Find Out Why Users Are Going To Stay In Your App

What is the most challenging in the app business?

Keeping the users hooked!


But before you find out how to deal with that, you need to get yourself acquainted with the facts that are causing a large number of people to quit using the apps. The most successful apps are found to have crazily addictive users. So, what are your app must have to make your users addictive? Here we will give you the reasons.


Most efficient mobile application development companies in Australia has researched and worked so far to find out the reasons. Even our adept team of Australia app developers at GetAProgrammer make sure to develop an app that can cater well to them and are in synergy with users’ perceptions.




The first thing that catches the attention of the users is the value or usefulness they get from it.

Is it helping enough to achieve what they want? The only way you can hook your users is to find out how other apps are providing values in the market. Finding out their missing nodes, and then using that with your own ingenuity to offer something unique. Any top-notch, experienced mobile app development company in Australia will hold that expertise and state-of-the-art technologies to assist your mobile app to have uniqueness and far better usefulness.

Going to simple might help

You need to understand that not all of your users are pro or handy with mobile devices. In fact, a majority of users are actually shaky in using apps, gets in a fix at every single stage and need to be explained/taught how to use. So, simplicity is always the key!


Not only with designing of the app, but the user-interface elements, especially the CTAs (Call-to-Actions) should also be kept as simple as that. Things should be such that anyone with even slightest abilities to handle gadgets can use the app without anyone’s help. However, achieving simplicity in the app is tough. You need to think by putting yourself in the users’ footsteps. While writing about your app’s features to the app developers in Sydney or whichever company you hire, never go for too much detailing of each as that makes them think of the easiest way to provide them.


Design for the users’ tendency or habits


Find out what are the user’s habit associated with your app. Whether they will be using it too often or they will just open it once or twice. Some apps like Facebook, Whatsapp have become so compelling that most of none can imagine a day without them. So, what’s making users so cling so much? It may be something about the app’s purpose or the use they get.


There are two types of emotional triggers for engaging users, external trigger and internal trigger.


While the external triggers are those that instruct the users to do something like “Buy now”, “Click Here”, internal triggers are actions related to emotions like the urge to share a thing with friends in a social profile or let’s ‘Pin’ something in Pinterest.

Putting both the triggers will help spark certain moves by the users and motivate them to initiate some actions in the app.



Best on boarding practices

Well, this is vital too as most of the people quit an app when they don’t get what to do next after installing it. Onboarding experience decides the later engagement of users with your app as it is the process when the app is introduced to users.

Frictions in this process will surely turn them off and so to kill all their confusions, you need to explain how it works and how to get started in a lucid manner.


Some best practices to make onboarding simple for them are

  • Lesser fields in the sign-up process
  • Simplified registration
  • Showing of benefits of the app
  • Providing short to-the-point instructions on how they can take actions


In short, to build an app in Australia is not a tough job when there are teams of app developers in Melbourne and in other parts of the country. But, winning users after its release and keeping them back is the real challenge!  While building your app sticking to these aforementioned facts will help, just make sure you hire some of the best app developers in Sydney who are well adept with these and can mould the app accordingly.


To know further how to reduce the rate of app abandonment, read our previous blog:

How to Diminish Rate of Mobile App Uninstallation?

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Email Apps Development For iPhones To Keep Mailbox Sorted

Third-party apps for emails are officials’ new favourite!

Yes, you’ve heard that right.

Different apps are now providing unique email experience to the officers or professionals! Whether they want to maintain multiple email accounts or manage popular contacts in one place, iPhones got a new range of email apps to help.

Email apps are helping them sort all their mailing essentials on their iPhones without making a mess out of them. What always troubled the officials in keeping up mails in their default mailing app is the interminable threads of messages that go on forever and clutters up the inbox. Thankfully, with iPhone application development, many third-party email apps are now being designed by proficient app developers in Australia and everywhere else, helping them to better manage their mailbox.

GetAProgrammer, a visionary company for iPhone application development in Sydney and trusted by many tech luminaries is too adept at crafting email apps for iOS devices to boost email management for busy professionals on their phones.  And, you can create one to help alike professionals with seamless emails management.

Everything is now tied to email. So, it’s not feasible to frequently change account or create multiple ones.

To know how email apps development are enhancing making email experience hassle-less, have a look at some of the popular ones built for iPhones.

#1 Airmail

One of the most used third-party mail apps, it supports accounts from a range of email sites including Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange and POP3, IMAP systems.; What makes it a great favourite for the iPhone users is that it goes well with the iOS design trends. “Powerhouse of email client”, it has gesture controls, threaded inbox view, labels, and also filtered searches.

