Reasons Explaining Why Essence Of Apps Fade Away Soon

On an average, more than a half of users uninstall an app after using it few times. Most mobile applications, irrespective of the OS platforms they are built for having very less shelf life. Within the short time frame, the apps are needed to be launched, function flawlessly builds an audience base and finally make it appealing enough to compel the audiences to visit the app again. However, despite the efforts and enough of marketing tactics, there is very few app that survives with high retention rate which mainly includes social networking or messaging apps used by people longer to get acceptability in their social circles.

GetAProgrammer, being an app development built with a seasoned team of Australia app developers, knows well the probable causes of apps losing its appeal in just a few days of its installation and works on eliminating them for increasing the longevity of apps they build. Here’s some of them.


Complicated user experience

The mobile first era has made people most impatient ones. If they have a frustrating experience on the app like frequent lagging, difficult navigation, non-responsive searches chances are more that they will lose interest sooner in the app and uninstall it.

Too much of memory spaces

Many apps make their way to the phone’s recycle bin when mobile users try freeing up their phone’s memory. Thus, those apps occupying more storage spaces are likely to be uninstalled sooner than the apps occupying lesser storage space.

Long and complex registration

Knowing the impatient minds of the users, compelling them to duly fill all fields in a long registration process before using the app can prove a setback for your app. If prior to its use, users are needed to put in a lot of details and the process of registration is not at all swift, most chances are there for it to be uninstalled.

Persistent updates

Updates of app are needed, but after specific intervals of time to keep functioning, bring some newness to the app and raise the interests of the users. However, if an app needs too much updates frequently to keep functioning, it tends to irk the users and may force them to look for other alternatives.

Privacy is a prior concern

Users fear those apps that use too many personal information, accesses contacts and gallery from the phone can invade their privacy. Thus, they seek for apps that assure the security of users information and maintains their privacy.

Keeping away with these facts can make your app win greater share in the apps market and raise its longevity in the users’ phone menu. Thus, get in touch with our team of developers to make sure the apps you invest into does not fade away sooner after its launch.

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4 Proven Skills That Every App Developer Must Possess

Creating an app is not always daunting. Whether you have any new app idea to launch or want to create a mobile presence of your existing website, you need the assistance of adept and competent app developers who can help you in that. Mobile app development is becoming an immensely popular business choice for many entrepreneurs and companies like GetAProgrammer, are working to make app ideas successful in no time. However, in order to avoid the pitfalls in developing apps, you need to partner with experienced and skilled developers.




Here’s the list of must-have qualities you need to assure that your hired app developers possess so that the app built will outperform others in the market.

#1 Visionary Talent

Appreneurs who wants to bring out some exemplary apps in the mobile industry need to be creative enough. Otherwise, who will distinguish their app amidst the millions of apps already prevailing in the market? Thus, you need to find out developers who can use their creative thinking to find out the most profitable and user catchy segment in the fields and exploit it to the fullest to carve an all new app. If your app developer has visionary skills, they can see the needs of the people in a different way and use such mind-sight in making the app.

#2 Needs to be Tech Savvy

Your app developer can definitely make your venture a successful one if he or she possesses deep technical knowledge and excellence. Developers with greater immersion into apps development are clearly more tech savvy who can assure your app to become a great success. However, to assure that you need to collaborate with eminent app development company whose developers have gained experience and are updated with latest technology revolutions.

#3 Adept at cross platform development

One of the biggest fear every owner is that their apps may function to particular segments of the market because it is supported in one or two selected mobile platforms. The best consumer app is that which operates on a range of mobile OS platforms including Android and iOS. Thus, you need to assure that your developers are competent enough to create your app for multiple platforms.

#4 Interactive skills

Irrespective of how much talented and tech savvy your developers are, they cannot craft an app exactly the way you want until and unless they do not interact and know your ideas well. Communication is vital for the agile development of apps. The developers who can perceive and understand your concept and ideas well, pay utmost attention to your requirements and interact periodically with you on the progress of the app is essential.

