. It helps owners in on-time order fulfillment with real-time reporting and analytics on market conditions.

Bring automation at the core

ERP solutions come with immense built-in capabilities for automation in the areas like billing,  cost estimations, production planning and specifications, vendor and suppliers management, and inventory. Some of its automation modules that are in function are Bills of Materials, Point of Sale, Work Plans, EDI, Barcoding.

Real-time inventory tracking

With ERP, manufacturers can be assured about full-time traceability for all the lot of products and have serial number details too for inventory management. Thankfully, with serial and lot tracking capabilities of ERP, manufacturers can go for quick product recalls or necessary audit trails if any problems encountered.

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Reduced cost of operations

Well, this is most delightful benefits for businesses. Despite the higher investment involved in developing and customising an ERP software from an expert company, they go for it for the sake of cost reduction benefits they get in the long-run. ERP enhances the workers’ productivity, which eliminates the need for overtime and added labour costs.

Further, with precision and accuracy in data, there are no or minimal errors, for which you need not worry about rework which increases costs.
It’s no more the age for businesses to maintain a vast number of spreadsheets, piles of paper bills or thick folders for data records on transactions and other related business processes. And, looking at these foregoing perks, we feel it’s time you now start saving up costs, embark on automation and assure transparency in your business with a dynamic and tailored ERP solution of Odoo.


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Turn Your App To A Money-making Tool! 5 Ways to Do That

By far, we all have realized the relevance of apps in our lives. They are being used and will be used more in future in the business for communication, and marketing. Apps, in fact, became a key funnel to get more flowing in by keeping customers happy and satisfied.

Whether you get into Android app or iOS or iPad app development or all, the outcome for your business is the same. You would be getting customers, not only from your own region but from overseas and other parts of the world. But, the question is how? Merely getting an app developed with the name of your company and putting some basic features won’t be of much help. You need to indulge some effective, persuasive and more importantly, catchy concepts into your app to make people coming in and make you enough money. Take a look at few of our tips for the same.

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#1 Initiate a referral program

This is the best and unflawed method to get users rolling into your app. You let register one and get others from his/her social circle flowing in too. Because rewards sounds cool to all! A referral program can be run in numerous ways. For instance, you can offer the person a discount coupon or free offer on your services or some instant cash back.

#2 Be available anywhere, anytime

Obviously, to churn out more revenue you need to be available for your target audience 24×7. They should be able to avail your app/services on the go, irrespective of when or where they are. Also, being available all the time means you can get more referrals.

#3 Connect to customers in a friendly way

Winning more number of customers is a long-run process. You have to strategize well for it. Live chat option, emails/push notifications to notify on your latest deals, personalized messages earlier purchases or personal characteristics, all are friendly ways to engage with customers. But, whatever you do, try to involve or engage them in a manner so they can relate them to the brand and will build a trust.


#4 Provide excellent customer service

Customers are your key focus, whether you serve offline or online. And above that, you need to be consistent with your customer services, means you have to provide the same and excellent experience to all. It is only then you can get positive feedbacks or reviews for your app in the app stores.

#5 Leverage location based content

Beacon technology is the recent buzz in the apps space. So, yes, if you have an app, leverage it to target those directly who are in your proximity. You can send away location-based,contextual and real-time content through push messages to drive customers. Promotions, loyalty programs, or time-bound deals are great in luring users in no time.

Building app is no more a big deal! There are many proficient companies all over the world to help you do so. But, making it a tool to generate enough money so that you can revive your costs and have substantial profits is a bit challenging. Development and marketing go hand in hand. So, get in touch with a time-worn and well-expertised company like GetAProgrammer to assure your app’s success.

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Adoption of Mobile Apps in the Education Industry

Technology has brought huge changes in the face of the education industry and mobile apps are the major contributor. Ever since apps development technology interrupted into the education,  there has been a significant transformation in its methodology, approaches, and other philosophy.

To put simply, education is no longer confined to the walls of the classroom. The process of teaching as well as learning, have become an overwhelming and fun-filled journey.