#2 Spark

A newbie in the third-party email app segment, it has raised enough users providing a smart inbox to keep mails utterly organised. It too has support for all emails including iCloud, Google, Exchange and IMAP. Its unique features are snoozing of emails, send later option, follow up reminders of emails, and integration with other useful apps like Onedrive, Dropbox.

#3 Astro Mail

It is the most advanced form that makes use of AI approach to offer intelligent assistance to the iPhone users in sorting their mailbox. Apart from advanced features like send later, snooze of mails, unified Gmail inbox, its built-in chatbot make it a special email application. It gives intelligent recommendations to the users to unsubscribe, archive, and select contacts in groups, and get reminders.

#4 Edison Mail

It is the fastest service provider out of the lot and that makes it special in the eyes of bust professionals. Its assistant feature keeps everything in the mailbox arranged automatically under categories. Yes, that true! The app has the intelligence capability to categorise emails and place them under a particular category.

Now, that you’ve known the type of apps that are helping professionals to keep their inbox always clear, arranged and systemised, wondering how to build one?

The answer is quite obvious!

You need to get involved with an eminent company for mobile app development in Sydney that hires best app developers who has skills in varying range of applications. But, before that get a checklist of the features you want in your email so that the developers didn’t miss out any.

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Node JS Might Be The Ideal Framework For Your Web Project

If there’s one JS framework that transformed web development dramatically, then it is Node JS!

Since a long time Javascript has been growing by leaps and bounds in the sphere of web development. But, what’s bothering now is the increasing need for server-side programming capabilities to the developers. Fortunately, Node JS answered to their call!  Being event-driven and coupled with the notion of callback, it is a revolutionary discovering in the Javascript area.

Everything about Node JS is loved by people!

“Node JS uses Asynchronous programming!”

An open-source Javascript framework, that can be used for execution of server-side JS code, Node JS development company like ours are instituted purposely to create applications, real-time applications for businesses which need consistent connectivity of the browser with the server.

So, whether it’s a chat application, or a news feed app, there you go with Node JS development!

Node JS Journey So Far!

The use of Node JS for websites development has shown an upward trend since it evolved in the market. There has been absolute rise in the number of use of web servers and the market share of the framework in the JS field.



There’s more to look at. If you look at the development focus of the Node JS framework, then Backend and full-stack development stand priorly.


While that was all about the uprise of the Node JS and its growing popularity, we at GetAProgrammer, being a preeminent provider of Node JS development services will explain to you some outstanding facts about the framework.

#1 What You Get From Node JS is Better Performance

The executive director of Node.js Foundation which is a subsidiary branch of Linux foundation,  Mark Hinklestated, “With more than 8 million Node.js instances online, three in four users are planning to increase their use of Node.js in the next 12 months.”

Currently, Node JS usage statistics are as follows.


While clearly, JavaScript stands above all when it is about developing apps for browsers, Node JS is the ideal JS framework. As compared to every other programming languages like Ruby or Python, JavaScript records to offer better performance.  With the addition of Node JS, there’s a lot of magic to JS development as one can now build applications on the server side too.

And, obviously, with Node JS or any JS frameworks, there’s less scope for errors! So, your programmers need not have any mental strain by thinking about the browser and server simultaneously.

#2 More than a billion downloads so far

Surprisingly, with total 1,024,716,169 downloads as of on August 20, 2018, Node JS crossed the 1 billion mark.

Not only with Backend development, there is an overwhelming rise in the development of desktop and cross-platform apps too over the years. While Node JS has become a part of the billion club, it strives to reach trillion mark sooner.

#3 Powered by Chrome and reinforced by JSON

Well, this one fact makes Node JS a highly reliable framework. It is powered by the Google’s V8 engine and operates in the backend. It has the run-time similar to that needed in the Chrome while executing JS in the front-end. Not only fast and dynamic runtime, Google beautifully included the debugging feature by default in Chrome 57+. So, that’s a major plus! Developers will be able to easily eliminate errors simultaneously in the front-end as well as back-end.

Now, no more going nuts over XML markup as you there’s JSON with Node JS framework. JSON, which stands for Javascript object notation is an infamous and smooth format for data exchange. Quite simple and easy, it is perhaps one of the cornerstones of Node JS development as it allows the programmers to create APIs effortlessly.

#4 More Pros than Cons of Node JS

If you count on the pros or advantages of the framework, Node JS, there’s a lot to talk about.