Thus, take as much as time to find out and pitch in with a right app development partner because an adroit and experienced developer can save you from hours of anguish.

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What Signals That Enterprises Need Customised Software Solutions

Even if you are an entrepreneur from the core, at some point of time when your businesses will grow, things go beyond your own control. For a growing business, things get more complicated leading to total chaos, when the need for automation of business processes are felt. GetAProgrammer, is one such company, indulged in software development in Sydney, for rendering customised software solutions to businesses for enhancing management and operations. However, when is the right time for businesses to leverage software solutions is a big question in the minds of the entrepreneurs.




Here are the clear signs to indicate that a business requires a custom software solution.

When business requirements starts to increase

Business needs evolve with time which your prevailing software bought from the market could no more fulfill. The solutions of old software are no more capable of meeting the evolving challenges and expectations of the business, like could not manage the large database. At such point of time, you need a software, build and customised to meet the changing patterns in the business.

Rising competition in market demands you to be unique

To outperform others in the competitive market, or achieve competitive advantage you need to distinct from others. You need to be unique in the way you promote your business, serve customers or the way business is conducted. All this can be possible either by adding some extra add-ons in the existing software or by having a custom software solution that can help you conduct your business uniquely.

Your dedicated manpower are proving to be inefficient

As your business grows, either your customer base change or product offerings expand. When such things happen, the existing manpower is mostly not equipped to handle all the emerging challenges due to the expansion of customer base or products. So, there’s a need for a specific solution with the enhanced flexibility to adapt to all the changes in business.

Excessive databases and multiple systems to be handled

If your business involves different scattered systems and multiple processes and there is a large amount of data to be collected and managed, you need an effective custom software. A customised solution is required for managing all the business operations under one central system.

Wrapping It Up

Over the time, tasks in management are likely to increase and as a business owner your job is putting in sync all the different areas of business including administration, operations, and even logistics. So, apparently, a time comes in every growing business need some customised solutions at their end to automate their processes, and to efficiently manage the each aspect of the business.

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Push Notifications: The Crucial Element to Boost Mobile App Engagement

With the people becoming more and more app-driven, mobile apps have become a part of almost every form of business across different industry verticals. However, simply having an app for your customers isn’t enough as not all apps get to follow the route to success. While analysing the different facts, you will be able to observe that users use only a selective number of apps out of the total number of apps present in their smartphones. Moreover, only a few apps enjoy a steady retention rate and loyal users after a span of around 30 days.




Keeping this in mind, it becomes important to implement a strategy which, would ensure a steady number of downloads and most importantly, retain the users as well after installation.

Ideally, an appreneur must focus on two performance metrics naming; mobile app engagement and mobile app retention. Though both are subjective in nature, however, these two metrics speak a lot about the success of an app. While mobile app engagement indicates details about how active the users are on a particular app, app retention provides details about how many users are repeatedly visiting the app. On a collective note, both these metrics determine the ‘stickiness’ of your app including how engaging and loyal the customers are.

How Push Notifications help in ensuring Your App’s Success

While chalking a full-proof strategy for your app’s success, push notifications can work wonders to gain wide popularity, boost the number of app downloads, bring a steady number of visitors and keep them engaged as well. Following here are certain crucial aspects which, must be considered while providing push notifications to the app users.


While providing push notifications, you must try to point out that time of the day when the users are most active and using their phones. As observed, early evening and lunchtime are two times of the day when people spend time on their phones. You can determine the most effective sending time by deploying the process of A/B testing. After you have identified the right time, you can think of segmenting the target audience and improve the response rates.