We, at GetAProgrammer, a distinguished app development firm houses a team of seasoned app developers in Sydney, who have been delivering stellar apps for different domains and education is one of them. So, here we explain why apps are being adopted as a primary education tool and how it is altering the face of the sector.

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#1 Making learning process more interactive

Educational apps, such as grammar, maths, puzzles solving apps are some of the fun-oriented apps that are making children more interactive and sharp-minded from their early age. Parents engaging in problem-solving with their children with such apps and thus, they start getting the basics at their fingertips before stepping out for school.

#2 Learn 24×7

Apart from the fixed school hours, children can engage in interactive lessons while they are at home through the apps. Apps are being made for promoting eReads, video/instructional sessions, online lessons, course materials, audio lessons, quizzes, etc. They are purposely made child-friendly so that anyone can use them. Thus, with mobile apps, learning is no more time-bound.

#3 Perks for schools /teachers to stay connected with parents

Okay. This is from the perspective of the teachers or educational institutes, not the learners. Apps are helping them stay connected with the parents. Through custom apps, institutions or their teachers can key in students’ academic records, ask parents to review them and track their performance from time to time.

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#4 Access to high-quality education

Apps came as an easy gateway for aspiring learners to higher education. Initially, it isn’t possible to sit in one corner of the world and get access to the study materials of universities of other countries. Apps technology makes that possible by hosting online library portals, where textbooks,  tutorials, and other course materials from across different universities are available.

To put simply, mobile apps made education more profound and giving access to every one of at least primary education. Anyone from anywhere can get some basic learning sessions through online interactive classes. More importantly, educational apps are preparing today’s kids for the modern technology-paced job world.

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Why Is .NET Never Old, Even In 2018?

Just like wine gets superior with time, .NET is such a technology that is becoming more useful and more relevant with time rather than becoming obsolete! You would be amazed noticing the huge demands of dot net developers in Australia even in 2018. Well, not only here, but globally, .NET is considered as one of the most ever-growing technologies.

Let’s dig into more to know the secret behind this immense popularity of .net development.

First of all, three potential things that .NET has and have made the difference are

→ It is interoperable

→ It is scalable and safe

→ Need to outsource? Looking for team augmentation? .NET is your answer!

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  • Interoperability is Vital

Now, what is interoperability? Well, this is such a feature using which a software or hardware can virtually work with any other type of software or hardware including the types that have not been introduced or invented yet.

And, .NET is capable of doing that!

This open source framework is language neutral hence, it can smoothly work with most of the standard computer languages.

  • Staff Augmentation

This is an undeniable truth that no tech firm is capable of doing all the tech works on its own. This where outsourced tech support comes in the picture.

Staff augmentation becomes significantly easier with a suitable .NET framework. Suppose that you need to do some quick fixation of code written by an employee, who is not a part of your organisation anymore to run the server smoothly. .NET framework is capable of helping you out in such situation. It can help you to normalise the code.

Other than this, customising proprietary applications based on your business requirements and demands of the customers become easier when you work on the .NET framework from the beginning.


  • Scalability and Safety

If you’ve used .NET technology to devise a software, be sure that your code is closed as well as compiled ensuring the safety of it.

With the help of cloud computing, you can not only diversify resources but can develop scalable apps as well. Such apps can be virtually accessed from anywhere! Well, this .NET framework lets you enjoy the benefits of both these factors.

Whether you are using Amazon Web Services or you are using Microsoft Azure, .NET works perfectly fine and provides you with a desirable framework that would let you interface with a wide range of systems.

Thus, consulting with a dot net expert or hiring a .NET developer would always be beneficial for your business to get proper tech support.

Need a dot net programmer? Well, contact GetAProgrammer! This is a Sydney-based quite popular software development firm serving in this industry for years and houses the best dot net team in Australia.

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Have a Food App Idea? 5 Key Ingredients For Its Success

Food ordering apps are trending hot! If you have a food delivery app idea buzzing in your head, know the secret ingredients for its success from this blog post.

Apps for on-demand food delivery or table reservation services exploded in this mobile era and are expected to rise more to transform the food-restaurant industry. However, what makes foodies stick to these intermediate apps? It’s intuitive and highly personalised customer engagement which help in developing a loyal customer base for restaurant businesses.