  • Provides super-easy development experience
  • Quite familiar with the learning curve of Javascript, which keeps the developers at comfort
  • The runtime environment is perfect as it supports the caching of various modules
  • Mentionably, Node JS is event-driven and I/O which ensure easier request handling
  • There’s immense scope to stream large files
  • No pain points while crafting a web application as same code applies for the client as well as server side
  • Node includes NPM by default, which is the largest and safest package manager globally

If you ask about the cons of Node JS, there is hardly any worth stating.  However, to keep you well informed, here are only 3 disadvantages we can spot as of now.

  • There is bit inconsistency in the enhancement of the API
  • Split opinions persist on the Asynchronous methodology
  • Node JS is not the desirable framework for the creation of web projects that intensively based on CPU function

#5 Core competencies of Node JS

There is not one but many core competencies of Node JS!

While there is nothing in the web development field that you can’t do with it, the key areas where it is reigning now are Chat applications, server-side apps, data streaming, monitoring dashboards and browser games.

Key Takeaway!

While Node JS may not be the ideal framework still now for every kind of web project, but it thrives to be so!  It has unquestionably become the most appropriate tool for developing server-side applications for businesses or personal purposes in the Javascript. There’s no doubt why Node JS applications development rose significantly in the recent years. It is pretty easy to get into web development with it as it competent enough for managing each of the development tasks.  Cost-effective as well as resource-optimised, it‘s time you too choose the best Node JS development company in Australia and get started with an affluent web application.

To know more about Node JS, you can have a read of our latest blog,

“What’s Good in Node JS?”

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Before You Develop An App, Know The Pain Points Of Target Users

Yes, it is all about knowing what users want or what they daily struggle with and then finely tuning in an app that will serve them right.

As per Wave Digital, “We also don’t seem to mind cramming our phones chock full of mobile app, about 100 apps per device on average. That means you’ll find about 10 more apps on an Aussie’s mobile device than you will on an American or European’s device..” So, it’s evident! People in Australia are spending more on mobile devices than before. After realising such  trend, businesses are deliberately getting on with a mobile app development to stretch their market presence. But how to get the attention of today’s consumers with most unpredictable behaviour?  The key always is to get to know the purposes for which people dive into mobile apps. The types of apps that the most people nowadays get engaged with are,

Image Source:

However, the question is why do users leave away apps after a certain time. Either they stop providing them enough utility or the users simply get bored of them. So, apps retention curve tends to be always downward. In response to the observable pattern app’s retention, what app businesses can do is focussing on the pain points of users well and then working on to solve them with their app’s functions.

In the context of strategies for retention of apps, Alex Van De Sande was recently quoted saying,

“The focus should be on the building part, not on the raising money part.”

Of course, that’s is absolutely true! You need to hook yourself to the user’s perspective while boarding on the development road. Know their expectations and what they actually want to get done via a mobile app. Users always search for the apps that would easily take away their pains they suffer in real life, whether it’s about paying an electric bill at the last-minute, or the rush to book a flight. So, getting onto their pain points with an app,  like providing a cashless, unflawed bill payment through mobile wallet or online pre-booking of flights are great! This is perhaps the only way to make an app discoverable in the market at one go.

Now, how to focus on an app’s development so that it only responds back to the pain points and reflexes of the users. Here are some expert techniques that will help you with that.

Before developing, learn about the market

Know about the apps that already exist in your category in the market. Look for their user feedbacks or reviews to know what they fail to provide. Offer your app with their missing aspects or the poor features that the customers are complaining about.  This will help in gaining attention at once from the prevalent users in the market.

Segregate your own user segment

To know what the pain points of your users are, you need to first know who exactly your users are! If you target a vast market, then obviously you’ll have to encounter a number of problems with your app solution and that might make its development difficult. So, keep your focus on a particular segment. Discover their usage traits, behaviours, and the problems they’re facing. All these will help you mapping the user journey on the app and then devise it accordingly.

Image Source:

Undergo User validation Tests

Another crucial measure to ensure that your app will get appreciated by your target user segment easily is validating it. Only the end users can ascertain you whether the app’s function is addressing their pain points or not. The significant way of doing that is to UAT under (User Acceptance Test) by launching an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). So, the particular group of users can give feedback if any issues or kinks are present in the app on the iterative process. Being on the early stage of development,  you can ask your developers to resolve them.