Sending push notifications randomly to a wider section of people doesn’t make much sense to a marketer. Thus, before sending the push notifications, it is better to understand the audience and their needs. An effective way is to implement a preference center in the app, which, will help users to choose the subject matter to get their preferred sort of push notifications.
Apart from these, you must also consider other crucial factors such as deep linking and content before sending push notifications to ensure your app’s success. Ideally, it is better to join hands with experienced mobile app developers while working on planning an effective app marketing campaign to get the real worth of your investment.

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Crucial Tips to Develop an Intuitive Online Banking App

There was a time when people used to choose a bank by not giving much importance to its mobile experience. However, over the years this scenario has drastically changed and now, it has become a prime consideration of every rational customer before stepping into a bank for opening an account. Thus, to augment the standards of your banking business and to keep pace with the rapid growing competition, you must have an online banking app to make people avail your service with a single tap.

At GetAProgrammer, we have experience to work with multiple projects across a diverse range of industries. Our team of highly skilled mobile app developers truly understand the unique course of work and different target audience of different industries and thus, aim at developing a customised solution to our clients. Adhering this fact, here are some of the feasible ways of building an user-friendly online banking app to propel your business.

Mobile communications and social networking concept

Build a mobile app and not a mobile website

Don’t just go Mobile for the sake of Going. If you want to provide the same look and feel of your website to your app as well, it will result in just having a mobile site which, can be helped for optimising the mobile view. Mobile responsive sites certainly help in reaching your customers but, don’t help much in retaining them. Thus, building an app seems to be a better option compared to building a mobile site. With significant banking offers, features and surveys, the app will keep customers coming back to your app again and again.

Easy to navigate

Try to build a super intuitive app that lets the customers achieve their purpose within few seconds. In case, your customer is eager to check his account balance, he should be able to make it in just a few steps. It’s better not to include any type of unnecessary hurdle which, will help you to drive better adoption thereby, maintaining continual engagement. Mobile apps must be contextual in nature and generally work better when developed as per the expectations and needs of customers.

Keep the app simple

The banking industry always seems to be complex and you must keep your app simple and clean. Trying to include everything and anything on the app might sound to be a good strategy however, in reality, it doesn’t function accordingly. Since there are millions of apps looking for customers’ attention and time, it’s significant to offer only those sort of features through the app which, are relevant for customers.

Financial institutions no more rely just on advertising to reach their customers. While witnessing the revolutionising changes over the recent years, it can be stated that they have worked hard to redefine the customer experience and keep pace with this mobile-first economy. Thus, if you still haven’t developed a mobile app for your business or trying to upgrade your existing online banking app, then reach us now. We will be happy to help you.

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5 Probable Mistakes Made in Development of a Fashion Products App

Mobile apps became an inherent way for businesses, especially in retail and fashion to get more and more customers and expand their market reach. Ever since the outburst of the technology of mobile apps, many eCommerce as well mainstream companies are using it for offering extraordinary experiences to their customers. Companies dealing in fashion clothing, accessories, and other lifestyle items are first to jump into the battle of placing customers at the heart of their business with vigorous mobile app development for Android or iOS platforms. However, selling through mobile apps is not a layman’s task. It is not as simple as getting an upfront store on the web with an eCommerce software but needs many uphill tasks to be completed and a plenty of challenges to overcome. To set things right, this blog post brings forth some of the common fallacies encountered in the development of an app meant for trading fashion and lifestyle products.




Missing out of crucial product details

People are actually able to touch a product, try it out and feel it and view all the imprinted details on the products while buying from a real storefront. However, shopping through an online app puts a barrier on such interaction between customers and sellers for which apps need to provide the best in-app experience by detailing out every feature of the products, their prices, materials used, sizes, weight and so forth.

Confusing mobile app experiences with websites experiences

A mobile app is predominantly different from a website or eCommerce site, in terms of size, functionality or scopes. A great mobile app for allowing users to buy items online need to be something which is accessible on the go, responsive on multiple mobile devices and has more intuitive touch interfaces. Thus, a mobile app built for marketing fashion clothing and other items must not fall back on the pre-existing functionalities of websites but should be considering the aspects of mobile hardware to provide a pleasant shopping experience.