We, at GetAProgrammer, one of leading firms for Android, iPhone and iPad development in Sydney have worked in a range of food delivery apps and hence have figured out the ideal recipe or ingredients for creating a triumphant food app.


#1 User-friendly and responsive dashboard

Food lovers prefer to select their food with a quick and simple process for which there’s need for a user-friendly dashboard. It lists all the popular nearby restaurants, takeaways and cafe and their menus. The users allowed in the dashboard to pick places of their choice and decide their orders. It also keeps records of the orders, delivery addresses, restaurants already availed by the users so that next-time they reorder with few clicks.

#2 Code referral system

Options for code referral help you get more customers for your app. Let your app to generate coupon codes, availing which customers can get discounts on their orders and refer the same to others via social media shares. It’s a win-win strategy for businesses as its grabs the major attention of the target audience.


#3 Push notifications are essential turn-on factor

One major way to enhance customer engagement is with the push notifications. It allows you to send updates, deals, and discounts straight away to their mobiles. It is also a great marketing tool when it is about informing the target customers about your new offerings and sales offers.

#4 Secured Payment gateways

In-app payments are becoming prominent these days that means paying right through the app with few clicks. This makes lives of customers easier as they don’t have to carry cash all the time. Further, online payments facilitated through payment integrations like Stripe, PayPal, Braintree are most secure and convenient and offer smooth checkout experience.

#5 Customised and Fast ordering

With advanced ordering, customers not only have the option to choose from a range of restaurants and dishes but also customise them and set their delivery time. The POS (Point of Sale) integration of apps ensures that each of the orders after received via the app directly lands on the sale terminal of the selected outlet.
So, the next time you are aspiring to develop a food-ordering app, don’t forget to incorporate these features to make sure it targets your audience and grab the expected number of customers.

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Apps To Help Couples Plan Their Night-Outs

Mobile apps became an inevitable medium in our lives to avail on-demand services, buy things, make payments, book flights, tickets for concerts/movies and what not. There are dozens of apps easing our everyday life struggles and some providing light entertainment on-the-go.

However, in whatsoever way apps are progressing, none has ever thought that it would help couples plan a romantic date night.

Yes, you heard that right! While dating apps are common with swipe game letting two souls come together, many apps came with the concept of event planning and the event being a date night!.

No doubt, mobile app developers are credited for such brainstorming idea of apps that coaxes couples to plan for their night-outs smoothly. Whether they wish to go for a movie show or dine at a posh restaurant or do something peppy, like a dance, apps will help them plan accordingly with a few taps.

Here’s our pick of some popular apps that can help lovers plan a perfect date night in mere seconds.


#1 LocalEats

Unlike apps that recommend restaurants and dine-out places from all over the location, this LocalEats app only suggests the best and least congested ones in the locality which are suggested by bloggers or dining websites. So, the couples can find one in their proximity as per the cuisine type, prices, or items they wish to have.

#2 Seamless

If both of a couple decides to spend their special evening at home, Seamless help the plan for that too. It lets them search through a range of affordable restaurants and order. Thus, couples don’t have to stress over what they have in the kitchen and what they can prepare but relax in their own way.

#3 Fandango Movies

Those who love to go out for a movie in their quality times, Fandango app serves them the best! It has everything one needs, from tickets booking, reading showtimes, reviews to watching trailers. So, anyone can search movies with title, genre, area, viewers reviews, ratings, etc and plan their movie date.


#4 Bandsintown

This is an app that music buffs or those who go for a music show occasionally can use to plan for a concert night with their loved ones. Bandsintown is the best app till date that assures hardcore music fans do not miss any show of their favourite band. It includes complete lists of upcoming concert events, tour schedules for singers, reviews and shows recommendations, ticket purchase portals.

Whether couples are looking to add spark in their general outings, or need a quirky idea to breath life into their relationship, these night out planning apps will help they do so. Contact GetAProgrammer, if you have some out-of-the-box date planning app idea and want to make it live to help youngsters plan for their ideal evenings!

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