If you get to these few vital steps before getting your app fully developed and launched, the rest we can assure that your app will flourish in the market. We at GetAProgrammer, a well-reputed company for mobile applications development in Australia has great hold and expertise in the most recent technologies to get an app done in the way a client wants it! So, if you have a requirement for an app, do your market study and get in touch! We are here with the most innovative solution that will not only stay with your customers but will also earn a name in the market.

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Is Kotlin The Future of Android App Development? Let’s see

Kotlin has broken the stereotype that only Java can be used to develop Android apps. Although the majority of Android apps were developed using Java. But, now we have another Java compatible language Kotlin, which is easier to learn and code.

Kotlin has come up as a saviour for Android app developers, who were facing some development issue using Java. Such as lengthy coding, the runtime exception, inheritance and many more. Now, they can easily give a hand to the Android app development.

Let’s get acquainted with Kotlin, it is an open source programming language that runs on JVM. Its structural behaviour is similar to Java, but its programming is much easier than Java. It offers superior features, simple syntax, and many more. Other than developing Android it can also use for developing server-side application etc.

Let’s see, why Kotlin is trending as a future language for Android development.

#High-Speed Development

JVM compatible Programming language: Kotlin, has changed the mindset of developers. They are facing fewer bugs and errors issues as they are coding 20% less compared to Java. Kotlin offers huge benefits such as efficient functionality, simple, quick and feature-rich apps.

Its clean and modern syntax has compelled it to be compared with Swift(iOS development language).  

#Easy to Learn

From the day it has arrived, it starts getting popularity for its simplicity and compatibility. It’s comparably easier to learn than Java as it provides simple syntax, easy debugging and coding. It can be easily understood by developers as well as by beginners. It provides the gist to make you understand the code, which may seem different to you.

#Compatibility Test

The biggest advantage of using Kotlin is its interoperability with Java. You can use Kotlin as well as Java in the same project and it will run without any compatibility issue. So, it’s time to use the features of  Kotlin without making any changes in its existing Java project.

#Safe to Use

Null safety language: Kotlin, eliminates errors using NullPointerException. Its efficient compiler auto-cast the mistakes, and safely insert the value in its cast. Kotlin is rich in features which includes null checking, high compatibility with Java, add new functionality in the existing class and many more.

Video Source: thenewboston

So, what you think, should you opt for Kotlin or you still want to be a Java lover? Let us know. If you have any query regarding app development let GetAProgrammer know. We are one of the top App development firms, that own expert Android app developers in Sydney. Read our other blog also, we are sure you will like it.



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Here’s How To Make Sure Your App Will Make It To The Top

App is the recent norm, you believe it or not!

Businesses that want to reach the pinnacle of success these days need forward-thinking approach and there’s no better than an App for it! From offering instant services to captively engaging the customers with the brand, an app is doing it all and that too with a simple tap of their fingers.

There’s no room for doubt that mobile app development services have reach at its peak in the recent years and there’s nothing stopping it. Over 6.6 million apps are now prevalent in the mobile app store, with downloads on devices of about 200 billion. While more businesses are jumping into the bandwagon of mobile apps to make their services popular widely in the domestic or global market, here we have this blog post for your help to make sure that your app too goes to the top in the apps market.  

So, if you wanna really make it happen, get these few things strongly grounded into your head!

App Store Optimisation: Get it Right

App Store Optimisation

You know well that the gateway of your app’s success is the Play Store or App stores into which your listing it. Clearly, App Store Optimisation is a critical piece of the app marketing strategy. If your business is into the app space, then first of all you need to get it discovered to the audience and some of the great ways to achieve that are,

  • Right title with the most relevant keyword/keywords: Research on the title well because it fetches the maximum search traffic.
  • Ratings and Reviews: If you want to make your app’s impression positive on the eyes of the mobile users, garner good ratings and reviews from the existing users. Look for different ways in the app’s page to incentivise the happy customers to vote, rate, or put feedback.
  • Talk about your #Number of Installations: Below your app’s listing, show-off your number of downloads or installations, number of 5-star ratings and so forth.

User Engagement Is The Key

A lot has been said about the sheer contribution of mobile apps in today’s business scenario.  The Forbes mentioned that with apps, “Companies are ahead of the game when it comes to taking their marketing to the next level”. But, if you’re thinking they are just for big brands or businesses, you may be wrong. Your app can too reign in the list of famous apps if it’s cool i.e. having some great engagement strategies.

Being a powerful and direct marketing channel, apps can help raise your customer base with engaging features and by providing value to the customers. Here’s are few promising user engagement strategies that will help in creating unforgettable experiences in an app.