Using product images with degraded quality

Failing to utilise great images or quality images can be a big roadblock to the success of the mCommerce app for a fashion business. Selling of products in the category of fashion and lifestyle relies mostly on the on-screen looks of the products. Further, the quality of images also matters a lot when customers cannot actually touch the product.

Overlooking the trust factors

Apps for selling fashion clothing items in all way had to prove to the audiences or customers that their products are certified and trustworthy. Hence, they look for other customers testimonials, feedbacks or reviews. Missing these out in the apps can hence lose a considerable number of potential customers as you fail dismally to comfort them.

Long or complicated checkout process

Particularly, apps with services or products for the common masses like the case of fashion or accessories need to be more simple and easy to understand. So, if anything confuses them, especially in the checkout process will make them hesitant to go for the service. Thus, the checkout steps must be made uber simple and short to allow customers finish their shopping experience in a hassle-free manner.

Planning to make an app to give a boost to your fashion store’s income margins? Take these common mistakes into account and contact with one of the esteemed mobile app development firm in Australia, GetAProgrammer to ensure that these mistakes do not fall back on your app services.

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5 Smart Ways to Reform Mobile Application Development Service

With time, mobile application development service is constantly evolving using the latest technological inventions. Almost each passing day, something new or updated technology is being introduced and developers are engaging themselves to integrate those in the app development processes to make the apps more enhanced and user-centric to offer the users better app experiences. GetAProgrammer is one of the leading app development organisations in Sydney, where the team of proficient developers devote themselves to devise feature-rich apps.




Until and unless you can come up with an effective plan and can judiciously manage the resource allocation, the app development process can go totally wrong! Moreover, a mobile application development process does not only revolves around the aspects such as coding, design and marketing. There are several other vital things associated with this development lifecycle those need utmost attention. Here is a list of 5 smart ways to deal with mobile app development process with utmost professionalism.

#1 Properly Plan Routine Rollouts

For a robust and transparent application development process, you need to chalk out a well-devised plan to control the routine rollouts. As you already know that technology is upgrading constantly and as a result, latest patches, content extensions, add-ons etc. are being launched. Developers need to update themselves so that they can infuse these latest innovations in the apps that they are developing. More importantly, to incorporate these upgradations, it is important to develop applications in such a way where these can be expanded easily.

#2 Gather Customer Feedback

Customer feedbacks are crucial for enhancing app experience. Through such customer feedbacks, you would be able to understand the rooms for further improvements. Hence, you need to devise such a system that can effortlessly monitor the user behaviours, user feedbacks and based on those audience responses, you can apply the changes to improve the quality of your applications.

#3 Putting Safeguards in Proper Place

Sometimes, such situations might come when you are gaining such excessive traffic that your server is unable to handle! Hence, while getting engaged in any application development process, it is advisable not to forget about flexibility. If needed, you can establish a partnership with any online delivery provider, who would be able to cater you efficiently with the quick provision of added bandwidth anytime. This would help you to avert any system downtime or system lag.

#4 Concentrate on Rapid iteration

If you consider video game space, latest features are being mounted constantly. Based on the user feedbacks or responses, these newly released features are being tested. If you make a proper plan for developing your mobile application in such a way that it can efficiently hit rapid iteration along with redeployment, then you would be able to dig your way to success in a smoother way as this would ensure that your applications are adjustable and open to new experiments.

#5 Take Control Over Support System

According to the studies on customer behaviour, either they become loyal to a particular app or abandon it. First of all, you need to understand that completing the coding or designing of an app and launching it on the market is not the end of the development process! Maintaining an effective support system is also a very crucial part of a development process. A better maintenance support along with improved customer service defines the overall success of an app development process to some great extent.

The strategies outlined above would cater you to streamline, to optimise and to improve the quality of the overall mobile app development process.

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