  • User Persons: Now, this is essential if you want to offer personalised experiences to your target users. Allow them to create own profiles, by including their name, location and other personal details, so that they search for services/products in the app according to their needs, preferences or habits.
  • Unleash updates regularly: Remember, people don’t like to stick to an old product when there are more alike options strolling for them in the app stores. So, you must keep releasing one or two updates regularly, as it helps in making a good rank score in the store listing by recognising your app as a high-performance once, fed with fresh content and bug-free.
  • Minimalistic functions: Keeping only a particular, small number of functions is now the keystone of business apps, as that help widespread users, those even without the slightest of technical knowledge to use it seamlessly. Further, restricting the functions by abolishing the irrelevant ones will enhance speed and make user-interface sleeker.

Read more of User-engagement strategies on our latest blog:

Any ideas of ways to raise awareness of and engagement with apps in emerging markets?

Video Source: Explore Gadgets

Use Beacons: Localise Your App

A hundred of apps can be heard, reached out quickly because they have “Beacons”.  With Beacons technology, app businesses are helping their customers to find the way to their services or locate them when in need. App owners, involved in offering products are using this Bluetooth kind of device in stores, that sends out a signal to apps in the certain proximity. It could about anything, “You are there with a new prices/deals/offers”, “New product, product ranges you launched”, “You are providing some % off for the day” and so forth.

However, to keep your close customers heard after integrating Beacon, you need to amass rich customer data about the locations, find the ones close to your location and then target notifications to them. While the process is simple if you have experts app developers in hand, you can achieve a lot with Beacon technology:

  • Directly approach the buyers and bag a huge number of customers in a short time.
  • Drive loyalty in customers by being always available to them, i.e. 24×7 and providing personalised offers.
  • Facilitate growth of your app by make scope for consistent customer interactions.

So, there you go. These are the crucial ways to secure a great number of users for an app. You need to count on store optimisation rules, customer engagement, user personalisation and targeted marketing.

If you think you can work on these three aspects and rank your app better in the store, then get started with its development first from one of the top-rated app development companies in Australia, GetAProgrammer. They have delivered a large number of brilliant app solutions for businesses in diverse areas and will help you out assuredly to rise to the new heights of successes.

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Need More Buyers? 5 Ways to Enhance User Experience in eCommerce

eCommerce sector is getting warmed up nowadays with the rise in the number of companies and startups presenting their stores online. So, clearly, eCommerce businesses are fighting out with best practices and online marketing tools to reign in the market. However, the first step to join the race of eCommerce is getting a robust website or web application catering to the requirements of the business and that would serve rightly as an online storefront.

You can hire Shopify developer, a Magento developer, a WooCommerce developer or any other eCommerce expert to create a feature-rich webstore to make your online business dream successful. But, remember, only a feature-packed or tempting eCommerce site isn’t enough to captivate the attention of buyers. You need to think out of the way to make the user experience of your site more appealing to the visitors. GetAProgrammer, one of the leading web and eCommerce solutions providers in Australia with specialisation in Shopify offers you some promising ideas to improve user experience of your site.

summercollectionout now!

#1 Design your site’s structure and navigation from a buyer’s point of view

Start thinking about from the visitors or buyers perspective to develop and design the layout of your site. What would you look for when in a site? Product suggestions, product display with multiple angles, customer reviews, autocorrect in the search. These are the basic options everyone one wants. So, make sure to include them.

#2 Provide the best shopping cart with different options

While shopping cart is the most critical part of an eCommerce venture, you need to provide it with all options that will make their cart more feasible. Wishlist, addition or removal of items from the cart, keeping items on hold, are some such essential options.


Image Source:

#3 Make product categorisation clear

Now, this is a very crucial aspect from the point of view of shoppers. Obviously, they want to view at once all the range of products you are offering, before choosing any one category for themselves. You can make this happen with proper and intuitive categorisation of your products. Means, you should try to include product categories/subcategories in the drop-down menu.

#4 Provide best search options

The search field should be included with features that would make the search easy for customers and they could find what they have been searching for just by typing the names of the products. Autocorrect during typing, relevant keywords suggestions, product/brand recommendations, give smooth search experience.

#5 Make payments smooth with flexible options

Lastly, make sure you are including multiple payment options in the checkout stage. From cash payment to cashless ones (such as debit/credit cards, e-wallet), it should have an option for all to let buyers checkout at their own convenience.

Now that you’ve got the idea of how to make UX of your eCommerce exceptional and out-of-the-box, make sure you are lagging behind your competitors. Try and apply all the above tactics by securing help from a reliable eCommerce development company like ours.

Read More

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